C#1 Valentine/Chadron/Gordon-Rushville
D#1 Plainview/Crofton-Bloomfield/Madison
C#4 Archbishop Bergan vs Columbus Scotus
C#5 Broken Bow vs North Platte
D#6 Howells-Dodge/Pender/Scribner-Snyder
C#7 Milford/Seward/Centennial
D#7 Burwell/Ainsworth/West Holt
C#10 Bridgeport/Mitchell/Bayard
Bishop Neumann vs North Bend Central
Boone Central vs Creighton
Fillmore Central/Tri County/Fairbury/B#7 Waverly
GICC/Kearney Catholic/NPSP
Norfolk Catholic vs Wayne
Syracuse vs Central City
Twin River vs Columbus Lakeview
Wood River vs Minden

Matches to watch
126: C#3 Faulkenberry (Broken Bow) vs A#5 Ruffin (NP)
126: C#5 Zegers (Milford) vs D#4 Schernikau (Centennial)
160: C#1 Olson (Valentine) vs C#2 Halverson (Gordon-Rushville)
182: C#1 Duda (Broken Bow) vs A#2 Arensdorf (North Platte)
220: D#1 Gale (Plainview) vs C#3 Johnson (Madison)

Friday Tournament Spotlight:

Wood River Invite:
C#3 Aquinas
C#8 Ord
C#10 Amherst
Kearney Catholic
St. Cecilia
St. Paul
Wood River

The team race should come down to Aquinas, Ord and Amherst, with Aquinas being a pretty solid favorite heading in. With three top-ten teams from Class C, this event should help paint a clearer picture of the season ahead. St. Paul has a solid group and should push Amherst and Ord. 113 and 182 appear to be pretty open weights. Strong showings at those weights by the top teams could help them make a push toward the team title.

C#4 Riley Waddington Wood River
D#7 Hayden Neeman Superior
Sam Luther Kearney Catholic
C#8 Nick Busse St. Paul

Three star freshman Waddington, Neeman and Luther set to clash on Friday. Luther knocked off #8 Busse in week one, who will also be in the field.

C#4 Hunter Vandenberg Aquinas
C#7 Jose Escandon Gibbon
C#8 Matt Bruns Hershey
#5-113 Gage Musser Hershey
Kaleb Baker or Ayden Berney St. Paul
Hayden Kluthe Ord

Vandenberg is the likely top seed at one of the toughest weights of the tournament. Escandon and Bruns should make for an exciting semifinal match. Kaleb Baker and Hayden Kluthe are legit freshman who could provide trouble for the top guys.

C#1-132 Daniel Escandon Gibbon
C#3-132 Isaiah Shields Amherst
C#4 Zach Zitek Aquinas
SM-2018 Drake Belville Doniphan-Trumbull

Looks like state champ Escandon will be down to 126 this week, making this an amazingly strong weight this week. Amherst’s Shields just knocked off D#1 Wood and Zitek of Aquinas is a returning runner-up.

C#2-126 Quentyn Frank Amherst
C#7-126 Carson Thompson Wood River
SQ-2018 Noah Scott Aquinas

Frank beat Thompson last week to win at Ravenna. Likely semifinal match between Scott and Thompson should be a good one,

C#4-132 Christopher Nickolite Aquinas
C#8 Colton Rowse Ord
C#4 Christopher Feldner Kearney Catholic
Josh Klingelhoefer Amherst

Chris Nickolite wrestled 138 a week ago and looks to be back there this week. Rowse has a common opponent over Feldner from the Broken Bow Invite last week. Klingelhoefer won the Ravenna Invite.

C#4 Cameron Schrad Aquinas
C#8 Layne Shiers Kearney Catholic
SQ Grant Williams Doniphan-Trumbull
Ben Alberts GICC

Schrad leads a solid group. Shiers didn’t compete last week in Broken Bow. Freshman Ben Alberts knocked off C#5 Perez last week and a strong performance on Friday will have him enter the rankings next week.

