There are some prestigious awards/accomplisments that wrestlers can achieve. Gold medals, State Qualifier, State Medalist, Team Titles, Academic All-State, NEwrestle All-Grade teams, etc. However, one seems to rise above them all. The title of being named to the NEwrestle All-Mullet Team. We’ve used several scientific methods to determine who makes the list.

Background: An extremely important and relevant twitter poll the week of state sparked the debate of the century on what Nebraska Wrestler sports the best mullet. The winner of that poll was Blair’s Dex Larsen. Since then, several more wrestlers have come out of the shadows, showing true dedication to their mullet craft. We then decided to come up with this team, so their hard work would not go unnoticed.

Without further ado, here are the wrestlers that are all business up front, but party time in the back.

Honorary Head Coach – Kasten Grape (Columbus HS 2020 – Current Morningside Mustang wrestler)

Talk about an epic mullet. Scholars say it’s the longest mullet ever seen at the state tournament.

2021 NEwrestle All-Mullet Team

120 – Dru Mueller (Logan View)

State Finalist Dru Mueller has inspired the next generation of mullet wearers.
Both Dru and his mullet were excited to make the state finals.

120 – Grady Arends (Northwest)

Grady has drawn comparisons to Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid/Cobra Kai fame. Johnny wishes he had hair this fresh.

132 – Drew Arnold (Beatrice)

One of the picutres that started it all.
The blond hair-dye is a gamechanger. So much so it made the cut in one of our highlight videos. Being a State Champ doesn’t hurt either.

138 – Garrett Latimer (Southwest)

Medals and Mullets. The two M’s. A tale as old as time.

182 – Kaleb Senff (Axtell)

Wildcat – in reference to the mullet or the team mascot? The world may never know.
We appreciate Kaleb’s devotion to both the mullet and mustache game

182 – Kaden Lyons (York)

The spectacles/mullet combo is a powerful one.

195 – Dexter Larsen (Blair) – Honorary Co-Captain

Added points for the John Cena shirt.
Is that a mullet flowing in the breeze? No it’s just speed + precision hair.
Thanks for the interview Dex. Undisputed Mullet Poll Champ.

195 – Chase Cotton (York)

I mean seriously, the epic photo edit to highlight the mullet? Top notch stuff.

285 – Thomas Psota (Ravenna) – Honorary Co-Captain

We’ve been informed that Tommy’s curls are all natural. Truly incredible.
So much hair that we need a bigger lens
You know you’re big time when you have shirts made to honor the mullet. Respect.

285 – Sawyer Bumgarner (Broken Bow)

Sawyer gets bonus points for combing his hair forward in the front. Power move.
Let it fly Sawyer and thanks for the interview at state.
The Man, The Myth.

285 Rylie Thomsen (St. Paul)

Rylie pulls a clutch move and adds a tiny little yellow hat to further emphasize the mullet.

Honorable Mention

152 – Luke Figi (Gretna)

Mullet plus – headgear fits perfectly where it’s buzzed.

170 – Jaxson Jones (Twin River)

The two tone color combo

220 – Gabe Gaskill (Blair)

Must appreciate the 80’s vibe with the poofy front.

113 – Trey Svatora (Schuyler)

Trey was one match from qualifying for state as a freshman. With a little hard work and mullet growth, he could be a state qualifier AND an All-Mullet First Team member.

145 – Cooper Bice (Norris)

For a sophomore, this mullet has some serious potential and could possibly considered as on of the front runners heading into next season

160 – Riley Eickmeier (Columbus Scotus)

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  1. I started taking photos early in the season last year of all the mullets just for posterity sake! I was a high school student in the 80s so it brought back memories!!! My wrestler likes his hair cut with a clipper….no mullets here! Love the fun if this team!

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