C1 Top Teams


David City
Central City

Darkhorse Teams:

Notable Changes:

106: Turman from SCNU#5 avenged an earlier loss to Krause from David City. With Zoucha and Kunz heavy favorites to make the finals Turman, Krause and Hardesty from Conestoga will be battling for the last two spots.

113: The fourth spot at 113 is WIDE open. From what I can tell a losing record will qualify for state at this weight.

120: Harris has been the representative for David City at this weight in recent weeks. Kruntorad from Pierce has really been coming on strong.

126: Styskal has been out in recent weeks. If he’s not in the lineup look for Barlean to replace him and perhaps capture the fourth spot.

145: Montenegro from Madison dropped to 145 and adds depth to another tough weight. Looks like five wrestlers for three spots behind Hernandez.

152/160: Most noteworthy out of the whole district is Janssen dropping from 160 which puts the #2, #5 and #6 wrestlers all in the same district. Haskell from Madison is unranked at 152 but was ranked at 160 earlier in the year. Zoucha from Malcolm beat Wegrzyn from Lincoln Christian and Vodicka from David City has split with Zoucha this season so Wegrzyn, despite a 30-5 record, looks like the 7th seed if everyone stays at 152. Last weekend both Stone and Zoucha wrestled 160. Stone has head to head over Zoucha, and Zoucha beat Jones from Louisville, so they’d likely be the 2nd and 3rd seeds at that weight. Stone’s teammate Griess has been solid at 160 this year though so his move may be temporary where it looks like Zoucha might be locked in at 160.

170: Zoucha’s teammate and returning qualifier Flack obtained a common opponent last week over projected 2nd seed Knott from Louisville. If Flack stays at 170 he should have a decent chance at making the finals.

220/285: Hornback from Crofton has been wrestling 285 in recent weeks where he’d have a decent chance of qualifying out of the district.

C2 Top Teams


Battle Creek

Darkhorse Teams:

Notable Changes:

106: While the top four haven’t changed, the order appears to be a bit different. Patak from Wilber has beaten Schoepf from Centennial twice in recent weeks. Based on Schoepf’s head to head win over Albrecht, it looks like Albrecht will be the fourth seed.

120: Schernikau from Centennial has two recent wins over Lokken from Wilber. Going to be one of the toughest weights in the district.

152: Sauceda from Hastings St. Cecilia is back up to 152 and should have a good chance to qualify at this weight.

160: This weight has become a lot more interesting in recent weeks with Weston Johnson entereing the lineup for Battle Creek. Also keep an eye on Spencer Allen from David City who knocked off returning SQ Motis and has also given Kment from Stanton a one-point match.

182: Nantkes from Centennial was up at 182 last week and Motis from Fillmore Central dropped down.

285: Silva didn’t wrestle this last weekend. Goracke from Johnson County should have a great chance to qualify here.

C3 Top Teams


Logan View
North Bend

Darkhorse Team:

Notable Changes:

106: Zeckser hasn’t wrestled since 1/13. If he doesn’t compete then look for Thompson from Wood River to capture the fourth spot.

120: Both Beattie from Gibbon and Bond from Wood River has been out of their respective lineups since 1/18. If they don’t compete then the top four at this weight seem clear cut.

160: Moore from Tekamah-Herman coming back into the lineup at 160 is noteworthy as he has a good chance of finishing top four or even making the district finals. Messerlie from Ponca beat Ty Miller from Logan View last weekend. Miller made 138 in early January but went back to 145, which is the toughest weight of the district. Perhaps a wise move for Miller to have a go at 160 where it appears Messerlie and Pederson from Doniphan-Trumbull will be the others trying to find their way to the top four.

195: Ray now has two common opponents over Kee.

220/285: Williams from Laurel-Concord is down from 285, which will open up the fourth spot at 285. Williams appears to be fairly evenly matched with a host of others at 220 so perhaps one of the other 220’s will bump to 285.

C4 Top Teams


Broken Bow

Darkhorse Teams:

Notable Changes:

106: Heath from Minden beat Garey of Broken Bow 1-0 at SWC. Garey will likely meet up with Hilliard from Kearney Catholic in the 4/5 quarterfinal.

113-126: Cluff from Kimball was at 120 last week for their conference tournament and teammate Pederson was at 126 (instead of one weight lighter each). Fleecs from Hershey beat Cluff at 120 and would have a good shot to qualify at that weight, but rumor has it he’s no longer on the team. Pederson has a win over projected 4th place at 126 Chasek.

138: Kluthe from Ord now has common opponents over Rogers, Holsten and Pozehl and might get seeded as high as 2nd. Henry from Gordon-Rushville hasn’t wrestled since 1/23.

145: Weiss wrestled on Thursday but didn’t compete on Saturday due to injury. Hoos from Gordon-Rushville has been out of the lineup since 1/6. What was once looking like one of the toughest weights in the district has thinned out a bit if both Weiss and Hoos do not wrestle. Look for Anderson from Southern Valley to occupy the 4th spot if that’s the case.

182: Dodge from Broken Bow knocked off McGinley from Valentine at SWC. Trotter from Arcadia-Loup City has a win over Dodge. The seeding at this weight will be interesting.

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