Winter National results for Nebraska wrestlers.

This weekend was the Annual Winter Nationals tournament at Ralston Arena. 255 teams 1,029 wrestlers all competed. Here is the Nebraska place winners.

Tot Boys

35: Aaiden Hollingsworth (Ready RP) 1st

40: Declan Delano (CWO) 3rd

40: Greyson Werner (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 6th

50: Crew Weidner (2 Tough Gym) 1st

55: Kien Kelly (Broken Bow) 2nd

55: Juelz Gilmore (Ready RB) 3rd

55: Declan Hardy (Nebraska Jr. Titans) 4th

HWT: Isiah Trinidad (Millard South) 2nd

HWT: Conner Beranek (Ashland) 3rd

HWT: Michael Homan (Jr. Cougars) 4th

HWT2: Kayden Fox (Ready RP) 1st

HWT2: Stone Helmrichs (Waverly) 2nd

Tot Girls

48: Nyla Rhodes (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 3rd

48: Sage Rall (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 4th

Bantam Boys

40: Brigham Schweitzer (Broken Bow) 2nd

45: Kai Hughes (Nebraska Boyz) 2nd

45: Grant Berry (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 4th

45: Kai Sargent (Midwest Destroyers) 6th

50: Jack Blair (Warrior Wrestling) 3rd

50: Jaelyn Anderson (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 5th

55: Charlie Haneborg (Midwest Destroyers) 6th

55: Korbin Akerson (Nebraska Boyz) 8th

60: Carter Williams (Nebraska Boyz) 7th

60: Tyrese Crawford (Ready RP) 8th

70: Bryson Vanek (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 2nd

70: Holden Hall (Millard South) 5th

75: Leland Boston (Ready RP) 3rd

75: Reid Monaco (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 4th

80: Jaxon Peterson (CWO) 1st

80: Max Spencer (Nebraska Jr. Titans) 4th

90: George Kollman (Elkhorn) 5th

HWT: Ryan Philbrick (Elkhorn) 3rd

Bantam Girls

48: Jaelyn Anderson (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 1st

53: KaMonie Gordon (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 2nd

57: JozLynn Stewart (Warrior Wrestling) 3rd

74: Giuliana Stinson (Midwest Destroyers) 2nd

Midget Boys

55: Ethan Spatz (Norris) 1st

55: Colton Strange (Nebraska Jr. Titans) 5th

55: Ashton Terry (Nebraska Boyz) 6th

60: Jacob Blankenship (MWC) 4th

60: Paxton Terry (Nebraska Boyz) 5th

60: Easton Anderson (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 7th

65: Elias Rhodes (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 4th

65: Damien Masters (Westside Wrestling) 8th

70: Levi Halburt (Nebraska Boyz) 1st

75: Paxton Morgan (Westside Wrestling) 3rd

85: Mykal Robles (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 6th

90: Forrest Uhling (MWC) 3rd

90: Trenton Byers (Sherman Challengers) 3rd

90: Suby Manzitto (Ironhawk) 5th

90: Owen Sawicki (2 Tough Gym) 6th

95: Barrett Koehler (Battle Creek) 5th

103: Trevden Olstad (MWC) 2nd

103: Michael Garman (MWC) 3rd

112: Braxton Bruggeman (Gretna) 2nd

120: Solomon Starks (Ready RP) 1st

120: Bjorn Paulsen (Nebraska Boyz) 2nd

120: Burkley Collison (Pierce) 3rd

120: Joseph Newburg (Ironhawk) 6th

130: Kyler Roeber (Ashland) 3rd

130: Rowdie Lynch (Broken Bow) 4th

HWT: Chase Longston (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 5th

Midget Girls

48: Emmaline Berry (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 1st

56: Jayden Jones (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 2nd

62: Madyn Overman (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 1st

62: Jayden Jones (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 3rd

Novice Boys

