Here is your one stop shop to every district you may be interested in. Click on the district you want to check out and it will take you directly to the Trackwrestling website for that district. Districts are now open to view and some have the preseeds in place already!

We also have all of our rankings and district preview content linked on this page. The previews are available to premium subscribers on Rokfin. Keep it locked on this page as we will update results and other content. If you want to read through all of the previews in one spot you can go to our Rokfin stack link.

All of the subdistrict results and links are still active at the bottom of this page.

To check out our viewing guide for ALL SIXTEEN district tournaments CLICK HERE.

Class A

Free Top Ten Class A Rankings with Districts

Class A District Preseeds

Class A District Glance ($)

Previews ($) |A1 Preview | A2 Preview | A3 Preview | A4 Preview

Class A District 1 @ Columbus | RESULTS

Class A District 2 @ Grand Island | RESULTS

Class A District 3 @ Fremont | RESULTS

Class A District 4 @ Omaha Central | RESULTS

Class B

Free Top Ten Class B Rankings with Districts

Class B District Preseeds

Class B District Glance ($)

Previews ($) | B1 Preview | B2 Preview | B3 Preview | B4 Preview

Class B District 1 @ Schuyler | RESULTS

Class B District 2 @ Blair | RESULTS

Class B District 3 @ Northwest | RESULTS

Class B District 4 @ Gering | RESULTS

Class C

Free Top Ten Class C Rankings with Districts

Class C District Preseeds

Class C District Glance ($)

Previews ($) | C1 Preview | C2 Preview | C3 Preview | C4 Preview

Class C District 1 @ Boone Central | RESULTS

Class C District 2 @ Battle Creek | RESULTS

Class C District 3 @ Centennial | RESULTS

Class C District 4 @ Valentine | RESULTS

Class D

Free Top Ten Class D Rankings with Districts

Class D District Preseeds

Class D District Glance ($)

Previews ($) | D1 Preview | D2 Preview | D3 Preview | D4 Preview

Class D District 1 @ Weeping Water | RESULTS

Class D District 2 @ Elkhorn Valley | RESULTS

Class D District 3 @ Central Valley | RESULTS

Class D District 4 @ Sutherland | RESULTS

Subdistrict Results and Info

Subdistrict B-1ARESULTS | Subdistrict B1-BRESULTS

Subdistrict B-2ARESULTS | Subdistrict B-2BRESULTS

Subdistrict B-3ARESULTS | Subdistrict B-3BRESULTS

Subdistrict B-4ARESULTS| Subdistrict B-4BRESULTS

Subdistrict C-1ARESULTS | Subdistrict C-1BRESULTS

Subdistrict C-2ARESULTS | Subdistrict C-2BRESULTS

Subdistrict C-3ARESULTS | Subdistrict C-3BRESULTS

Subdistrict C-4ARESULTS | Subdistrict C-4BRESULTS

Subdistrict D-1ARESULTS | Subdistrict D-1BRESULTS

Subdistrict D-2ARESULTS | Subdistrict D-2BRESULTS

Subdistrict D-3ARESULTS | Subdistrict D-3BRESULTS

Subdistrict D-4ARESULTS | Subdistrict D-4BRESULTS

Subdistrict Viewing Guide

Free Subdistrict Preview Class B

Free Subdistrict Preview Class C

Free Subdistrict Preview Class D

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  1. […] We will update this as we get info for more tournaments. Aquinas and Central Valley kick off Friday at 3pm, Lexington at 330, Raymond Central and St Pats at 4, followed by Waverly at 5. Looks like most of the Saturday Tournaments start between 10-12. We will also link this page on our District Tournament Hub. […]

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