Class A Week 9 Preview

*Photo courtesy of Jake Oertle

NEwrestle Team Rankings
1. Kearney 1/25-26- Garden City Invite, Kansas
2. Millard South 1/26- Maryville High, MO
3. Omaha Burke 1/26- Raymond Central Invite
4. Columbus 1/26- Norfolk Invite
5. Lincoln East 1/26- Liberty, MO invite
6. Papillion- La Vista 1/26- Monarch Duals
7. Bellevue East 1/26- Roncalli Catholic Invite
8. Grand Island 1/26- Norfolk Invite
9. Norfolk 1/26- Norfolk Invite
10. Omaha Central 1/26- Skyhawk Invite (Skutt)

Rocky Welton Invite (Garden City, KS)
A#1 Kearney and B#3 Scottsbluff are the only 2 Nebraska teams competing at this 41- team tournament. They’ll face some stiff competition from teams from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas. The fans will get a treat should Nick James and Devon’Tae Gutierrez meet up, as both are prolific dynamic scorers who are dangerous in all positions.

Potential Matchups between Kearney and Scottsbluff:
A#4 Hunter Nagatani- Kearney
B#1 Paul Garcia- Scottsbluff

A#1 Phillip Moomey- Kearney
B#2 Jerryd Hernandez- Scottsbluff

A#1 Nick James- Kearney
B#1 Devon’Tae Gutierrez- Scottsbluff

Quad State Classic (Maryville, MO)
Millard South is one of 10 teams from 4 different states competing at this tournament. The Patriots have completely dominated this tournament the last 4 years, outscoring the team runner-up by at least 123.5 points dating back to 2015. In 2014, they outscored team runners-up Cameron (MO) 225-192. Blake Jackson was back in action last night in their dual against Gretna and he earned a fall, and is expected to compete at this tournament.

Raymond Central Mustang Invite

Top Weight Classes
A#1 Jakason Burks- Omaha Burke
B#2 Drew Arnold- Beatrice

A#3 Deson Stapleton- Omaha Burke
B#5 Blake Hoffmaster- Cozad
C#3 Isaac Verzani- Wakefield

A#1 James Burks- Omaha Burke
B#6 Brody Nelson- Beatrice

Liberty Invite (Liberty, MO)
*Missouri rankings courtesy of

A#5 Lincoln East, NE
Lincoln High, NE
Millard West, NE
Class 4 #1 Liberty (Liberty), MO
Class 4 #10 Belton, MO 1
Class 3 #2 Kearney High School, MO
Class 3 #7 Grain Valley, MO
Fort Osage High School, MO
Harrisonville, MO
McDonald County, MO
North Kansas City, MO
Oak Grove, MO
Raytown South, MO
William Chrisman High School, MO

Top Weight Classes:
A#3 Brandon Baustert- Lincoln East
Class 3 #1 Eli Ashcroft- Kearney, MO
Class 4 #2 Easton Hilton- Liberty, MO
Nate Hartman- Millard West

Class 3 #2 Garrett Deason- Kearney, MO #2 – 3
Class 4 #1 Jeremiah Reno- Liberty, MO
Class 3 #4 Kash Ocobock- William Chrisman High School, MO
Nic Swift- Lincoln East

A#2 Nathan Rizek, Lincoln East
Class 3 #3 James Freitag- Kearney, MO
Class 5 #7 Ayden Dolt- Liberty, MO
Wyatt May, Millard West

A#5 Camden Russell- Millard West, NE
Class 4 #5 Kyle Dutton- Liberty, MO
Class 3 #2 Oscar Ortiz- McDonald County, MO
Class 2 #2 Keegan Scarborough- Oak Grove, MO

A#5 Breckin Sperling- Lincoln East
Class 3 #5 Caleb Benshoof- Grain Valley, MO
Class 4 #3 Austin Kolvek- Liberty, MO

A#1 Maxx Mayfield- Lincoln East
Class 3 #4 Alex Mitchell- Grain Valley, MO
Class 4#8 Logan Rathjen-Liberty, MO