C#2 Nolan Eller Aquinas
C#6 Jaxson Daake Kearney Catholic
SQ Cory Carlson Sutton

Eller and Daake both suffered setbacks last week. Carlson is up three weights from last year, but should be a tough out. 152 is about as open as it gets in C this year.

C#3-170 Joseph Hinrichs Sutton
C#4 Garret Kluthe Ord
D#4 Cooper Slingsby Ansley-Litchfield

Hinrichs will be at 160 on Friday, which means an awesome match with him and Kluthe could be in store. Slingsby wrestled 170 last week.

D#4 Blake Racicky Ansley-Litchfield
C#7 Ben Kment Aquinas
C#8 Tyson Rasmussen St. Paul
SQ Kelen Meyer Ord

Three class C qualifiers will try to knock off returning D medalist Racicky.

SQ Cole Stokebrand Amherst

This is an interesting weight because it appears as if Stokebrand is the heavy favorite, which could bode well for Amherst in the team race.

C#1 Ethan Gabriel Ord
SQ Drew Bogard Amherst
SQ Colin Hurley Wood River

Gabriel and Bogard final appears likely. #3 Potts from Amherst will be out another week or two.

C#4-195 Nolan Schultz Aquinas
SQ Jaxon Taubenheim Amherst

Schultz looks to be 220 for the second straight week. He’ll be challenged by medal contender Taubenheim.

C#4 CJ Hoevet Ord
C#2 Nathan Scheer St. Paul
C#7 Jarvis Smith Sutton
SQ Owen Schramm Aquinas
Payton Christiancy Superior

Very solid weight to end things with. Hoevet won at Broken Bow, where Scheer finished in 3rd. Smith from Sutton will see his first action of the season. Schramm is off to a good start this year as is Christiancy from Superior.

Friday tournaments:

Twin Loup Invite
Ainsworth, Hi-Line, Ravenna, Alma, Burwell, Cambridge, EPPJ, Neligh-Oakdale, Niobrara/Verdigre, North Central, Overton, South Loup, St. Mary’s, Twin Loup 

Top Weights:
113: D#7 Kipp, C#8 Dickau, D#8 Jensen, Wedemeyer (Rav)
126: D#1 @ 120 Wells, D#2 @ 120 Kester, D#4 @ 120 Phillips, D#7 tenBensel
145: D#3 Lewis, D#4 Coons, Ackley (Rav)
152: C#1 Pozehl, D#1 Coons, D#8 Kuester
160: D#3 Molzahn, C#6 @ 170 Schutz
182: D#1 Dawe, D#2 Russell, D#6 Kaup, Wetzel (Rav)
195: D#4 Pofahl, D#6 Busch, C#7 Jackman
285: D#1 Martin, D#8 Mayfield

What to watch:
126: This is shaping up to be a mini-state tournament preview of 120lbs. From the looks of it both Wells and Kester will be wrestling 126 on Friday and Phillips was at 126 for week one. Throw in tenBensel and this is a must watch weight for Class D this week.

145: Coons made a statement week one with his win over returning runner-up Martinez. He’ll be tested on his home mats by #3 Lewis of North Central. State qualifier Ackley should factor in here also.

152: Possible battle of #1’s from C and D, but it looks like Pozehl may not be wrestling this week. How does star freshman Aiden Kuester of Neligh-Oakdale stack up at this weight? We won’t have to wait long to find out.

182: Dawe and Russell were both dominant opening week. Look for them to meet up in the finals in a #1 vs #2 match with the top ranking on the line.

