D3 District
Host: Archbishop Bergan

Top 5 Teams (Predicted Number of Qualifiers)
1. Archbishop Bergan (8)
2. Thayer Central (7)
3. Howells Dodge (6)
4. Creighton (5)
5. Tri County (4)

Other Teams Competing:
Cedar Bluffs
East Butler
Elm Creek
McCool Junction
Nebraska Christian
Parkview Christian
South Loup (Callaway/Arnold)
St. Mary’s

Team Preview:
After missing out on the State dual tournament, Archbishop Bergan has to be chomping
at the bit for the district tournament to prove how good they really are. Bergan has the potential to win the Class D state title, and the hopes of that aligning start here on their home mats. They are projected to qualify 8 guys, and all 8 have the ability to reach to podium in Omaha. Thayer Central will not turn away quietly, as they are projected to punch 7 tickets. Howells Dodge and Creighton will look to be right on the heels of Thayer Central and push for a district team trophy. This district is very hard to project, as many of these teams haven’t wrestled each other or have seen common opponents. Also, there are numerous kids that have made weight drops that have covered two to three weights.

Weight Projections:

1. Jesse Sauceda, Shelton
2. Ashton Sinn, Thayer Central
3. Brayden Brecka, East Butler
4. Brock Marxen, Clarkson-Leigh
After finishing third at last year’s state tournament, Sauceda is looking to punch
another ticket to Omaha as the district champion. Sauceda started the year at 113,
and has been back up there once after Christmas, but has since came back down to
106. Shinn and Brecka have many common opponents, but neither has beaten or lost to
someone that the other has. Shinn looks to be a touch better on paper. It’s probably a coin flip at 2-3. Brecka does have a head to head win over Marxen.

1. Caden Arps, Archbishop Bergan
2. Brenner McLaughlin, Thayer Central
3. Cooper Casey, Thayer Central
4. Logan Peterson, South Loup
Arps is the favorite to win this weight over McLaughlin based off of common opponents
each guy has wrestled. McLaughlin has beat Casey a couple times head to head.
Peterson slides  in at the 4 spot based on record.

1. Zach Hamilton, Archbishop Bergan
2. Koby Smith, Elm Creek
3. Trevor Jedlicka, Howells-Dodge
4. Doug Rainey, Southern
Hamilton just made his way back from an injury and was also on his way down to 120 last weekend. There is nothing that has happened this season with Hamilton that should lead anyone to believe the defending state champion wouldn’t be the favorite to win this
weight at districts. Smith has also been very solid this season, and looks to be the
favorite to make the finals against Hamilton. Jedlicka looks like the next best bet to
get third. After that it looks like Rainey will be fourth based on an early season head
to head win over Garrett Jensen of Palmer. Another wrestler to keep an eye on at
this weight, is Drew Garrison of Tri County.

1. Ruger Reimers, Palmer
2. Keegan Casey, Thayer Central
3. Cal Janke, Archbishop Bergan
4. Cole Reedy, Tri County
Reimers and Casey will battle it out for the top spot. Reimers does have a head to
head win over Janke this season. Casey has a common opponent win over Janke.
Reedy of Tri County looks to be the favorite for the final spot.

1. Tayten Eggleston, South Loup
2. Damian Stewart, Thayer Central
3. Cody Hanvey Creighton
4. Caden Reedy, Tri County
Nothing really separates the top guys at this weight, other than looking at results
versus similar competition. Eggleston looks like the clear favorite to win the district.
Stewart does have a common opponent win over Reedy, but will need to hold off
Hanvey at this weight. It is unclear at this point if Roy Guzman from Palmer will
be down at 132 after he returns from injury, but it is a real possibility. If Guzman is
here, he will figure right into the mix with Hanvey and Reedy for the final 2 spots.

1. Dominic Stewart, Thayer Central
2. Elijah Green, Nebraska Christian
3. Xavier Perez, Elm Creek
4. RJ Wilmes, Creighton
This is another weight that is very difficult to project. Stewart looks to be the favorite.
Green hasn’t been in the line up much this season, but looks to be back from an early
season injury, and should be right in the mix for a district title. Perez just made his
way down to 138 for the first time last week, and should slide into the third spot.
After that, it’s a little muddy. Wilmes does have the next best record, but has been
beaten by Trevin Brecka of East Butler. Roy Guzman of Palmer and Castor Ruyle of
Shelton could also be a factor at this weight.

