The pre-seeds for the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational have been released. Nebraska has nine seeded wrestlers, led by Isaiah White, who is the top seed at 165. White was Nebraska’s lone champion from this event last year.

Known to be one of the toughest individual tournaments in the NCAA season, the CKLV field includes six top ten teams: #3 Nebraska, #4 NC State, #5 Ohio State, #6 Iowa State, #7 Arizona State and #8 UNI (as ranked by Flowrestling). There are also an additional 9 teams ranked in the top 25. Nebraska finished third last year just behind runner-up Missouri. Ohio State was the tournament champion. This year it appears as if the Huskers should have a very good shot at knocking off the Buckeyes.

UNK is sending six wrestlers to the event. Josh Portillo at 125, Wesley Dawkins at 141, Teontae Wilson at 149, Tyler Cunningham at 157, Matt Malcom at 165 and Lee Herrington at 285.

Wrestling begins tomorrow and concludes on Saturday.

Full pre-seeds:

125 Pounds

  1. Jack Mueller, Virginia
  2. Alex Mackall, Iowa State
  3. Devin Schroeder, Purdue
  4. Jakob Camacho, NC State
  5. Jacob Schwarm, Northern Iowa
  6. Brandon Courtney, Arizona State
  7. Jace Koelzer, Northern Colorado
  8. Cole Verner, Wyoming
  9. Patrick McKee, Minnesota
  10. Alex Thomsen, Nebraska

133 Pounds

  1. Chas Tucker, Cornell
  2. Montorie Bridges, Wyoming
  3. Taylor LaMont, Utah Valley
  4. Jarrett Trombley, NC State
  5. Josh Kramer, Arizona State
  6. Anthony Madrigal, Oklahoma
  7. Tim Rooney, Kent State
  8. Chance Rich, CSU Bakersfield
  9. Collin Gerardi, Virginia Tech
  10. Quinn Kinner, Ohio State
  11. Tye Varndell, Edinboro
  12. Louie Hayes, Virginia

141 Pounds

  1. Luke Pletcher, Ohio State
  2. Dom Demas, Oklahoma
  3. Mitch McKee, Minnesota
  4. Chad Red, Nebraska
  5. Tariq Wilson, NC State
  6. Ian Parker, Iowa State
  7. Mitch Moore, Virginia Tech
  8. Cole Mattin, Michigan
  9. Durbin Lloren, Fresno State

149 Pounds

  1. Max Thomsen, Northern Iowa
  2. Jarrett Degen, Iowa State
  3. Griffin Parriott, Purdue
  4. Brock Zacherl, Clarion
  5. Brayton Lee, Minnesota
  6. Sammy Sasso, Ohio State
  7. Collin Purinton, Nebraska
  8. Yahya Thomas, Northwestern
  9. Denton Spencer, Virginia
  10. Henry Pohlmeyer, South Dakota State
  11. Russell Rohlfing, CSU Bakersfield
  12. Brent Moore, Virginia Tech
  13. Josh Maruca, Arizona State

157 Pounds

  1. Hayden Hidlay, NC State
  2. Ryan Deakin, Northwestern
  3. David Carr, Iowa State
  4. Kendall Coleman, Purdue
  5. Will Lewan, Michigan
  6. Justin Thomas, Oklahoma
  7. Ke-Shawn Hayes, Ohio State
  8. Jacori Teemer, Arizona State
  9. Peyton Robb, Nebraska

165 Pounds

  1. Isaiah White, Nebraska
  2. Josh Shields, Arizona State
  3. David McFadden, Virginia Tech
  4. Andrew Fogarty, North Dakota State
  5. Ethan Smith, Ohio State
  6. Thomas Bullard, NC State
  7. Phillip Conigliaro, Harvard
  8. Emil Soehnlen, Purdue
  9. Ricky Stamm, Hofstra
  10. Cam Coy, Virginia

174 Pounds

  1. Bryce Steiert, Northern Iowa
  2. Mikey Labriola, Nebraska
  3. Dylan Lydy, Purdue
  4. Anthony Valencia, Arizona State
  5. Devin Skatzka, Minnesota
  6. Daniel Bullard, NC State
  7. Kaleb Romero, Ohio State
  8. Brandon Womack, Cornell
  9. Jackson Hemauer, Fresno State
  10. Hayden Hastings, Wyoming
  11. Anthony Mantanona, Oklahoma
  12. Marcus Coleman, Iowa State
  13. Jacob Oliver, Edinboro
  14. Kimball Bastian, Utah Valley

184 Pounds

  1. Zahid Valencia, Arizona State
  2. Taylor Lujan, Northern Iowa
  3. Trent Hidlay, NC State
  4. Lou DePrez, Binghamton
  5. Taylor Venz, Nebraska
  6. Ben Darmstadt, Cornell
  7. Hunter Bolen, Virginia Tech
  8. Sammy Colbray, Iowa State
  9. Jelani Embree, Michigan
  10. Zach Carlson, South Dakota State
  11. Owen Webster, Minnesota
  12. Max Lyon, Purdue
  13. Alan Clothier, Northern Colorado
  14. Tate Samuelson, Wyoming

197 Pounds

  1. Kollin Moore, Ohio State
  2. Jay Aiello, Virginia
  3. Tanner Sloan, South Dakota State
  4. Eric Shultz, Nebraska
  5. Thomas Lane, Cal Poly
  6. Jake Woodley, Oklahoma
  7. Christian Brunner, Purdue
  8. Tanner Orndorff, Utah Valley
  9. Kordell Norfleet, Arizona State
  10. Lucas Davison, Northwestern

285 Pounds

  1. Mason Parris, Michigan
  2. Tate Orndorff, Utah Valley
  3. Tanner Hall, Arizona State
  4. Chase Singletary, Ohio State
  5. Christian Lance, Nebraska
  6. Brian Andrews, Wyoming
  7. Gannon Gremmel, Iowa State
  8. Brandon Metz, North Dakota State
  9. Carter Isley, Northern Iowa
  10. John Borst, Virginia Tech
  11. Jon Spaulding, Edinboro
  12. Yaraslau Slavikouski, Harvard

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