From Left to Right. Bottom row (Vinny Mayberry, Ian Hardy, Cole Welte, Cadyn Coyle, Miles Anderson, Hudson Loges, Caleb Coyle) middle row (Logan Edwards, Joel Adams, Tyler Antoniak, Antrell Taylor, Garrett Grice, Conor Knopick, Nick Hamilton) back row (Rex Johnson, Tony Pray, Noah Blair, Evan Canoyer)

Tuesday night, MWC held their wrestleoff’s for the Olympic duals in Pennsylvania on April 16-18th.


Logan Edwards defeated Cole Kunz 8-7

Jesse Loges defeated Brayden Canoyer by fall

Brandon Baustert defeated Presden Sanchez 10-0

Joel Adams defeated Aiden Robertson by fall

Scott Robertson defeated Ian Rudner 18-8

Jackson Dewald defeated Alex Morris by fall

Evan Canoyer defeated Cole Price 11-1

Caleb Coyle defeated Brandon Baustert 11-0

Joel Adams defeated Dyson Kunz 9-3

Tyler Antoniak defeated Scott Robertson 9-5

Noah Blair defeated Jackson Dewald 4-3

Logan Edwards defeated Jesse Loges 8-6

Dual Team

75 Cruzer Dominguez

79.3 Cole Welte

83.7 Ian Hardy

88.1 Hudson Loges

94.7 Cadyn Coyle

99.2 Vinny Mayberry

105.8 Miles Anderson

112.4 Logan Edwards

119 Caleb Coyle

125.6 Conor Knopick

132.2 Garrett Grice

138.8 Joel Adams

145.5 Tyler Antoniak

152.1 Nick Hamilton

160.9 Antrell Taylor

169.7 Evan Canoyer

182.9 Noah Blair

196.2 Tony Pray

284.3 Rex Anderson

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