Next week Wrestle Like A Girl along with the Nebraska Girls Wrestling Task Force Committee will be hosting 3 Zoom meetings with very informative info. The meeting will be 3 separate days and touch on a number of different topics. Even though they are geared towards 3 different sets of people, It would be very informative to attend all three meetings if possible.

The week will kick off Monday, August 3 at 7pm CST with an Athletic Directors and Administrators informative meeting that will touch on numerous different topics from budgets to practices. Tuesday, August 4 at 7pm CST another meeting will take place talking about the roles of wrestling coaches and what they can do to get a program started. Finally Wednesday, August 5 at 7 PM CST there will be an Athlete and Parents meeting talking about how wrestling can help your athletes and how you can get involved to help get Nebraska sanctioned.

Meeting Information: 

The Athlete/Parent webinar is going to be on Wednesday, August 5 at 7 PM CST Please pass this along to any current or potential athletes that are interested and have questions.


Nebraska Coach’s webinar is on Tuesday, August 4 at 7 pm CST –

Tela Bacher from Wrestle like a girl will be running the meeting along with some great guests.


Athletic Director and Administers.

Thank you to Wrestle like a Girl for all your help on this project!

Here is the link:…


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