D4 @North Platte St. Pats

Top 5 Teams:
1. #3 Mullen (10)
2. Hemingford (7)
3. Hitchcock County (6)
4. Sandhills/Thedford (4)
5. North Platte St. Patrick’s (4)

Other Teams Competing:
Banner County
Dundy County Stratton
Garden County
Hay Springs
Medicine Valley
Sioux County

Mullen is the clear favorite to win this district as a team. Hemingford and Hitchcock county should have quite the battle for second place. Both teams have a shot a pulling a couple extra guys through that may be on the outside looking in at the moment. Don’t be surprised to see quite a bit of movement at a few weights where guys sitting outside the top four. We could see them bump up a weight and qualify. This wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for teams in this district as it’s not very deep overall.

A couple weights to watch for some movement to would be 113 and 195 as the fourth spot in those two weights is really up for grabs where 106 and 182 could be fairly tough to get a spot on the podium. We expect to see some surprises from an individual standpoint in this district.

Grooms of Mullen made the midseason drop to 106 and has been pretty much untested since doing so. He does have head to head win over teammate Paxton and a common opponent win over Yates and Ernesti. Paxton has beat Yates head to head. Yates has beat Enesti head to head. The top four are the only winning records so an upset will be needed from the contenders to make the state tournament. Devitt looks to be the top challenger for the fourth spot.

1. #5 Tristin Grooms, Mullen
2. Eli Paxton, Mullen
3. Dutch Yates, Garden County
4. Tasyon Ernesti, Hemingford

Blake Devitt, Hitchcock County

Christofferson has a common opponent win over Creel and beat Kohel head to head twice which make him the favorite to win the district. Creel holds a 2-1 advantage over Kohel in head to head match ups. Looks like only three winning records, so after those three this district is wide open including maybe seeing some 106 entries bumping up to try and get that final qualifying spot. In this case it looks like a possiblity for Devitt to bump up and join teammate Christofferson at this weight and potentially qualify.

1. Kaleb Christofferson, Hitchcock County
2. Creel Weber, Hemingford
3. Gabe Kohel, Morrill
4. Blake Devitt, Hitchcock County

Marshall is the clear favorite here. He has wins over Kohel and Losey and a common opponent win over Webb. Kohel has a head to head win over Losey. Losey has a head to head win over Webb.

1. #2 Teven Marshall, Mullen
2. Daniel Kohel, Morrill
3. Gavin Losey, Hitchcock County
4. Blake Webb, Dundy County Stratton

Foster is the favorite as he has head to head over Durfee. Durfee has a common opponent win over Abbott and McArthur. Abbott has a common opponent over McArthur and has split head to head matches with Cluff. Cluff has a win over Bartlett. Abbott and McArthur have beaten Gaston.

1. #4 Samuel Foster, Sutherland
2. Kyle Durfee, Mullen
3. Brenton Abbott, Leyton
4. Jack McArthur, Hitchcock County

Connor Cluff, Kimball
Mark Bartlett, Morrill
Kolyn Gaston, Hitchcock County

Peterka made the mid-season drop to 132. Peterka and Buchhiet haven’t met yet this season so it’s probably a coin flip on who wins the district. Peterka has been solid since dropping down only losing 2 matches to Larson of Brady and Latimer of Southwest. Bucheit has a common opponent over Kidlow and head to head over Deeds. Kidlow has a common opponent win over Deeds. Miner is tough and will push for a qualifying spot.

Update: Buchheit beat Peterka head to head at the WTC-SPVA conference tournament this weekend. Also Cluff was back up at 132.

1. #8 Carter Buchheit, Hemingford
2. Jon Peterka, Sutherland
3. Hunter Kidlow, Bayard
4. Hunter Deeds, North Platte St. Pats.


Connor Cluff, Kimball
Hunter Miner, Wauneta-Palisade

Honstein has a common opponent win over Vogl and head to head win over Hare, which makes him the favorite to win the district. Vogl has a head to head win over Hare. Heaton just dropped to 138 a few weeks ago and has a great shot to get at least the 4th spot at this weight. Bonini doesn’t have many matches, but competed well in his home invite last weekend. Schindler has done well since dropping to 138 in January.

1. Luke Honstein, Hemingford
2. Dennis Vogl, Crawford
3. Seth Hare, Hitchcock County
4. Gideon Heation, Hyannis

Kaden Bonini, Medicine Valley
Adam Hill, Garden County
Trey Schindler, Kimball

Holthus spent most of the season at 152, where he was competing really well. He recently dropped to 145, where he has competed even better including a win over #1 Van Pelt at Medicine Valley this past weekend. Holthus is clearly the favorite to win the district. Diaz beat Henderson head to head at the Medicine Valley invite before defaulting out. Henderson has been hot and cold this season, but should be able to capture a spot. DeNaeyer rounds out a pretty solid top four at 152.

