Class B Team ScoresB106


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Paul Garcia of Scottsbluff

2nd Place – Gabe Grice of Omaha Gross Catholic

3rd Place – Quinton Chavez of Gering

4th Place – Caden Svoboda of Aurora

5th Place – Tanner York of Beatrice

6th Place – Tristen Obermiller of Adams Central


1st Place Match

Paul Garcia (Scottsbluff) 36-6, Fr. over Gabe Grice (Omaha Gross Catholic) 18-1, Fr. (SV-1 3-1)


3rd Place Match

Quinton Chavez (Gering) 40-8, Fr. over Caden Svoboda (Aurora) 38-13, Fr. (MD 10-0)


5th Place Match

Tanner York (Beatrice) 40-7, Jr. over Tristen Obermiller (Adams Central) 36-10, So. (Fall 3:59)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Jackson Nielsen of Blair

2nd Place – Collin Quandt of Northwest

3rd Place – Bryce Brown of Hastings

4th Place – Caleb Lazure of Omaha Skutt Catholic

5th Place – Drew Arnold of Beatrice

6th Place – William Lomax of Boys Town

1st Place Match

Jackson Nielsen (Blair) 44-0, Jr. over Collin Quandt (Northwest) 45-9, So. (MD 18-8)

3rd Place Match

Bryce Brown (Hastings) 25-1, So. over Caleb Lazure (Omaha Skutt Catholic) 30-8, So. (Dec 2-1)

5th Place Match

Drew Arnold (Beatrice) 37-13, Fr. over William Lomax (Boys Town) 36-7, Jr. (Fall 3:34)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Andy Rojas of Lexington

2nd Place – Evan Steggs of Alliance

3rd Place – Blayne Kile of Hastings

4th Place – Chase Larsen of Plattsmouth

5th Place – Noah Talmadge of Ralston

6th Place – Joey Orsi of Omaha Skutt Catholic

1st Place Match

Andy Rojas (Lexington) 39-10, Sr. over Evan Steggs (Alliance) 35-7, Sr. (Dec 4-1)

3rd Place Match

Blayne Kile (Hastings) 43-4, Sr. over Chase Larsen (Plattsmouth) 32-10, Sr. (UTB 1-1)

5th Place Match

Noah Talmadge (Ralston) 36-8, Fr. over Joey Orsi (Omaha Skutt Catholic) 21-12, So. (Dec 5-3)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Nicholas Stoltenberg of Omaha Skutt Catholic

2nd Place – Kaden Vowers of Sidney

3rd Place – Walker Moore of Blair

4th Place – Izaak Hunsley of Hastings

5th Place – Nate Rocheleau of Gering

6th Place – Trevor Kluck of Aurora

1st Place Match

Nicholas Stoltenberg (Omaha Skutt Catholic) 35-8, So. over Kaden Vowers (Sidney) 57-4, Sr. (UTB 5-4)

3rd Place Match

Walker Moore (Blair) 44-3, Sr. over Izaak Hunsley (Hastings) 48-8, So. (Dec 4-1)

5th Place Match

Nate Rocheleau (Gering) 40-10, Fr. over Trevor Kluck (Aurora) 42-6, Fr. (MD 17-6)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Trey Arellano of Sidney

2nd Place – Mario Ybarra of Scottsbluff

3rd Place – Blake Sears of Crete

4th Place – Benjamin Garland of Beatrice

5th Place – Asa Johnson of Alliance

6th Place – Zach Orton of Blair

1st Place Match

Trey Arellano (Sidney) 56-3, Jr. over Mario Ybarra (Scottsbluff) 36-8, Sr. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match

Blake Sears (Crete) 45-11, Sr. over Benjamin Garland (Beatrice) 43-11, Sr. (Inj. 4:36)

5th Place Match

Asa Johnson (Alliance) 33-16, Fr. over Zach Orton (Blair) 35-16, Sr. (Fall 3:36)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Connor Laux of Hastings

2nd Place – Nolan Barry of Adams Central

3rd Place – Devin Delancey of Bennington

4th Place – Harrison Gocke of York

5th Place – Logan Slater of Fairbury

6th Place – Brody Raines of Sidney

1st Place Match

Connor Laux (Hastings) 46-3, Sr. over Nolan Barry (Adams Central) 45-6, Sr. (Dec 3-0)

3rd Place Match

Devin Delancey (Bennington) 36-8, Sr. over Harrison Gocke (York) 48-10, Jr. (Dec 1-0)

5th Place Match

Logan Slater (Fairbury) 43-11, Sr. over Brody Raines (Sidney) 34-11, So. (Dec 2-1)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Scott Fulsos of York

2nd Place – Jorgen Johnson of Alliance

3rd Place – Stone Mendez of Omaha Skutt Catholic

4th Place – Evan Canoyer of Waverly

5th Place – Zachary Hurlbert of Holdrege

6th Place – Caleb Ackles of Adams Central

1st Place Match

Scott Fulsos (York) 56-0, Sr. over Jorgen Johnson (Alliance) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 9-4)

3rd Place Match

Stone Mendez (Omaha Skutt Catholic) 39-8, Sr. over Evan Canoyer (Waverly) 48-4, Fr. (Dec 4-0)

5th Place Match

Zachary Hurlbert (Holdrege) 41-8, Sr. over Caleb Ackles (Adams Central) 31-19, Sr. (Dec 2-1)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Derek Robb of Sidney

