Blair native, and Nebraska-Kearney redshirt freshman, Jackson Nielsen will be competing in freestyle at 57KG at Senior Nationals.

Saturday and Sunday many wrestlers will head to Iowa City, Iowa to compete in Senior Nationals for a National team spot. The wrestlers will come from all across the country, including many wrestlers with Nebraska ties


57: Jackson Nielsen (UNK) Golden Eagles Wrestling Club

57: Jeremiah Reno (Nebraska) NWTC

57: Dominick Serrano (Nebraska) NWTC

65: Chad Red (Nebraska) NWTC

65: Kevon Davenport (Nebraska) NWTC

65: Christian Miller (Nebraska) NWTC

65: Javon Parrish (Nebraska) NWTC

74: Colin Purinton NWTC

74: Matt Malcom (UNK) Golden Eagles Wrestling Club

74: Caleb Licking (Nebraska) NWTC

86: Taylor Venz (Nebraska) NWTC

86: Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) NWTC

86: Kenneth Prince (UNK) Golden Eagles Wrestling Club

86: Nathan Haas (Nebraska) NWTC

86: Brendyn VanTassell (Nebraska) NWTC

97: Eric Schultz (Nebraska) NWTC

97: Joseph Reimers (UNK) Golden Eagles Wrestling Club

97: Silas Allred (Nebraska) NWTC

125: Cale Davidson (Nebraska) NWTC

125: Landon Brown (Nebraska) NWTC


57: Liam Cronin (Nebraska) NWTC

57: Alex Thomsen (Nebraska) NWTC

57: Conor Knopick (Millard South) MWC

57: Camden Russell (IWCC) MWC

67: Brock Hardy (Nebraska) NWTC

67: Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) NWTC

77: Peyton Robb (Nebraska) NWTC

130: Austin Emerson (Nebraska) NWTC

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