Joel Adams

Joel Adams competes at the Legends of Gold Duals. (Photo Credit: Jay Meneely)

Many Nebraska Wrestlers have been competing the last couple weeks in tournaments in Oklahoma and South Dakota.

MWC Middle School Freestyle and Greco teams both placed 2nd at the Legends of Gold Tournament in South Dakota.

MWC GOLD won 7th place in Freestyle Duals and 3rd place in Greco High School Duals.

MWC Silver and Nebraska Titans also competed at the Legends of Gold High School Duals and competed hard, despite being down a few guys.

Nebraska Titans was the lone Nebraska team to dual in High School Folkstyle.

Kael Lauridsen led the Titans going 10-0, Antrell Taylor was 4-0 for MWC Gold and was the only undefeated team member in Freestyle.

Also leading the way for MWC Gold, were Garrett Grice and Isaac Trumble who each went 9-1 over the two days.

In Greco action, Keith Smith, Brandon Baustert, Grice, and Trumble were all undefeated going 6-0.

Archer Heelan (Kearney) competed for a dual team out of Colorado going 8-7 across the 3 styles of wrestling, capping it off with a 4-1 Greco record.

Chris Williams (Valentine) went 7-3 competing in Folkstyle and Freestyle competing for a team from South Dakota. He went 4-1 in Folkstyle.

Paige Denke (Chadron) went 3-0 competing in Womens Freestyle competing for Team North Dakota.

Ace Schweitzer from Central City competed for the Legends of Gold Elementary team and went 7-4 between the 3 styles.

Mason Peterson, Brenyn Delano, and Tyler Zwingman from Columbus Wrestling Org. all wrestled for Covid-Red in the Middle school Duals.

MWC Middle School Team Members
Cole Welte
Tannon Bellamy
Hudson Loges
Miles Anderson
Braydon Canoyer
Vinny Mayberry
Hunter Jacobson
Matt Beem
Logan Glynn
Brock Templar
Cassey Popish
Adonis Bonar
Caden Olin
Noah Blair
Sam Murphy

MWC Gold

Logan Edwards (Westside)
Keith Smith (Lincoln East)
Brandon Baustert (Lincoln East)
Garrett Grice (Bellevue East)
Joel Adams (Millard South)
Scott Robertson (Millard South)
Ian Rudner (Papillion LaVista)
Noah Talmadge (Ralston)
Antrell Taylor (Millard South)
Kobe Lyons (York)
Cameron Cunningham (Gretna)
Tony Pray (Creighton Prep)
Isaac Trumble (Millard South)
Rex Johnson (Logan Magnolia, IA)

Nebraska Titans

Ashton Dane (Plainview)
Kael Lauridsen (Bennington)
Quinton Chavez (Gering)
Paul Ruff (Gering)
Tyler Nagel (Gering)
Darian Diaz (North Platte)
Trevor Kluck (Aurora)
Nate Rucheleau (Gering)
Gage Stokey (Ogallala)
Jacob Awiszus (Gering)
Luke Rathjen (North Platte)
Cash Arensdorf (North Platte)
Lathan Duda (Broken Bow)
Nathan Coley (Mitchell))

MWC Silver

Jesse Loges (Blair)
Blaine Christo (Ashland-Greenwood)
Matt Beem (Glenwood, IA)
Julio Reyes (Burke)
Trae Greve (Waverly)
Grant Moraski (Bellevue West)
Conor Hoy (Millard South)
Cole Habermann (Westside)

Grand River Rumble Folksyle Tournament

Four Nebraska girls competed on Dual Teams, Kaylyn Harrill competed for the championship team Venom. Maycee Peacher, Tiffany Seniff (Axtell), and Lila Bloomer (Calloway) were all members on the runners-up, Summit Wrestling Academy. Kiernan Meink (The Wrestling Factory) competed for Iowa Arena and posted a 5-2 record.

44 Kai Hughes (Nebraska Elite) 4th
47 George Rodriguez (Lincoln Junior Hawks) 3rd
HWT Eddie Shevlin (Columbus Wrestling Org.) 1st

49 Wesley Martine (Nebraska Elite) 5th
56 Kash Kappius (Nebraska Boyz)
60 Damian Masters (Nebraska Boyz) 8th
82 Liam Kelly (Nebraska Elite)

70 Jon Gonzalez (MWC) 1st
75 Cayden Metcalf (Warriors Wrestling)
75 Mandius Volentine (Warriors Wrestling) 7th
75 Maxxum Rodgers (Warriors Wrestling)
82 Josue Lopez (Warriors Wrestling) 7th
112 Braylon Stewart (Exploradores) 1st

91 Mason Masters (Nebraska Boyz) 7th
101 Tyler Harrill (MWC) 5th


75 Kiernan Meink (The Wrestling Factory) 5-2 record
96 Dominic Reed (Warriors Wrestling)
120 Braxton Peacher (Bennington) 8th

7U (Girls)
58 JozLynn Stewart (Exploradores) 4th

12U (Girls)
96 Kaylyn Harrill (MWC) 2nd
96 Maycee Peacher (Bennington) 3rd

15U (Girls)
128 Reagen Galloway (Amherst) 3rd

19U (Girls)
148 Jillian Carron (Fairbury) 4th

Grand River Rumble Freestyle Tournament

75 Cayden Metcalf (Warriors Wrestling) 2nd
75 Mandius Volentine (Warriors Wrestling) 3rd
75 Maxum Rodgers (Warriors Wrestling) 4th

78 Tayton Reed (Warriors Wrestling) 4th
101 Tyler Harrill (MWC) 2nd

90 Miles Anderson (MWC) 3rd
95 Dominic Reed (Warriors Wrestling) 3rd
100 Logan Edwards (MWC/Westside) 1st

12U (Girls)
96 Kaylyn Harrill (MWC) 2nd
96 Maycee Peacher (Bennington) 1st

15U (Girls)
138 Reagen Galloway (Amherst) 1st

If any wrestlers were missed, feel free to message us or leave a comment and we will get them added.

13 thoughts on “Nebraska Wrestlers competing in July”
  1. Ace Schweitzer for Central City competed on the LOG team and I think wrestled somewhere else during the period. Check track.

  2. Mason Peterson, Brennan Delano and Tyler Zwingman from CWO all wreslted for COVID Red

  3. Braxton and Maycee Peacher from Bennington wrestled in the Grand River Rumble for Summit Wrestling Academy.

  4. Nebraska Elite finished 5th in the 9U duals. The dual team consisted of almost all Nebraska wrestlers.

    40 – Landyn Coufal 3-5
    43 – Kai Sargent 3-5
    46 – Kai Hughes 2-6
    49 – Wesley Martin 7-1
    52 – Ashtin Terry 2-6
    56 – Paxton Terry 5-3
    60 – Damien Masters 1-7
    70 – Paxton Morgan 8-0
    92 – Mykal Robles 4-4
    HWT – Solomon Starks 6-2

  5. Tyler Durden, Jesse Loges and Tyson Terry wrestled for team Georgia Storm at Grand River Rumble 15U dual team tournament. Team placed 3rd. Hudson Loges, Logan Edwards and Miles Anderson wrestled for PA Steel Valley Renegades.

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