2nd Place – Dalton Quandt of Northwest

3rd Place – Tomas Margritz of Lexington

4th Place – Kaleb Canoyer of Waverly

5th Place – Matthew Harvey of Norris

6th Place – Zeth Gerkensmeyer of Columbus Lakeview

1st Place Match

Derek Robb (Sidney) 61-0, Sr. over Dalton Quandt (Northwest) 47-5, Sr. (MD 13-4)

3rd Place Match

Tomas Margritz (Lexington) 21-5, Sr. over Kaleb Canoyer (Waverly) 47-3, Jr. (Fall 2:00)

5th Place Match

Matthew Harvey (Norris) 48-9, Sr. over Zeth Gerkensmeyer (Columbus Lakeview) 33-10, Jr. (Dec 4-1)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Alex Vandyke of Omaha Skutt Catholic

2nd Place – Jacob Frenzen of Columbus Lakeview

3rd Place – Logan Macdonald of Bennington

4th Place – Pierro Garcia of Lexington

5th Place – Cauy Shaw of O`Neill

6th Place – Garrett Cornwell of Boone Central/Newman Grove

1st Place Match

Alex Vandyke (Omaha Skutt Catholic) 20-3, Jr. over Jacob Frenzen (Columbus Lakeview) 38-12, Jr. (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match

Logan Macdonald (Bennington) 23-3, Sr. over Pierro Garcia (Lexington) 42-6, Sr. (SV-1 6-4)

5th Place Match

Cauy Shaw (O`Neill) 38-9, Sr. over Garrett Cornwell (Boone Central/Newman Grove) 40-13, Sr. (Dec 4-2)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Billy Higgins of Omaha Skutt Catholic

2nd Place – Riley Kopf of Lexington

3rd Place – Damen Pape of Hastings

4th Place – Dalton Lewis of Blair

5th Place – Cedric Relford of Elkhorn

6th Place – Tucker Hancock of Wahoo

1st Place Match

Billy Higgins (Omaha Skutt Catholic) 18-1, Sr. over Riley Kopf (Lexington) 38-11, Jr. (Fall 1:56)

3rd Place Match

Damen Pape (Hastings) 53-1, So. over Dalton Lewis (Blair) 41-6, Sr. (MD 15-5)

5th Place Match

Cedric Relford (Elkhorn) 27-13, Jr. over Tucker Hancock (Wahoo) 37-12, Sr. (Dec 6-2)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Prestin Melroy of Holdrege

2nd Place – Eli Jansen of Omaha Skutt Catholic

3rd Place – Gavin Eason of Norris

4th Place – Jeb South of Northwest

5th Place – Seth Firmanik of Fairbury

6th Place – Alex Byington of Elkhorn

1st Place Match

Prestin Melroy (Holdrege) 45-1, Sr. over Eli Jansen (Omaha Skutt Catholic) 35-8, So. (Dec 6-1)

3rd Place Match

Gavin Eason (Norris) 48-7, Sr. over Jeb South (Northwest) 39-13, Sr. (MD 12-3)

5th Place Match

Seth Firmanik (Fairbury) 37-15, So. over Alex Byington (Elkhorn) 38-10, Sr. (Fall 4:40)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Sam Kolterman of Wahoo

2nd Place – Grady Griess of Northwest

3rd Place – Cody Ybarra of Gering

4th Place – Devin Pfeifer of Plattsmouth

5th Place – Noah Gugelman of Gothenburg

6th Place – Wren Allen of Columbus Scotus

1st Place Match

Sam Kolterman (Wahoo) 47-0, Jr. over Grady Griess (Northwest) 54-1, So. (Dec 9-2)

3rd Place Match

Cody Ybarra (Gering) 37-5, Sr. over Devin Pfeifer (Plattsmouth) 38-9, Jr. (Fall 0:53)

5th Place Match

Noah Gugelman (Gothenburg) 38-9, Sr. over Wren Allen (Columbus Scotus) 37-12, Sr. (Fall 3:37)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Jack Sutton of Wahoo

2nd Place – Cooper Kiser of Northwest

3rd Place – Jesus Maganda of Schuyler

4th Place – Kaleb Taylor of McCook

5th Place – Jon Merten of Boone Central/Newman Grove

6th Place – Erik Pike of Ashland-Greenwood

1st Place Match

Jack Sutton (Wahoo) 49-1, Jr. over Cooper Kiser (Northwest) 41-9, Jr. (Dec 11-6)

3rd Place Match

Jesus Maganda (Schuyler) 38-4, Jr. over Kaleb Taylor (McCook) 20-3, Sr. (Dec 7-6)

5th Place Match

Jon Merten (Boone Central/Newman Grove) 41-9, Jr. over Erik Pike (Ashland-Greenwood) 33-8, Sr. (Dec 5-1)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Garrett Nelson of Scottsbluff

2nd Place – Nathan Lauder of Alliance

3rd Place – Noah Stafursky of York

4th Place – Jade Wurth of Lexington

5th Place – Robert Liles of Auburn

6th Place – Zachary Wioskowski of Adams Central

1st Place Match

Garrett Nelson (Scottsbluff) 31-3, Jr. over Nathan Lauder (Alliance) 32-6, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

3rd Place Match

Noah Stafursky (York) 41-3, Jr. over Jade Wurth (Lexington) 19-4, Jr. (Dec 5-2)

5th Place Match

Robert Liles (Auburn) 41-12, Sr. over Zachary Wioskowski (Adams Central) 34-6, Sr. (M. For.)

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