B4-B Subdistrict Results

Here are your top four from each weight. There were four medical forfeits in finals. 120, 152, 160 and 220. Sidney senior, Brady Robb picked up 150th win on Friday night as well.

Team Scores

  1. Broken Bow 217.5
  2. Lexington 153.5
  3. McCook 125.5
  4. Cozad 110
  5. Sidney 108
  6. Holdrege 81


1st Chance Houser (Sidney) FR

2nd Matt Janssen (Holdrege) SO

3rd Chauncey Watson (Broken Bow) FR

4th Lazarro Adams (Lexington) FR


1st Daven Naylor (Lexington) SO

2nd Cadde Beebe (McCook) FR

3rd Wilson Culcul-Tzin (Broken Bow) SO

4th Bryson Bussinger (Cozad) SO


1st Talyn Campbell (McCook) SR

2nd Ivan Lazo (Lexington) SR

3rd Austin Munier (Sidney) JR

4th Amarion McFarland (Broken Bow) SO


1st Cyrus Wells (Broken Bow) JR

2nd Dylan Hubbard (Lexington) SR

3rd Kooper Pohl (Cozad) FR

4th Andrew Jacobsen (Holdrege) SO


1st Drue White (Cozad) FR

2nd Angel Vega (Lexington) SR

3rd Julian Maytorena (Sidney) JR

4th Schyler Campbell (Broken Bow) SR


1st Trey Garey (Broken Bow) SR

2nd Jacob Janssen (Holdrege) SR

3rd Landen Johnson (Lexington) SO

4th Colby Langley (Sidney) SO


1st Conner Wells (Broken Bow) SO

2nd Canyon Hosick (McCook) FR

3rd Jayden Janssen (Holdrege) SO

4th Greg Treffer (Lexington) JR


1st Tate Felber (McCook) SR

2nd Isaac White (Cozad) SO

3rd Jack Myers (Broken Bow) SO

4th Cade Kirwan (Holdrege) SO


1st Rene Corado (Lexington) SR

2nd Alex Anthony (McCook) SO

3rd Zack Gaffney (Broken Bow) SO

4th Cauyer Glanz (Sidney) SO


1st Max Denson (Broken Bow) FR

2nd Eli Boryca (Cozad) SO

3rd Sam Holt (Holdrege) SR

4th Carlos Romero (Lexington) SR


1st Brady Robb (Sidney) SR

2nd Kaleb Pohl (Cozad) SR

3rd Kaden Powers (Broken Bow) SR

4th Damien Smith (Holdrege) SR


1st Lathan Duda (Broken Bow) SR

2nd Freddy Vargas (Lexington) JR

3rd Hunter Ahrendt (Sidney) SR

4th Chris Rauno (Cozad) FR


1st Kiefer Anderson (Broken Bow) JR

2nd Alec Langan (McCook) SR

3rd Riley Christiansen (Sidney) SR

4th Jade Brown (Cozad) JR


1st Sawyer Bumgarner (Broken Bow) JR

2nd Reid Steinbeck (McCook) SR

3rd Jaden Cerventas (Cozad) SO

4th Sebastian Dones (Lexington) SO

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