The Midwest Black Mambas were crowned the 2017 Twin Rivers Girls National Champions today. You can watch full results and archived matches HERE. 

Twin Rivers Girls Pool #1 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Midwest Black Mambas
2nd Place – Nebraska White
3rd Place – Iowa Black
4th Place – Iowa PV Spartans
5th Place – Iowa Gold
Round 1
Iowa Black defeated null 0-0.
Nebraska White defeated Iowa Gold 40-17.
Midwest Black Mambas defeated Iowa PV Spartans 51-6.
Round 2
Midwest Black Mambas defeated Iowa Black 45-12.
Nebraska White defeated Iowa PV Spartans 36-18.
Iowa Gold defeated null 0-0.
Round 3
Iowa Black defeated Iowa PV Spartans 30-27.
Nebraska White defeated null 0-0.
Midwest Black Mambas defeated Iowa Gold 45-12.
Round 4
Iowa Black defeated Iowa Gold 33-21.
Midwest Black Mambas defeated Nebraska White 41-12.
Iowa PV Spartans defeated null 0-0.
Round 5
Nebraska White defeated Iowa Black 51-6.
Iowa PV Spartans defeated Iowa Gold 28-24.
Midwest Black Mambas defeated null 0-0.

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