Additional Friday Tournaments

Southern Valley Invite (Centura, Chase County, Loomis/Bertrand, SCNU#5, Alma, Arapahoe, Axtell, Franklin, Hitchcock County, Medicine Valley, Red Cloud/Blue Hill, Sandhills/Thedford, Southern Valley, Sutherland, Wauneta-Palisade, Wilcox-Hildreth)

Match to watch:
182: C#2 Peterson (Chase County) vs D#2 Russell (Alma)

Raymond Central Duals (Bishop Neumann, Conestoga, Raymond Central, Weeping Water)

NPSP Invite (Brady, Dundy County-Stratton, Elm Creek, Kimball, Maxwell, NPSP)

Beau Haizlip Omaha South (Boone Central)

MVAO, IA (#4 Bergan)

Lincoln Christian v Lincoln Lutheran Dual

Southwest/Thayer Central/Belleville, KS Tri

Nebraska Duals

Pool A at the Nebraska duals is loaded. Teams will dual everyone in their pool plus there are some cross-pool duals on Saturday. 170 is the marquee weight with C#1 Vodicka, D#1 Soule, A#2 Standley and C#4 Zoucha. Zoucha should see Vodicka and Soule in cross-pool action on Saturday as Malcolm is scheduled to dual both David City and High Plains.

Pool A
A#2 Columbus, Ralston, C#2 David City, Lakeview, O’Neill, Shelby-Rising City, High Plains

Pool B
Bishop Heelan (IA), Norfolk, Blue Valley West (KS), Schuyler, Cozad, Columbus Scotus, Malcolm, Twin River

106: A#3 C. Stenger or Bice (Col),  C#6 Bongers (DC), B#8 Bargen (LV)
113: B#6 McKee (Ral), A#3 C. Stenger or Bice (Col)
120: B#3 Rainforth, A#8 Mass (Ral),  A. Stenger (Col), Dominguez (LV)
126: A#5 @ 120 Cerny, B#8 @ 132 Corcoran (Ral), A#7 Godfrey (Nor), Engel (LV)
132: A#4 Kobza (Col), B#8 @ 145 Jaixen (LV)
138: C#3 Valentine (DC), B#4 Lemburg (LV), B#5 Thompson (ON)
145: B#4 Talmadge (Ral), C#5 Harris (DC), Korte (Col)
152: A#6 Licking (Nor), C#4 Jones (TR), Zoucha (Mal), Belt (SRC)
160: C#3 Lindsley (SRC), A#6 Splater (Nor), D#8 Parsons (HP)
170: C#1 Vodicka (DC), D#1 Soule (HP), A#2 Standley (Col), C#4 Zoucha
182: A#1 DeAnda (Col), B#2 Wescoatt (Coz), C#3 Allen (DC), 6A#3 Lancaster (BVW), B#7 Marxsen (Sch), 2A#10 Wilmesher (BH), Hand (CS)
195: A#1 Grape (Col), C#5 Escamilla (DC), B#6 Smith (LV), 195: A#6 Ames (Nor), C#6 Alexander (TR)
220: C#2 Moore (DC)
285: B#3 Hernandez (Ral), C#3 Ingwersen (DC), C#5 Nordmeyer (Mal)

Saturday Tournament Spotlight:

North Bend Invite:
C#3 Aquinas
B#3 Arlington
C#6 Logan View
D#10 Winside
Cedar Bluffs
Johnson County Central
Lincoln Christian
Mount Michael
North Bend
Tri County

There should be around 30 ranked wrestlers at North Bend on Saturday and four ranked teams. Aquinas makes a quick turnaround from Wood River and should compete with Logan View for the tournament title. Look for Class B Pierce to push for the 3rd spot.