1. #1 Colton Holthus, Garden County
2. Serbando Diaz, Dundy County Stratton
3. Jaden Henderson, Medicine Valley
4. Spencer DeNaeyer, Mullen

Leonard dropped to 152 mid-season and owns a common opponent win over Bryner making him the favorite to win the district. Bryner has head to head over Holthus and Welling. Welling has head to head over Holthus and a common over Simonson. Simonson and Holthus haven’t met yet this year so that could be a coin flip match. Kohel and Martinez add some depth to this weight, but may need to pull off an upset or two to qualify.

1. #5 Christian Leonard, Bayard
2. Isaiah Bryner, Hemingford
3. Kolby Welling, Crawford
4. Sean Simonson, Mullen

Riley Holthus, Gaden County
Matthew Kohel, Morrill
Jose Martinez Jr., Minatare

Zutavern has head to head over Coleman and a common opponent win over Shuler and Olds, which makes him the favorite to win the district. Coleman has head to head over Shuler. Shuler has a head to head win over Olds, which makes them the favorites for the 2-4 spot. Neal from Mullen could also factor in here, but he does have losses to Zutavern and Shuler.

1. #7 Reece Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford
2. Tyler Coleman, Hemingford
3. Keegan Shuler, Hitchcock County
4. Haydon Olds, Minatare

Kendal Neal, Mullen
Allen McCumbers, Sioux County

McGill has a head to head win over White, which makes him the favorite to win the district. White has a common opponent win over McFadden and Cole and is a good bet to finish 2nd. McFadden spent the first part of the year at 195 and there is a decent chance he bumps back up there for districts. Cole has a head to head win over Miller which gives him the 4th spot in the district.

Update: Morgan dropped to 170 this weekend at the WTC-SPVA

1. #7 Talan McGill, North Platte St. Pats
2. Gavin White, Sutherland
3. Reed McFadden, Sandhills/Thedford
4. Michael Morgan, Morrill


Kaden Cole, Medicine Valley
Alex Neefe, Hemingford
Dallas Miller, Garden County
Nicholas Runquist, Paxton

Zutavern is the clear favorite here and shouldn’t have much trouble winning this district. Zutavern has head to head wins over Schroll, Kessler, and Morgan. Schroll has a head to head win over Kessler. Morgan has a head to head win over Kessler as well. There isn’t much that separted the 2-4 guys here so expect some close matches.

Update: With Morgan dropping to 170 that opens a spot on Morrill’s roster for Seier to stay down at 182. There is still a pretty good chance that some one from 182 bumps up and wrestles 195.

1. #3 Bryan Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford
2. Justin Schroll, North Platte St. Pats
3. Riley Kessler, Mullen
4. Bryce Seier, Morrill

Harvey Wesley, Hay Springs
Drake Mues, Hitchcock County

Kvanvig has a head to head win over Sellman, which makes him the favorite to win the district. Sellman and McGill haven’t met this year but Sellman has the better record. After the top 3 this weight is wide open. Don’t be surprised if a couple 182 guys bump up to try and qualify. Seier of Morrill has wrestled both 182 and 195 so we’ll put him here where he’s pretty clearly the fourth guy.

Update: Mues has still been down at 182 but his best shot to probably qualify comes at 195 so we are going to bump him up as he would be the pretty clear fourth guy.

1. #3 Ty Kvanvig, Mullen
2. Jake Sellman, Hemingford
3. Sawyer McGill, North Platte St. Pats
4. Drake Mues, Hitchcock County

Hassett has head to head wins over Hodges and Kvanvig, which makes him the clear favorite to win the district. Hodges has a common opponent win over Kvanvig and head to head over Haines. Kvanvig has a common opponent win over Haines. Anderson has actually split matches with Kvanvig so expect him and Nichols to be competitive for a spot to go to state here.

Update: Kvanvig medical forfeited out at the Arapahoe invite so with question marks around his health and Anderson winning the most recent head to head battle we’ll bump  Anderson into the fourth spot. That also moves Haines to the third spot.

1. #2 Clayton Hassett, Mullen
2. #6 Remington Hodges, Hitchcock County
3. Delton Haines, Dundy County Stratton
4. Gavin Anderson, Hyannis

Landon Nichols, North Platte St. Pats
Tel Kvanvig, Mullen

Bateman has a common opponent win over Branic and has split matches with Garduno, which makes him the favorite to win the district. Branic beat Garduno head to head and has a common over Gonzales. Garduno has beat Gonzales head to head.

1. Stephen Bateman, Kimball
2. Brayton Branic, Sandhills/Thedford
3. Ceasar Garduno, Minatare
4. Tony Gonzales, Minatare

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