B NEWrestle Team Rankings (indicates # of ranked wrestlers)
1 Skutt (6)
2 Hastings (7)
3 Arlington (4)
4 Bennington (5)
5 Northwest (4)
6 Wahoo (6)
7 Gering (5)
8 Beatrice (5)
9 Aurora (6)
10 Central City (3)
1 Kael Lauridsen Bennington Fr B1
2 Zach Ourada Skutt So B1
3 Caden Svoboda Aurora Jr B1
4 Drew Garfield Central City So B3
5 Tristen Obermiller Adams Central Sr B2
6 Blaine Christo Ashland Greenwood Fr B1
7 Markus Miller Hastings So B2
8 Owen Bargen Lakeview Fr B1
1 Quinton Chavez Gering Jr B4
2 Grady Arends Northwest Jr B3
3 Braiden Kort Adams Central Fr B2
4 Andrew Wilder Scottsbluff Fr B4
5 AJ Parrish Bennington Fr B1
6 Brock Bolling Pierce So B3
7 Austin Munier Sidney So B4
8 Carlos Prados Nebraska City Fr B2
1 Drew Arnold Beatrice Jr B1
2 Ean Bailey Lexington Sr B4
3 Paul Ruff Gering Jr B4
4 Paul Garcia Scottsbluff Jr B4
5 Ty Rainforth O’Neill So B2
6 Thomas Ivey York Jr B2
7 Jeremy McKee Ralston Jr B3
8 Malachi Bordovsky Wahoo So B3
1 Dyson Kunz Central City Jr B3
2 Landon Weidner Hastings Fr B2
3 Reece Jaqua Wayne Jr B3
4 Sebastian Lausterer Wahoo Jr B3
5 Bryar Nadrchal Platteview Fr B2
6 Lucien Engel Lakeview Sr B1
7 Kaleb Eliker York Jr B2
8 Oscar Lopez O’Neill Sr B2
1 Hunter Gilmore Arlington Jr B3
2 Trevor Reinke Beatrice So B1
3 Bryce Brown Hastings Sr B2
4 Adam Kruse Skutt So B1
5 Jacob Peckham Sidney Sr B4
6 Nathaniel Murillo Gering Sr B4
7 Logan Jaixen Lakeview Jr B1
8 Brody Karls Blair Sr B2
1 Trevor Kluck Aurora Jr B1
2 Collin Quandt Northwest Sr B3
3 Brady Thompson O’Neill So B2
4 Nate Rocheleau Gering Jr B4
5 Joel Lemburg Lakeview Jr B1
6 Trenton Ford Auburn Sr B1
7 Hank Frost Blair Sr B2
8 Cameron Kort Adams Central Sr B2
1 Joey Orsi Skutt Sr B1
2 Noah Talmadage Ralston Jr B3
3 Brady Fago Lexington Sr B4
4 Colby Puck Bennington Sr B1
5 Sean Martin Seward Sr B3
6 Tate Felber McCook Jr B4
7 Gage Stokey Ogallala Jr B4
8 Daniel Wellnitz Chadron Jr B4
1 Nicholas Stoltenberg Skutt Sr B1
2 Cameron Zink Ogallala So B4
3 Mason Brumbaugh Hastings Sr B2
4 Austin Cooley Northwest Jr B3
5 Peyten Walling Wahoo Sr B3
6 Josh Colgrove Plattsmouth So B1
7 Elliott Steinhoff Platteview So B2
8 Jarrett Koch Beatrice Jr B1
1 Josh Miller Arlington Jr B3
2 Izaak Hunsley Hastings Sr B2
3 Trey Shanahan Wahoo Sr B3
4 Connor Drahota Skutt Sr B1
5 Sam Moore Central City Jr B3
6 Jacob Awiszus Gering So B4
7 Zander Schweitzer Pierce Fr B3
8 Kolby Wessels Aurora Sr B1
1 Evan Canoyer Waverly Jr B2
2 Cooper Hancock Wahoo Jr B3
3 Kobe Lyons York Jr B2
4 Brett Tinker Pierce Sr B3
5 Brock Skinner Ogallala Sr B4
6 Brady Robb Sidney Jr B4
7 Brody Nelson Beatrice Jr B1
8 Mack Owens Aurora So B1
1 Damen Pape Hastings Sr B2
2 Luke MacDonald Bennington So B1
3 Kobe Wilkins Arlington Sr B3
4 William Marxsen Schuyler Sr B2
5 Brekyn Papineau Aurora So B1
6 Dakota Adams Beatrice Sr B1
7 Braden Hansen Blair Jr B2
8 Kaden Lyons York Jr B2
1 Eli Jansen Skutt Sr B1
2 Kole Bordovsky Wahoo Sr B3
3 Seth Firmanik Fairbury Sr B1
4 Alec Langan McCook Jr B4
5 Evan Morara Hastings Sr B2
6 Dex Larson Blair Jr B2
7 Kole Fiala Aurora Sr B1
8 Imanol Munoz Holdrege Sr B4
1 Grady Griess Northwest Sr B3
2 Garrett Menke Bennington Sr B1
3 Dylan Meyer Norris Jr B1
4 Jacob Ludwig Ashland-Greenwood Sr B1
5 Austin Rollman Lakeview Sr B1
6 Brayan Rodriguez York Sr B2
7 Dylan Kuehler Pierce Sr B3
8 Jacob Krauter Waverly So B2
1 Remington Gay Arlington Sr B3
2 Tavion Leatherdale Wayne Jr B3
3 Neil Hartman Omaha Concordia So B2
4 Aaron Jividen Aurora So B1
5 Alfredo Valquier Nebraska City Sr B2
6 David Hernandez Ralston Jr B3
7 Brayden Kucera Columbus Lakeview Sr B1
8 Brady Soukup Blair Sr B2
12 thoughts on “NEwrestle Class B Rankings 2/9/20”
  1. WOW! Have you guys not been paying attention to wrestling the last couple weeks. Again…….Garett Johnson should MOST DEFINITELY be ranked. When you beat the #4 kid from Beatrice, who dropped out of the rankings, you deserve to be ranked. Aiden Riha beat the #8 from Neb City who jumped up to 120#s from 113#s at the Platteview/Neb City dual. Didnt just beat him, he owned him. You got it right w Steinfoff. Bout the only thing. How is Platteview not ranked at least #10 team in the state class B. They have proven the better team so many times this year against ranked team after ranked team. Extremely disappointed w this update.

