Chad Red finished in third place at 141 lbs. Red was one of six Huskers to finish in the top three. (Photo Credit: Husker Wrestling)

The Husker wrestling team made history this weekend with their highest finish ever at the Big Ten Tournament. They finished in second as a team and were the only team to have all ten wrestlers automatically qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

Nebraska had six wrestlers finish in the top three, led by 197 lb runner-up Eric Schultz. Alex Thomsen and Peyton Robb were seeded outside of the automatic qualifier allotment  but wrestled above their seeds to punch their tickets to the NCAA Tournament.

The Huskers will look to capture a NCAA Tournament team trophy (top-four finish) at the National Tournament in Minneapolis. Action will begin on Thursday, March 19th and conclude on Saturday the 21st. This year the event will be held at the US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings.


1 Iowa 157.5
2 Nebraska 132
3 Ohio State 112
4 Penn State 107
5 Purdue 83
6 Northwestern 79.5
7 Michigan 73
8 Minnesota 63.5
9 Wisconsin 62.5
10 Michigan State 57
11 Illinois 49
12 Rutgers 25.5
13 Indiana 14.5
14 Maryland. 0

125 LBS

1st Spencer Lee (Iowa) MD Devin Schroder (Purdue), 16-2
3rd Michael Deaugustino (Northwestern) DEC Jack Medley (Michigan), 3-2
5th Liam Cronin (Indiana) F Alex Thomsen (Nebraska), 4:09
7th Malik Heinselman (Ohio State) DEC Logan Griffin (Michigan State), 8-4

133 LBS

1st Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) DEC Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State), 7-2
3rd Seth Gross (Wisconsin) DEC Austin Desanto (Iowa), 6-3
5th Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) DEC Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers), 5-3 SV
7th Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) DEC Joey Silva (Michigan), 4-3

141 LBS

1st Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) DEC Nick Lee (Penn State), 6-5
3rd Chad Red Jr. Nebraska) MD Tristan Moran (Wisconsin), 12-3
5th Max Murin (Iowa) M FOR Mitchell Mckee (Minnesota)
7th Dylan Duncan (Illinois) DEC Parker Filius (Purdue), 3-1

149 LBS

1st Pat Lugo (Iowa) DEC Sammy Sasso (Ohio State), 2-1
3rd Collin Purinton (Nebraska) DEC Brayton Lee (Minnesota), 3-0
5th Kanen Storr (Michigan) DEC Griffin Parriott (Purdue), 5-3 SV
7th Alex Hrisopoulos (Michigan State) F Cole Martin (Wisconsin), 2:46

157 LBS

1st Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) DEC Kendall Coleman (Purdue), 7-2
3rd Peyton Robb (Nebraska) DEC Eric Barone (Illinois), 5-4
5th Will Lewan (Michigan) M FOR Jake Tucker (Michigan State)
7th Michael Van Brill (Rutgers) F Garrett Model (Wisconsin), 2:23

165 LBS

1st Alex Marinelli (Iowa) DEC Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State), 3-2
3rd Isaiah White (Nebraska) DEC Ethan Smith (Ohio State), 3-2
5th Shayne Oster (Northwestern) DEC Danny Braunagel (Illinois), 8-4
7th Drew Hughes (Michigan State) DEC Tyler Meisinger (Michigan), 6-2

174 LBS

1st Mark Hall (Penn State) DEC Michael Kemerer (Iowa), 8-5
3rd Dylan Lydy (Purdue) DEC Kaleb Romero (Ohio State), 3-1 SV
5th Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) DEC Michael Labriola (Nebraska), 8-3
7th Layne Malczewski (Michigan State) DEC Joey Gunther (Illinois), 5-2

184 LBS

1st Aaron Brooks (Penn State) DEC Cameron Caffey (Michigan State), 3-2
3rd Taylor Venz (Nebraska) DEC Abe Assad (Iowa), 6-4
5th Rocky Jordan (Ohio State) DEC Max Lyon (Purdue), 6-1
7th Johnny Sebastian (Wisconsin) M FOR Jelani Embree (Michigan)

197 LBS

1st Kollin Moore (Ohio State) DEC Eric Schultz (Nebraska), 4-1
3rd Jacob Warner (Iowa) DEF Shakur Rasheed (Penn State), 4-1 3:00
5th Lucas Davison (Northwestern) M FOR Christian Brunner (Purdue)
7th Jackson Striggow (Michigan) DEC Hunter Ritter (Minnesota), 9-2

285 LBS

1st Gable Steveson (Minnesota) DEC Mason Parris (Michigan), 8-6
3rd Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) DEC Trent Hillger (Wisconsin), 4-0
5th David Jensen (Nebraska) DEC Gary Traub (Ohio State), 6-0
7th Thomas Penola (Purdue) DEC Luke Luffman (Illinois), 3-2

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