1. Jacob Johnson, Archbishop Bergan
2. Alex Schmit, Randolph
3. Bailey Waltke, Tri County
4. Breckin Ratkovec, East Butler
Johnson made his way down to 145, and has been pretty solid there up to this point.
He does have a head to head win over Ratkovec. After Johnson, it may be anyone’s
best guess for the final 3 spots. Schmit looks like the best best bet, but Waltke,
Ratkovec and JD Kulhman of Creighton should be right there in the mix.

1. Brandon Bloomquist, Randolph
2. Michael Kautz, Shelton
3. Jarod Hergott, Thayer Central
4. Bode Wortman, Creighton
This is a hard weight to project, because Kautz does have a common opponent win
over Bloomquist, so that could push Kautz to the top seed here. The reason why
Bloomquist stays ahead of Kautz in the projection though, is because Kautz was behind quite a bit win he got the fall to earn that common opponent win. Also, Kautz had also lost to that same opponent earlier in the year. Kautz also has a common opponent win over Hergott as well. Wortman gets the final spot based on record. This is a spot where we could see some 145’s on the outside looking in, to bump up for districts.

1. Jackson Feulner, Thayer Central
2. Wyatt Hegemann, Howells Dodge
3. Koa McIntyre, Archbishop Bergan
4. Gunner Reimers, Palmer
Feulner looks like the favorite to win the district, as he has a common opponent
win over Hegemann. Hegemann has a head to head win over McIntyre. It looks
like there could be a couple guys that could battle it out for the fourth spot. Reimers
has head to head over Danny Hess of Tri County, and a common opponent win
over Leroy Garcia of Shelton. Also another name to keep an eye on at this weight
is Dominic Smith of Tri County.

1. Carl Mundt, Nebraska Christian
2. Noah Scott, Randolph
3. Bryce Zimmerer, Creighton
4. Colten Ratkovec, East Butler
This weight is loaded! All 4 projected qualifiers are all projected to medal in Omaha as
well. Not to mention, that the top 3 guys in the state are in this district. Mundt has a
head to head win over Scott and a common opponent win over Zimmerer. Mundt
has also beat Ratkovec head to head. Scott and Zimmerer have split matches head to
head this season. So that should make for an exciting semifinal.

1. Dylan Horejsi, Howells Dodge
2. Ethan Villwok, Archbishop Bergan
3. Justin Kuta, Palmer
4. Brandon Beeson, Tri County
Horejsi and Villwok look to be the favorite at this weight, as they have split matches
this year. Villwok has a couple common opponent wins over Kuta. Kuta and Beeson
may be a coin flip for third and fourth, as they have split matches this season.

1. Justin Brock, Nebraska Christian
2. Carter Jensen Howells Dodge
3. Chase Swartwood, Elm Creek
4. Terance Burrell, Creighton
Brock is the favorite at this weight, as he has a head to head win over Jensen. After
that, it gets hard to predict anything. Watch Swartwood, as he started the season out at
285 and has worked his way down to 195. Burrell gets the fourth spot based on his

1. Schuyler Brown, Overton
2. Peyton Cone, Archbishop Bergan
3. Cole Rosenkrans, St. Marys
4. Carter Throener, Howells Dodge
Another deep weight in at the D2 district with 3 currently ranked wrestlers. Brown
is the favorite to win this weight. After missing the first part of the season with a
football injury, he is back and has looked pretty good up to this point. Cone
has a head to head over both Rosenkrans and Throener. Rosenkrans has a head to
head over Throener. There is a rumor out there floating around that Brown may be
out for the rest of the season with the same injury from football. If that indeed is the
case. Alex Slage slide into the fourth spot and everyone else bumps up a spot.

1. Eli Simonson, Archbishop Bergan
2. Kien Martin, Overton
3. Kyle Pickhinke, Howells Dodge
4. Brody Vrooman, Creighton
Simonson is the favorite, based off of the strength of schedule and his quality wins. He also has a head to head win over Pickhinkle. Martin has had a very good season up to this point as well, and slides into the number two spot. Vrooman gets the fourth spot, as he has the next best record.

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