2017 NSAA State Wrestling Tournament Bracket Draw Information

The NSAA draws to determine bracket assignments for those qualifying for the State Wrestling Championships.

There are three formulas used to assign wrestlers, so qualifiers from one district will not always compete against qualifiers from just one other district. The brackets match a district winner against a fourth place district winner and 2nds vs. 3rds. The different brackets mix the districts. The assignments will be made by a random draw. The following are the bracket draws for the 2017 NSAA State Wrestling Tournament:

Bracket 1 – 120, 126, 152, 195, 220 Bracket 2 – 106, 113, 138, 170, 285 Bracket 3 – 132, 145, 160, 182

Who meets who in each bracket:

Bracket I

1st, D1 vs. 4th, D2 3rd, D4 vs. 2nd, D3 2nd, D4 vs. 3rd, D3 4th, D1 vs. 1st, D2 1st, D4 vs. 4th, D3 3rd, D1 vs. 2nd, D2 2nd, D1 vs. 3rd, D2 4th, D4 vs. 1st, D3

Bracket II

1st, D4 vs. 4th, D1 3rd, D2 vs. 2nd, D3 2nd, D2 vs. 3rd, D3 4th, D4 vs. 1st, D1 1st, D2 vs. 4th, D3 3rd, D4 vs. 2nd, D1 2nd, D4 vs. 3rd, D1 4th, D2 vs. 1st, D3

Bracket III

1st, D2 vs. 4th, D4 3rd, D1 vs. 2nd, D3 2nd, D1 vs. 3rd, D3 4th, D2 vs. 1st, D4 1st, D3 vs. 4th, D1 3rd, D4 vs. 2nd, D2 2nd, D4 vs. 3rd, D2 4th, D3 vs. 1st, D1

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