A#3 Levi May- Millard West
Class 4 #7 AJ Sanchez- Fort Osage High School, MO
Class 3 #4 Trentn LeGrotte- Grain Valley,MO
Class 3 #3 Caden Green- Kearney, MO
Class 4 #6 Kage Lenger- Liberty, MO
Class 2 #8 Anthony Erickson- Oak Grove, MO

A#1 Chance Fry- Lincoln East
Class 4 #7 Drake Smith- Liberty, MO
Ethan Valencia- Millard West

A#1 Isaiah Alford- Lincoln High
A#3 Grant Lyman- Lincoln East
Class 4 #1 Greyden Penner- Liberty, MO
Class 4 #2 Robert Weber- Belton, MO
Class 4 #7 Roman Tinoco- Fort Osage High School, MO
Class 3 #1 Brett Mordecai- Kearney, MO
Class 2 #4 Noah Sears- Oak Grove, MO

Norfolk Invite
This tournament includes 3 teams from the A3 District, and 3 teams from the A1 district.

#4 Columbus
#8 Grand Island
Lincoln North Star
Lincoln Northeast
Millard North
#9 Norfolk

Top Weight Classes:
#3 Blake Cushing (Grand Island)
#5 Clay Cerny (Columbus)

#3 Peyton Meink (Millard North)
#5 Preston Mort (Lincoln Northeast)
Noah Molzahn (Fremont)
Tyler Salpas (Grand Island)

#3 Avery McMeekin (Columbus)
#4 Brayden Splater (Norfolk)
Sheldon Isom (Lincoln North Star)

#2 Carson Zwingman (Columbus)
#5 Oscar Richter (Grand Island)

#3 Anthony DeAnda (Columbus)
#5 Anthony Stege (Lincoln Northeast)
#6 Daylon Keolavone (Grand Island)
Easton Waller (Lincoln North Star)

#1 Kasten Grape (Columbus)
#6 Trevin Escamilla (Fremont)
Eric Jensen (Lincoln North Star)

#1 Conner Cowling (Norfolk)
#4 Ethan McPhillips (Grand Island)
Peyton Spencer (Lincoln Northeast)

Jesse Greise Skyhawk Invite

Boys Town
Elkhorn South
Lincoln Southwest
#10 Omaha Central
Omaha North
B#1 Skutt Catholic
Thomas Jefferson, IA

Eastern Midlands Conference Tournament

Nebraska City
B#4 Waverly

Top Weight Classes:
#2A Cole Huss (Gretna)
#2B Evan Canoyer (Waverly)

#4A TJ Huber (Gretna)
#3B Dylan Meyer (Norris)
#4B Drake Rader (Plattsmouth)
#5B Benton Cornett (Bennington)
#6B Trevor Ruscosky (Blair)

Monarch Duals
Omaha Bryan and Papillion- La Vista are in the same pool, so a preview of the potential A3 126lb district final between Ladamien Sturdivant and Cody Niemiec should occur.

Bellevue West
Hastings (B#7)
Lincoln Southeast
Omaha Bryan
Omaha Gross
A#6 Papillion-La Vista
Papio South
B#2 Wahoo

Top Weight Classes:
#3A Arman Erickson (Lincoln Southeast)
#6B Dylan Miller (Hastings)

#2A Ladamien Sturdivant (Omaha Bryan)
#3A Cody Niemiec (Papillion- La Vista)
#6B Bryce Brown (Hastings)

#4A Nolan Niemiec (Papillion- La Vista)
#6B Izaak Hunsley (Hastings)

#5B Mason Brumbaugh (Hastings)
#6A Landon Roberts (Papillion- La Vista)

#2A Creighton Baughman (Papillion- La Vista)
#6A Caleb Connor (Papio South)

#2A Alex Irizarry (Papio South)
#3B Zane Bennett (Wahoo)
#4A Cole Price (Papillion- La Vista)

#3A Trajen Linear (Papio South)
#4B Kole Bordovsky (Wahoo)

Pool A – Lincoln Southeast, Papio South, Omaha Gross, Hastings
Pool B – Omaha Bryan, Wahoo, Bellevue West, Papillion La Vista

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