Hastings won the subdistrict and showed why they’re a contender in Class B as they qualified all 14 for districts. Waverly and Lakeview qualified 12 and will look to carry that momentum into districts.

Team Scores

  1. Hastings 216
  2. Columbus Lakeview 186
  3. Waverly 172.5
  4. South Sioux City 121
  5. Boys Town 42
  6. Omaha Roncalli 29


1st Cameron Brumbaugh (Hastings) FR 

2nd Garrison Brehm (Waverly) FR

3rd Noah Wyatt (Columbus Lakeview) SO

4th Juan Reyes (SSC) SO


1st Hunter Anderson (Hastings) JR

2nd Owen Bargan (Columbus Lakeview) SO

3rd Aden Abdullah (SSC) SO


1st Andon Stenger (Columbus Lakeview) JR

2nd Markus Miller (Hastings) JR

3rd Drew Moser (Waverly) FR

4th Nicholas Rogge (SSC) FR


1st Elijah Johnson (Hastings) SO

2nd Garrett Rine (Waverly) FR

3rd Landon Maschmeier (Columbus Lakeview) JR

4th Julio Lopez (SSC) SO


1st Kevin Dominguez (Columbus Lakeview) SR

2nd Caleb Berg (SSC) SO

3rd Drake Anderson (Hastings) FR

4th Charlie Johnson (Waverly) SO


1st Logan Jaixen (Columbus Lakeview) SR

2nd Mohamed Siidow (SSC) SR

3rd Blake Kile (Hastings) JR

4th Kemper Reed (Waverly) SO


1st Landon Weidner (Hastings) SO

2nd Hayden Johnston (Columbus Lakeview) JR

3rd Brayden Kouma (Waverly) FR

4th Yohaly Quinones (SSC) SO


1st Jett Samuelson (Hastings) JR

2nd Austin Meyers (Waverly) JR

3rd Jabez Anderson (Omaha Roncalli) SR

4th Brock Mahoney (Columbus Lakeview) JR


1st Caleb Kriens (SSC) SR

2nd Yordi Dominguez (Columbus Lakeview) FR

3rd Brayden Lockling (Hastings) SR

4th Eddie Johnson (Waverly) JR


1st Evan Canoyer (Waverly) SR

2nd Jackson Phelps (Hastings) SR

3rd Miguel Callum (Columbus Lakeview) SO

4th Quinn Mulcahy (Omaha Roncalli) SR


1st Jay Ballard (Boys Town) JR

2nd Landon Ternus (Columbus Lakeview) SO

3rd Nicholas Limon (SSC) SO

4th Conner Wademan (Hastings) FR


1st Wyatt Fanning (Northwestern) JR

2nd Austen Smith (Columbus Lakeview) SR

3rd Jessie Smith (Boys Town) SO

4th Jacob Lopez (Hastings) SO


1st Blake Davis (Hastings) SR

2nd Nate Leininger (Waverly) SO

3rd Jesse VanderWoude (SSC) SO

4th Hazakiah Williams (Boys Town) JR


1st Trevor Brown (Waverly) JR

2nd Mwamba Ngelka (SSC) SO

3rd Nolan Gorczyca (Omaha Roncalli) SR

4th Blaine Hamik (Hastings) FR

Photo Credit: @HastingsHighWR1

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