#3 Luis Hernandez-Jimenez Logan View
D#4 Cayden Ellis Winside
B#5-106 Brock Bolling Pierce
D#6 Jacoby Mann Winside
#4 Hunter Vandenberg Aquinas
SQ Antonio Robles Winnebago
#4 Zach Zitek Aquinas
#6 Dru Mueller Logan View
SQ-2018 Trevor Cooley Arlington
B#1 Hunter Gilmore Arlington
#6-138 Hunter McNulty Logan View
D#4 Art Escalante Winside
B#6 Carter Jensen Pierce
SQ-2018 Noah Scott Aquinas
SQ Caden Reedy Tri County
#4-132 Christopher Nickolite Aquinas
D#4 Gabe Escalante Winside
SQ-2018 Drew Garrison Tri County
#4 Cameron Schrad Aquinas
#7 Gavin Lampman Wisner-Pilger
SQ Cole Reedy Tri County
#2 Nolan Eller Aquinas
#5 Roberto Valdivia Logan View
B#1 Josh Miller Arlington
#5 Dylan Jones Louisville
B#7 Ashton Schweitzer Pierce
#8 Ty Miller Logan View
Ethan Mullaly North Bend
Bailey Waltke Tri County
#7 Ben Kment Aquinas
Ian Virka North Bend
B#4 Kobe Wilkins Arlington
#5 Brady Knott Louisville
#8 Brandon Beeson Tri County
#8 Logan Booth Logan View
SQ Brandon Siebolt Tri County
#4-195 Nolan Schultz Aquinas
#5 Andrew Cone Logan View
#6 Landon Beaver Wisner-Pilger
SQ Brevin Damrow Tri County
B#2 Remington Gay Arlington
SQ Owen Schramm Aquinas
SQ-2018 Alex Miller Logan View

Saturday Tournaments

Osceola Invite

Cross County/Osceola, Fillmore Central, Central Valley, Clarkson-Leigh, East Butler, Elkhorn Valley, Fullerton, Harvard, Howells-Dodge, Nebraska Christian, Palmer, Pleasanton, Southern, Southwest

Top Weights:
126: D#1 Wood (CV), D#6 Miller (EV), D#8 Spatz (EB)
132: D#2 @ 126 Reimers (Pal), D#3 Latimer (SW)
145: D#2 Sonderup (Ful), C#5 @ 138 Graham (CCO), D#6 @ 138 Pawloski (Ple), VanPelt (SW), D#8 @ 138 Jedlicka (H-D)
152: D#1 @ 145 Green (NC), D#6 @ 145 Tryon (SW), Nuttleman (CCO)
170: D#5 Wichmann (Pal), D#7 Hegemann (H-D), Hinrichs (FC)
285: D#4 Shoemaker (SW), D#6 Pinckhinkle (H-D)

What to watch:
145 is a great weight at Osceola, with four ranked wrestlers plus VanPelt of Southwest who had a great opening weekend.

Additional Saturday Tournaments

Crete Invite See Class B Preview (Milford, Syracuse, Wilber-Clatonia, Thayer Central)

Anselmo-Merna Invite (Arcadia/Loup City, Ravenna, Anselmo-Merna, Elm Creek, Hyannis,  North Central, Paxton, Riverside, Sandhills Valley, Sandhills/Thedford, South Loup, SEM, Twin Loup)

Gordon-Rushville Invite (Bridgeport, Gordon-Rushville, Mitchell, Perkins County, Valentine, Bayard, Crawford, Garden County, Hay Springs, Hemingford, Leyton, Morrill, Mullen, Sioux County)

Stanton Invite (BRLD, Hartington Cedar, Lutheran High NE, Madison, Norfolk Catholic, Wakefield-Allen, EPPJ, GACC, Osmond, Pender, Plainview, Scribner-Snyder, Stanton)

Battle Creek Duals (Battle Creek, Crofton/Bloomfield, Oakland-Craig, Tekamah-Herman, Ansley-Litchfield, Summerland)

West Point-Beemer Invite (Fort Calhoun, Quad County NE)

Bob Oliver Meridian (Dochester, Meridian, Palmyra, Superior)

Holdrege Invite (#5 Broken Bow)

Sabetha, KS (HTRS)

Charlie Lake, WY (Kimball)

Westerner, IA (Ponca, Creighton)

Gregory, SD (West Holt)

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