Week one is in the books, and there weren’t many upsets. We have started to see some freshmen emerge. 

Tonight there are two duals to keep an eye on. A#2 Columbus heads to B#2 Hastings and A#9 North Platte heads to C#5 Broken Bow.

Many wrestlers are still on the descent to where they will be wrestling by the time districts come around. Class A schools will be wrestling all across Iowa and Nebraska this weekend, and it will be good for many wrestlers to see different competition.

This week will be highlighted by the Council Bluffs Classic at the Mid-America Center across the river. Top Ten teams Millard South, Lincoln East, Kearney, Papillion LaVista and Grand Island will be attending. They will be joined by Creighton Prep, Millard North, and South Sioux city. 

NEWrestle Top Ten Teams-Where can you find them?

#1 Millard South 12-13/14 Council Bluffs Wrestling Classic

#2 Columbus 12-12 @ #2B Hastings, 12-13/14 Nebraska Duals

#3 Lincoln East 12-12 @ Gretna, 12-13/14 Council Bluffs Wrestling Classic

#4 Omaha Burke 12-14 South Tama Duals (Tama, IA)

#5 Kearney 12-13/14 Council Bluffs Wrestling Classic

#6 Omaha Central 12-12 @ Omaha Benson, 12-13/14 Boys Town Invite

#7 Papillion LaVista 12-13/14 Council Bluffs Wrestling Classic

#8 Grand Island 12-13/14 Council Bluffs Wrestling Classic

#9 North Platte 12-12 @ #5C Broken Bow, 12-13 @ Lincoln North Star, 12-14 Chieftain Duals.

#10 Omaha Westside 12-14 Chieftain Duals.

Top potential matchups outside of CB Classic

120 – #2A Emilio Haynes (Central) vs #7A Quentin Donald (Benson): It is a match up of two metro wrestlers who have both moved up a weight class from 113 last season. It should be the first of many matches this season.

182 – #2A Cash Arensdorf (North Platte) vs #1C Lathan Duda (Broken Bow): Arensdorf wrestled 170 last week and won the Cozad invite. Duda wrestled 182 and won the Broken Bow invite. Both wreslers will come in to the match undefeated. Could we see Cash bump up to 182 to take on Duda?

182 – #1A Anthony DeAnda (Columbus) vs #1D Dylan Soule (High Plains): DeAnda has a tough week, as he could potentially see the top ranked wrestlers from B and D in a span of 3 days. Soule is coming off a Conestoga Invite championship and looks to continue his momentum from the past month. It is possible Soule ends up at 170 for the Nebraska Duals where he could wrestle #2A Blayze Standley.

182 –  #1A Anthony DeAnda (Columbus) vs #1B Damen Pape (Hastings). Pape has gained lots of national attention and is heading to Northern Colorado next fall. DeAnda has put together an impressive career himself. How does DeAnda bounce back after two close losses last week? There is the possibility of Pape bumping up to take on Class A defending state champion Kasten Grape. Either way, it will be a matchup between two titans on Thursday night


#2A Columbus vs #2B Hastings

Columbus and Hastings should be a battle. There should be 4 matches between ranked wrestlers. The defining factor could be Columbus being open at heavyweight. The question will be where does Pape go? Depending on the outcome of the dual, could we see him bump up and take on Kasten Grape? Or does he stay at 182 and wrestle DeAnda? There will be lots of questions in what should be a hotly contested dual.

120 #5A Clay Cerny vs #6B Dalton Hanson

132 #4A Tanner Kobza vs #3B Bryce Brown

182 #1A Anthony DeAnda vs #1B Damen Pape

195 #1A Kasten Grape vs #4B Evan Morara

#9A North Platte vs #5C Broken Bow

The Bulldogs will start their 3-day road trip on Thursday night, when they take on Broken Bow. We will not get a match up of #2 ranked wrestlers, as Darian Diaz is out until January, but there still should be lots of decent match ups.

126 #5A Jaylan Ruffin vs #3C Casey Fualkenberry182 #2A Cash Arensdorf vs #1C Lathan Duda

CB Classic

Check out all of the ranked wrestlers and teams at the CB Classic. Can Millard South (#30) beat fellow nationally ranked teams Fort Dodge, IA (#43) and Liberty, Mo (#26) without Antrell Taylor in the lineup?

There are over 150 ranked individual wrestlers competing including some of the best from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Minnesota. Incredibly, every single weight has at least one #1 ranked wrestler. There 30 total #1’s that could be competing. That’s roughly as many top-ranked wrestlers as there normally are total number of ranked wrestlers in one of the better traditional weekend tournaments.

