Valentine moved four wrestlers into the state finals and have another five wrestlers that will be wrestling four third place. The race for second behind Valentine is still ongoing. Syracuse has three wrestlers in the finals, while David City has five place winners and two in the finals. O’Neill has two finalists and four total place winners. Battle Creek rounds out the top five and has one in the finals and six total medalists.

1. Valentine                 143
2. David City               80.5
3. Syracuse                  76
4. O’Neill                     68
5. Battle Creek           67.5
6. Raymond Central 66.5
7. Aquinas                   54.5
8. Broken Bow           53
9. Kearney Catholic 51
10. Chase County     46

Semifinal results:

In the three matches between the top two ranked wrestlers, the #1 wrestler prevailed. Four top ranked wrestlers came up short in the semifinals. There will be one battle between undefeated wrestlers on Saturday, and a total of five undefeated wrestlers competing in the finals. There were two freshmen in Krolikowski at 113 and Gabriel at 195 who will be wrestling for gold. There were plenty of hard fought matches and some upsets, but all wrestlers should be proud of how they competed.

#1 Caydon McCracken (Battle Creek) over #2 Chase Olson (Valentine) 1-0
#3 Koby Brandenburg (Central City) over #4 Ryan Zoucha (Malcolm) by fall

#1 Gage Krolikowski (Valentine) over #6 Sam Saldivar (Johnson County Central) by fall
#2 Seth Styskal (David City) over #4 Lee Carlson UTB 1-1

#2 Evan Waddington (Wood River) over #5 Owen Lade (Battle Creek) 10-6
#1 Clayton Glendy (Broken Bow) over UR Anton Carlson (Sutton) by fall

#2 Wyatt Allan (Wood River) over #4 Damien Kersten (Battle Creek) 7-6
#1 Jordan Kelber (Valentine) over UR Easton Albrecht (Raymond Central) by fall

#3 Monte Mumm (Raymond Central) over UR Jonah Heng (Norfolk Catholic) UTB 4-3
#1 Max Hughes (Syracuse) over #2 Jeff Heinz (Fort Calhoun) 7-2

#2 Eric Pacheco (Kearney Catholic) over UR Anthony Eickmeier (Aquinas) by fall
#1 Melvin Hernandez (David City) over #4 Noah Eklund (Valentine) by fall

#2 Grant Albrecht (Raymond Central) over #3 Hudson Pearman (Valentine) 7-0
#4 Keegan Pope (Syracuse) over #1 Caden Moore (O’Neill) 4-3

#3 Jack Keating (Kearney Catholic) over UR Gavyn Buschkoetter (SCNU #5) by major 11-2
#2 Caleb Long (Valentine) over #5 Cooper Bates (Wilber-Clatonia) 5-1

#5 Bryson Fisher (Chase County) over UR Jaden Janssen (Clifton-Bloomfield) 10-8
#3 Kyle Petree (Aquinas) over #1 Zach Borer (North Bend) by major 16-2

#3 Donald Stephen (Valentine) over UR Ben Metzler (Tekamah-Herman) by major 12-4
#2 Abe Hernandez (Mitchell) over #4 Gavin Trompke (Ord) 6-5

#3 Cody Thomas (Wakefield) over #1 Jerrod Fedorchik (Bridgeport) TB1 3-1
#2 Joseph Reimers (Aquinas) over #5 Brad Baasch (Doniphan-Trumbull) 10-6

#2 Bailey Thompson (O’Neill) over #1 Ryan Worm (David City) 3-2
#3 Ethan Gabriel (Ord) over UR Noah Carlson (Central City) by fall

#1 Jason Hahlbeck (O’Neill) over #2 Garrett Davidson (Cross County) by fall
#5 Aaron Hinojosa (Chase County) over #4 Jan-louw de Jager (Battle Creek) by fall

#4 Sam Cantu (Norfolk Catholic) over #2 Riley Homolka (Wilber-Clatonia) SV1 3-1
#1 Caleb Lefferdink (Syracuse) over #3 Hunter Miller (Cross County) UTB 2-2

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