2021 NSAA State Tournament Officiating Crew

The officials from the 2020 State Tournament pose for a picture.

Congratulations are in order for our state tournament officials listed below. Thank you for your time and devotion to our sport! It can often be a thankless profession to be an official, but many of these guys travel significant miles and take time away from their families to help the sport thrive.

With the new state tournament format, the officials will be split between the A/D and B/C tournaments.

A/D Officials – Wed/ThursB/C Officials – Fri/Sat
Wynn FangmeierTony Cordova
Russ WaltonMike Olson
Nick BrostKlent Schnell
Nate TasslerJarrod Schnell
Matt JacobsonJake Brown
Leonard HawkinsEric Weisdorfer
Jordan SpatzEric Brandl
Joel HospodkaDoug Hampton
Jim SackettDale Bean
James DroescherBryce Abbey
Dustin FavingerAustin Coufal
Dave WaltonTrey Boyer
Chuck ShererKevin Jacobson
Brian WoolseyJason Hansen

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