If you’re unable to make it to the Mid America Center this weekend. Our friends at IAwrestle have you covered HERE.

Here are some potential All-Nebraska matches we can all look forward to this weekend at the CB Classic, and there will surely be several other big matches not listed below. 

106: #1A Keith Smith, #1B Zach Ourada

113: #1A Caleb Coyle, #2 Juan Pedro, #3A Brandon Baustert, #4A Archer Heelan

120: #3A Hunter Nagatani, #4A Joel Adams

126: #3A Blake Cushing, #4A Rylie Steele

132: #1A Conor Knopick, #4B Adam Kruse

138: #1A Tyler Antoniak, #1B Caleb Lazure, #3A Brayden Smith

145: #1A(152) Scott Robertson, #1B Joey Orsi, #3A Peyton Meink, #4A Breckin Sperling

152: #1A(160) Maxx Mayfield, #1B Nick Stoltenberg

160: #2A Cole Price, #4A Ethan Valencia, #4B Connor Drahota

170: #1A Grant Lyman, #3A Carter Abels

195: #1B Eli Jansen, #2A Tony Pray, #4A Noah Spriek





Beau Haizlip Omaha South Invite

One of the bigger Class A tournaments this weekend will go down Friday night at Omaha South. 12 teams will compete from 3 different classifications. Hastings is the only ranked team competing, but there will many highly contested matches. 22 ranked wrestlers will be attending with 126, 160, and 182 each having 3 a piece.

  • #2B Hastings
  • Bellevue West
  • Lincoln High
  • Lincoln Northeast
  • Lincoln Pius
  • Lincoln Southeast
  • Millard West
  • Omaha Benson
  • Omaha Gross
  • Omaha North
  • Omaha South
  • Boone Central/Newman Grove


  • #5A Ethan Batterton-Lincoln Southeast
  • #7B Jackson Franks-Omaha Gross


  • #7A Quentin Donald-Omaha Benson
  • #6B Dalton Hansen-Hastings


  • #8A Wyatt May-Millard West
  • #8B Landon Weidner-Hastings
  • #8C Will Grape-Boone Central


  • #3B Bryce Brown-Hastings


  • #8A Jackson Okereke-Lincoln High
  • #3B Mason Brumbaugh-Hastings


  • #3A Brogan Zegers-Lincoln Southeast
  • #4A Ethan Valencia-Millard West
  • #3B Izaak Hunsley-Hastings


  • #6A Jack McDonnell-Bellevue West


  • #4A Sheldon Isom-Lincoln High
  • #5A Max McClathey-Lincoln Southeast
  • #1B Damen Pape-Hastings


  • #8A Dyllon Ball-Lincoln Southeast
  • #4B Evan Morara-Hastings


  • #3A Mikey Vasquez-Omaha South
  • #6A Ben Hazel-Bellevue West


  • #7B Josh Callejas-Hastings


Bellevue East Chieftain Duals

Six teams will be competing on Saturday at Bellevue East. #9A North Platte will be on the third leg of their three day road trip. They will be joined by #10A Omaha Westside, #6B York, Bellevue East, Fremont, and Gretna. 17 ranked wrestlers will be competing, with 182 being the premier weight with 4 ranked wrestlers.


  • #1A Garrett Grice-Bellevue East
  • #4B Thomas Ivey-York


  • #5A Jaylan Ruffin-North Platte


  • #5A Daniel Derozier-Bellevue East


  • #5A Caelin Hester-Bellevue East


  • #8A Tommy Wentz-Fremont


  • #5A Gavin Brauer-North Platte
  • #3B Chase Cotton-York


  • #2A Cash Arensdorf-North Platte
  • #6A Cole Haberman-Omaha Westside
  • #8A Jackson Arend-Gretna
  • #3B Kobe Lyons-York


  • #5A Quincy Hogan-Omaha Westside
  • #4B Brayan Rodriguez-York


  • #1A Cade Haberman-Omaha Westside
  • #4A Preston Welch-Bellevue East
  • #5B Terrance Hayes-York

Where is the rest of Class A?

Boys Town Invite– Elkhorn, Elkhorn South, Omaha Northwest

Crete Invite-Lincoln North Star, Omaha Bryan

Holdrege Invite-Lincoln Southwest

Nebraska Duals-Norfolk

Riverside Invite (IA)-Papillion LaVista South

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