millard-northA2 District at Millard North High School

Millard South has too much firepower and depth to be challenged for the team title, but Bellevue East has quality depth and will likely finish 2nd.  Lincoln East and Bellevue West have a good combination of firepower and depth to challenge the Chieftains. North Platte and Millard North both have wrestlers who should be in the state finals minus a disaster..

Marquee Weight Classes

Mayfield has cruised through his matches this season, with his only in-state loss coming at the hands of returning state champion Joey Harrison. Scott could challenge Mayfield, as his three losses are to top ranked opponents in class A, B and C. Cheek owns a fall and major decision win over Vacha. Vacha pinned Douglass in late December.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #2 Maxx Mayfield (Lincoln East) 39­-2
2. #5 Jayson Scott (North Platte) 32-3
3. Doug Cheek (Bellevue East) 29-11
4. Alex Vacha (Millard South) 27-16

Other Contender:
Cody Douglass (Millard North) 20-20

Coufal owns a 2-point and 3-point win over Salat, while Barber and Rizek haven’t wrestled them this season. Trying to predict the outcome of this weight class is futile.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #5 Austin Coufal (Millard South) 40­-8
2. #6 Aweys Salat (Omaha Bryan) 36­-10
3. Jordan Barber (North Platte) 24-­8
4. Nathan Rizek (Lincoln East) 23­-9

Rodriguez owns 2 wins over Rezac, a fall and the most recent 6-5 win. Rezac and Baird somehow haven’t met, but they will meet in the semis for a shot at Rodriguez in the finals.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #2 Nate Rodriguez (Millard South) 45-3
2. #4 Jakody Rezac (Bellevue East) 39-6
3. #5 Oscar Baird (Bellevue West) 25-7
4. Bladen Kendall (Omaha Bryan) 27-15

Even thought they are both in the Metro conference, Charity and Wagstaff somehow haven’t met this year. Both have been pretty dominant this season, but Charity has a win over a common opponent. Expect fireworks in their finals match.
Projected Qualifiers:
1. #1 Zac Charity (Millard South) 45-2
2. #5 Derek Wagstaff (Bellevue East) 41-3
3. Micah Odell (Lincoln East) 25-19
4. Alex Manzano (North Platte) 12-14


Coleman is the favorite here and owns a 9-5 win over Trumble. Only a freshman, Trumble is one of two wrestlers to hold Coleman to a regular decision this season.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #1 DJ Coleman (Millard North) 32-0
2. #6 Isaac Trumble (Millard South) 39-10
3. Brannen Dawson (Bellevue West) 17-8
4. Justin Larson (Bellevue East) 10-7

Other Contender:
Kalen Roth (Lincoln East)
Returning state champion Ruffin’s only losses are to the  #1 and #4 ranked wrestlers in class B. Ruffin, Trimble and Miller haven’t met this season. Miller and Trimble owns wins over MA Yah II, while MA Yah II has had a solid season.
Projected Qualifiers:
1. #1 Braiden Ruffin (North Platte) 28-2
2. #3 Braden Trimble (Millard South) 46-4
3.  Levi Miller (Bellevue West) 26-9
4. MA Yah II (Millard North) 18-6




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