C#2 Broken Bow
C#4 Battle Creek
D#6 Burwell
Arcadia-Loup City
Nebraska Christian
Twin Loup

Broken Bow and Battle Creek will meet for the first time this season in a big class C clash. Some of those results should help us tie in the west and east results to get a clearer picture of how class C may end up in Omaha. D#6 Burwell appears to be without #1 Ostrom. Ord is shorthanded as well. Can Maxwell make a run at third place with a nearly full lineup?

There are 23 ranked wrestlers scheduled to compete. The marquee weights of the tournament are 152 and 182.

Edwards currently is the only wrestler entered with a winning record.

Edwards (Loomis-Bertrand) 28-5

Dawe has beaten Hilmer head to head and split with Bruns. Hilmer won 8-5 over Bruns in their only meeting this season.

SQ Dawe (Burwell) 20-5
Hilmer (Loomis-Bertrand) 22-9
Bruns (Hershey) 21-12

McCracken and Gaffney are the headliners here. McCracken has beaten #3 Zoucha 9-2 while Gaffney lost in OT to Zoucha. Musser from Hershey has a win over returning state medalist Phillips. Broken Bow JV wrestler Garey was a state qualifier last season.

C#1 McCracken (Battle Creek) 36-2
C#4 Gaffney (Broken Bow) 29-5
Musser (Hershey) 32-8
SQ Garey (Broken Bow) 10-3
SM Phillips (Burwell) 18-3
Stieb (Arcadia LC) 24-12

Another solid weight here with Faulkenberry leading the way. He’s beaten Boyce head to head already this season. Returning qualifier Boyce has been back and forth between 120 and 126 this season. Gideon is a returning qualifier himself and based on record looks like the 2nd seed. King from Battle Creek has a common opponent win over Valencia from Logan View to likely give him seeding edge over Boyce.

C#2 Faulkenberry (Broken Bow) 31-4
D#6 Gideon (Burwell) 19-4
SQ Boyce (Ord) 24-8
King (Battle Creek) 26-14
Kenney (Loomis-Bertrand) 21-13
Ackley (Ravenna) 18-12
SQ Gohlson (Maxwell) 21-15

Returning medalists Powers and Lade could meet in the finals. Klingsporn and Treffer are returning qualifiers.

C#3 Powers 30-7
C#6 Lade 27-5
SQ Klingsporn (Axtell) 29-4
SQ Treffer (Ravenna) 25-12

D#1 Ostrom not on entry list to compete and C#3 Kersten has been out of the lineup recently for Battle Creek. Returning medalist Green has missed nearly the whole year and has just recently been back in the lineup for Nebraska Christian. Ambler has a good year and should be able to see Green in the semifinals. 4th and 5th seeds appear to be Cook and Calleroz.

C#3 Kersten (Battle Creek) 28-2
SM Green (NE Christian) 4-2
SQ Ambler (Broken Bow) 27-8
Cook (Hershey) 17-8
Calleroz (Arcadia LC) 22-11

Riggs will put his undefeated record on the line against a tough Kluthe from Ord in front of his home crowd. Kluthe and Arehart have wins over Drahota so look from Kluthe/Arehart to be a semifinal matchup.

D#1 Riggs (Maxwell) 35-0
C#5 Kluthe (Ord) 25-7
Drahota (Ravenna) 25-11
Arehart (Ansley-Litchfield) 19-8

Coons won over Heimes 6-4 in last year’s final at 145. We have a very tough field at this weight and seeding should be very interesting. Shoemaker has a win over returning medalist Racicky. Racicky has beaten Bentley. Whisenhunt and Ostrom are returning qualifiers as well. Three medalists and four qualifiers at one weight and that is without Ulmer from Broken Bow who is not listed on the entries.

C#2 Heimes (Battle Creek) 36-3
D#3 Coons (Twin Loup) 27-1
D#5 Racicky (Ansley-Litchfield) 18-1
SQ Bentley (Centura) 31-4
SQ Whisenhunt (Maxwell) 24-9
SQ Shoemaker (Ord) 17-9
SQ Ostrom (Burwell) 14-6

Gibson and Meyer are returning state qualifiers. Meyer has a head to head win over Ballentine. Ballentine has beaten Slingsby. Slingsby has beaten Peterson. Broken Bow brings two tough wrestlers at this weight.

D#4 Gibson (Maxwell) 31-6
SQ Meyer (Ord) 16-10
Ballentine (Hershey) 22-9
Slingsby (Ansley-Litchfield) 20-9
Gideon (Burwell) 17-8
Peterson (Axtell) 19-10
Peterson (Broken Bow) 13-11
Ambler (Broken Bow JV) 20-7

Duda handed Mundt his only loss of the season thusfar by a score of 15-4. Chapa brings an unblemished record to the table as well. Mundt won in OT against Chapa last year at the Ord Invite.

D#1 Mundt (NE Christian) 20-1
C#3 Duda (Broken Bow) 33-2
SQ Chapa (Ravenna) 17-0
Abramson (Loomis-Bertrand) 21-12

Probably the marquee weight of the tournament with four ranked wrestlers. Dawe hasn’t lost to a Nebraska wrestler this season. A Brooks and Ulrich semifinal would be a big district seeding matchup. Hawthorne will be a tough semifinal for Dawe.

D#1 Dawe (Burwell) 19-1
C#2 Brooks (Broken Bow) 26-2
C#4 Ulrich (Ord) 19-4
C#6 Hawthorne (Battle Creek) 29-8
Wolfe (Maxwell) 29-9
Senff (Axtell) 23-10

Duda beat brock 9-2 a few weeks ago and we could see a rematch of that in the finals. White has a win over Stubbs which will give him the higher seed there.

D#6 Brock (NE Christian) 26-5
Duda (Broken Bow) 29-8
Mayfield (Burwell) 12-4
Stubbs (Maxwell) 25-10
Larson (Ansley-Litchfield) 20-9
White (Loomis-Bertrand) 17-8

Marx and Simmons haven’t met this season and should provide an exciting finals matchup. Anderson and Howitt are both tough underclassmen.

C#3 Marx (Battle Creek) 31-5
C#6 Simmons (Centura) 34-1
Anderson (Broken Bow) 28-9
Howitt (Maxwell) 24-9

Jerabek has a win over Drake this year and Drake has beaten Hoevet head to head. D#3 Ducker is not listed on the entries. Bumgarner from Broken Bow JV has a win over a formerly ranked wrestlers in class C so he should be in the mix.

D#1 Jerabek (Arcadia-Loup City) 31-0
C#3 Drake (Broken Bow) 31-3
C#4 Hoevet (Ord) 20-4
Bumgarner (Brokwn Bow JV) 10-2
Smith (Maxwell) 16-6

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