    1. Riha beat Loarca who is unranked. Prados is #8 at 113 and Riha is not at that weight. Riha has losses to unranked Hansen and Dominguez and lost 21-4 to #7 McKee.

      Johnson beat Maschmann from Beatrice who is no longer ranked and has losses to unranked Samuelson and Asche. He is certainly a medal contender though!

      We agree that Platteview has the potential to be a top ten team, but based on our point system we use to rank the teams they are not in the top ten right now.

      There are always wrestlers who are not ranked that find the medal stand. Good luck to the Trojans!

    2. Probably should get facts straight. Jorge Loarca was unranked at 120, he dropped to 120 after Reid Stracke was injured in December.

      1. My facts are right about Johnson and about the Platteview team beating Numerous ranked teams all year. They did lose to Columbus/Lakeview and Hastings this year as was expected. Other than those two teams they have been spot on most of the year. Including beating Neb City that upset Skutt earlier in the year. Beat Arlington straight up and they are still ranked #3 even after not competing in the state dual tournament. Beat Ralston when they were ranked and were most of the year. Also finished 3rd place at s huge tournament in Tri-center Iowa. Also I said I could be wrong about the kid Riha beat at neb city. Thanks for your fact

  2. I’m pretty sure that that it was Prados that Riha beat because our 113#r won at that dual. Then Prados jumped up. I could be wrong about that. When Johnson beat Maschman he was still #4 in the state at that time according to this site.

    1. Josh – honestly if you don’t like what these guys are posting then why do you read it? I’m sure there are plenty of other sites out there and other rankings that you follow. I know these guys personally and they do this for the love of the sport and do it on their own time. They get no reward out of it.

      And I’m sure you are aware that there is a difference in rankings between dual teams and tournament teams. These rankings are tournament rankings. It doesn’t take into account any dual results. Check out college rankings or other rankings here in Nebraska. Dual rankings are different than tournament rankings.

  3. Hi Dave. It’s not that I dont like what is posted, it’s that i dont agree w some of the rankings. If u don’t like what I post then dont read my posts. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I love this site and very much appreciate the volunteers that run it. My comments are just that…. comments.
    If that’s the facts about tournaments then Platteview finished 4th or better in every tournament they went to this year except for 3 of them. And won their conference tournament. How many of the other top ten teams can say that? And I understand the dual team rankings vs the individual rankings.
    Whoever your kid wrestles for I wish him the best of luck at districts this year!

    1. Hey Josh, just looking at some results after the first couple of rounds at State for your boys at Platteview. This is why you let your wrestling do the talking…not your mouth. Hopefully your guys can work their way back and place….

  4. Josh, who’s your Kid? I’ll be keeping an eye on him at State? Always enjoy watching parents smack talk this time of year…

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