B3 District at Bennington High School

There aren’t as many common opponents in this district, as Hartington Cedar Catholic, Mount Michael Benedictine, Platteview, Wayne and Winnebago don’t see each other or the rest of the schools. Bennington and Gretna know each other very well, while Schuyler and Fairbury have strengthened their schedule in recent years.

Marquee Weight Classes

Only two of Schmidt’s wins did not end by fall this season. One was a 7-2 decision and the other was a 15-4 major decision. Dubs has spent a good portion of the season at 120, and is Schmidt’s biggest challenge in this district. Whitaker has quietly put together an impressive season. Chacon’s record is a little deceiving, but his schedule is tougher than Platteview’s Garrett Johnson.

Projected Qualifiers
1. #1 Van Schmidt (Gretna) 44-0
2. #4 Miguel Dubs (Seward) 21-3
3. Tommy Whitaker (Mount Michael Benedictine) 26-2
4. Ernesto Chacon (Schuyler) 19-10

Other Contender:
Garrett Johnson (Platteview) 25-6

Fauver has been solid jumping up to 120 from 106 where he was a state champion last year, and he owns a 9-3 win over Hall. Hall’s only in-state losses are to ranked opponents, and he owns an early season 6-1 win over Lopez. Lopez has put together a respectable season with many quality wins. Aldana owns an early season 4-2 win over Cline and Muhs owns a 6-5 win over Cline. We’ll give the edge to Aldana as he’s a senior, but Muhs of Wayne is right on their heels.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #2 Trevor Fauver (Gretna) 35-5
2. #6 Broc Hall (Bennington) 28­-10
3. Celvin Lopez (Schuyler) 21­-3
4. Diangelo Aldana (Auburn) 35­-9

Other Contenders:
Cameron Muhs (Wayne) 28­-9
Jarrett Cline (Mount Michael Benedectine) 20-12

After moving down from 138, Towey beat DeLancey 4-3 in the EMC finals. DeLancey pinned Slater in late December, while Slater owns an early season 13-8 win over Miguel Roman. Roman pinned Ford, and Vergara hasn’t faced anyone in the district this season.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #4 Tristan Towey (Gretna) 32­-7
2. #5 Devin DeLancey (Bennington) 30-6
3. Logan Slater (Fairbury) 34­-9
4. Miguel Roman (Schuyler) 25­-10

Other Contenders:
Trenton Ford (Auburn) 27­-9
Juan Vergara (Wayne) 20­-16

Returning state finalist Cluxton’s only loss on the year was due to disqualification. Venzor has only lost to ranked opponents from other classes, and has beaten Core twice. He should give Cluxton a challenge in the finals. Ligouri and Core haven’t met, but both have had solid seasons.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #1 Jake Cluxton (Bennington) 24­-1
2. #6 Mario Venzor (Schuyler) 33­-7
3. Kole Ligouri (Auburn) 31­-11
4. Carson Core (Seward) 18­-6

Pokorny has been dominant this season and owns a 5-2 win over Huss. Both wrestlers haven’t face anyone else in the district. Huss gets the nod over Yrkoski based on his slightly tougher schedule.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #3 Josh Pokorny (Bennington) 40­-1
2. #5 Tristan Snover (Seward) 32-4
3. Cole Huss (Gretna) 27-11
4. Caden Yrkoski (Schuyler) 29-16

Everhart and MacDonald have split close matches this season, with Everhart winning their most recent match at the EMC tournament last weekend. MacDonald owns an 8-0 win over Moyer, while Moyer and Jeffers haven’t met. Moyer’s strength of schedule should carry him to the 3rd spot.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #3 Cody Everhart (Gretna) 41­-6
2. #2 Logan MacDonald (Bennington) 38­-3
3. Anthony Moyer (Fairbury) 36-9
4. Gage Jeffers (Platteview) 25-5

Other Contender:
Ethan Koch (Hartington Cedar Catholic) 24-13

Jarrett owns an early season fall over Green, and Green owns a 7-1 win over Gill. Muhs hasn’t faced any of the the top 3, but his schedule is strong enough to warrant the 4th spot.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #2 Lance Jarrett (Gretna) 42­-3
2. #6 Damian Green (Fairbury) 38-4
3. Johnny Gill (Auburn) 37-7
4. Isaiah Muhs (Wayne) 24­-16

This weight features 4 seniors who all have legitimate shots to be on the state podium with Nichelson the favorite to win his 3rd state title. Nichelson earned a technical fall over Craig, he and Craig own wins over Ahrens, and Ahrens has a win over Ondrak.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #1 Trevor Nichelson (Ashland­-Greenwood) 34­-3
2. #3 Logan Craig (Seward)  31­-3
3. Cannon Ahrens (Gretna) 37­-6
4. Patrick Ondrak (Fairbury) 36-­9

Likely the deepest B district for 285, there are six capable wrestlers who will battle for 4 spots. Arnold and Mach have wins over Brunk. Brunk has had a tough schedule, so he gets the nod for the 4th spot. Zagurski has put together a formidable record, but he’s a bit of an unknown since he hasn’t faced the other top guys here. He could be Winnebago’s first state qualifier in school history.
A similar situation with Jorgensen of Wayne not facing any of the top guys here, but he has returning state placer Mikey Reyes (220) as a workout partner and shouldn’t be counted out.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #5 Paul Mach (Fairbury) 40­-5
2. #3 Pat Arnold (Gretna) 33-10
3. Derrell Zagurski (Winnebago) 41-7
4. Jason Brunk (Bennington) 27-16

Other Contenders:
Hunter Jorgensen (Wayne) 26­-5
Robert Liles (Auburn) 30­-16

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