60: Ace Schweitzer (MWC) 3rd

65: Ace Schweitzer (MWC) 4th

70: Cruzer Dominguez (MWC) 1st

70: Cole Caniglia (The Wrestling Factory) 6th

70: Jace Martin (Wood River) 8th

75: Koby Streeter (The Wrestling Factory) 5th

75: Oscar Kriegler (MWC) 6th

75: Cayden Engel (Nebraska Boyz) 7th

85: Aiden Schremp (League of Heroes) 7th

90: Michael Furze (The Wrestling Factory) 3rd

90: Kameron Green (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 4th

90: Ian Hardy (Nebraska Jr. Titans) 6th

100: Cole Kansteiner (Conestoga) 8th

105: Colton Kelley (Broken Bow) 4th

105 Ty Bouaphakeo (Bennington) 7th

112: Carsen Malcolm (Gering) 4th

120: JShawn Sterling (Ready RP) 1st

120: Riley Johnson (Ironhawk) 2nd

120: Brady Shepoka (Jr. Cougars) 6th

130: Braylon Stewart (Warriors Wrestling Club) 2nd

130: Logan Clark (2 Tough Gym) 4th

130: Michael Novero (Westside Wrestling Club) 5th

130: Andrew Beranek (Ashland) 6th

140: Kylonn Haynie (Ready RP) 2nd

140: Cayson Schlotfield (MWC) 4th

140: Jayden Cannon (Sherman Challengers) 5th

140: Lathan Jones (Gretna) 6th

HWT: Makayla Vasser (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 4th

HWT2: Logan Holtmeyer (MWC) 3rd

HWT2: Brody Brandt (MWC) 6th

Novice Girls

70: Mia Anderson (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 1st

93: Kaylyn Harrill (The Best Wrestler) 1st

93: Mara Vanderpool (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 2nd

110: Ariana Alcorta (Midwest Destroyers) 2nd

110: Makenzie Martin (Nebraska Boyz) 4th

130: Adeline Graser (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 1st

130: Kayden Sipp (2 Tough Gym) 2nd

130: Macy Barber (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 3rd

130: Briley Koehler (Battle Creek)

Schoolboy Boys

75: Cole Welte (MWC) 1st

75: Kiernan Meink (The Wrestling Factory) 2nd

80: Hunter True (Westside Wrestling Club) 3rd

80: Zach Held (The Wrestling Factory) 4th

85: Isaac Ekdahl (The Wrestling Factory) 1st

85: Tyler Haneborg (Midwest Destroyers) 3rd

90: Brody Pitner (Midwest Destroyers) 2nd

95: Mason Masters (Westside Wrestling Club) 4th

110: Brayden Canoyer (MWC) 5th

115: Tyler Harrill (The Best Wrestler) 3rd

120: Orin Kuehn (2 Tough Gym) 5th

120: Trev Greve (MWC) 7th

125 Deking Starks (Ready RP) 2nd

125: Kelby Coufal (Monarch Wrestling Club) 3rd

130: Cole Spahr (Tri County) 3rd

140: Gage Guenther (Nebraska Boys) 1st

140: Sam Nachtigal (Kearney Matcats) 2nd

150: Dalton Rhoten (Nebraska Boyz) 5th

160: Wyatt Nierodzik (Elkhorn Valley) 4th

160: Adonis Bonar (MWC) 5th

160: Caden Thielen (Warrior Wrestling Club) 6th

180: Clayton Elliot (Valentine) 2nd

180: Wyatt Tramp (Crofton) 3rd

180: Wesley Vick (Powerhouse) 4th

HWT: Cal Wells (Broken Bow) 1st

HWT: Tyson Senger (Crofton) 3rd

HWT: Gavyn Rhoden (Beatrice) 4th

HWT2: Tyson Terry (Nebraska Boyz) 1st

HWT2: Ryland Schweiss (BJSA) 2nd

HWT2: Caleb Svoboda (Monarch Wrestling Club) 3rd

HWT2: Bryce Luerhing (Jr. Cougars) 4th

HWT2: Mason Planer (Battle Creek) 5th

Schoolboy Girls

89: Maycee Peacher (Westside Wrestling Club) 2nd

89: Mileena Notero: (Team CES) 4th

111: Zoey Barber (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 2nd

111: Jordyn Campbell (Gretna) 3rd

111: Ariana Alcorta (Midwest Destroyers) 4th

120: Jo Pozehl (Alliance) 2nd

120: Sydnie Brown (Nebraska Wrestling Academy) 4th

130: Kayden Sipp (2 Tough Gym) 2nd

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