2019 Class A 3rd and 5th Place Match Results


3rd Place Match – Juan Pedro Jr. (Grand Island) 40-13 won by decision over Brandon Baustert (Lincoln East) 39-8 (Dec 7-3)

5th Place Match – Archer Heelan (Kearney) 40-7 won by major decision over Michael Colling (Omaha Westside) 42-12 (MD 13-5)


3rd Place Match – Blake Cushing (Grand Island) 38-6 won by decision over Hunter Nagatani (Kearney) 38-12 (Dec 11-5)

5th Place Match – Clay Cerny (Columbus) 41-14 won by tech fall over Ethan Batterton (Lincoln Southeast) 32-16 (TF-1.5 5:00 (16-0))


3rd Place Match – Rylie Steele (Kearney) 36-15 won by decision over Tanner Kobza (Columbus) 37-10 (Dec 7-0)

5th Place Match – Peyton Martinez (South Sioux City) 25-8 won by fall over Solomon Allerheiligen (Millard North) 37-16 (Fall 2:55)


3rd Place Match – Conor Knopick (Millard South) 57-2 won by major decision over Daniel Derosier (Bellevue East) 37-11 (MD 11-1)

5th Place Match – Cody Carlson (Fremont) 42-4 won by forfeit over Cody Niemiec (Papillion-LaVista) 43-9 (For.)


3rd Place Match – Carter Kucera (Columbus) 50-8 won by fall over Jeromy Nielsen (Omaha Burke) 43-16 (Fall 3:31)

5th Place Match – Breckin Sperling (Lincoln East) 41-17 won by forfeit over Nolan Niemiec (Papillion-LaVista) 51-10 (For.)


3rd Place Match – Gauge Mcbride (Kearney) 41-11 won by decision over Peyton Meink (Millard North) 42-10 (Dec 9-2)

5th Place Match – Blaine Miller (Omaha Burke) 23-10 won by decision over Preston Mort (Lincoln Northeast) 32-10 (Dec 10-8)


3rd Place Match – Creighton Baughman (Papillion-LaVista) 58-4 won by fall over Deon Davis (Omaha Central) 37-8 (Fall 1:57)

5th Place Match – Caleb Connor (Papio South) 39-7 won by fall over Trey Nielsen (Omaha Burke) 46-14 (Fall 2:40)


3rd Place Match – Deson Stapleton (Omaha Burke) 46-10 won by fall over Justin Davis (Omaha Central) 25-11 (Fall 2:11)

5th Place Match – Alex Irizarry (Papio South) 35-4 won by decision over Ethan Valencia (Millard West) 34-18 (Dec 5-1)


3rd Place Match – Nolan Johnston (Omaha Westside) 47-8 won by decision over Liam Kirk (Elkhorn South) 54-3 (Dec 5-4)

5th Place Match – Carter Abels (Kearney) 37-12 won by fall over Brogan Zegers (Lincoln Southeast) 27-16 (Fall 0:32)


3rd Place Match – Grant Lyman (Lincoln East) 46-11 won by fall over Blayze Standley (Columbus) 42-15 (Fall 2:25)

5th Place Match – Kale Dawson (Bellevue West) 36-13 won by decision over Blake Forsythe (Norfolk) 27-21 (Dec 7-4)


3rd Place Match – Cedric Relford (Elkhorn) 37-6 won by decision over Andrew Muthersbaugh (Lincoln East) 10-2 (Dec 8-5)

5th Place Match – Carson Zwingman (Columbus) 57-4 won by decision over Oscar Richter (Grand Island) 39-16 (Dec 7-1)


3rd Place Match – Josh Trumble (Millard South) 50-7 won by fall over Anthony Deanda (Columbus) 45-6 (Fall 2:31)

5th Place Match – Jacob Hilding (Omaha Central) 41-11 won by fall over Anthony Stege (Lincoln Northeast) 39-13 (Fall 1:28)


3rd Place Match – Jaylon Walker (Omaha Bryan) 50-3 won by decision over Luis Quezada (South Sioux City) 31-8 (Dec 9-5)

5th Place Match – Gavin Peitzmeier (Millard South) 52-7 won by fall over Chris Karmazin (Lincoln East) 26-16 (Fall 1:08)


3rd Place Match – Ethan Mcphillips (Grand Island) 39-8 won by decision over Jacob Frezell-mcclinton (Omaha Central) 39-9 (Dec 1-0)

5th Place Match – Peyton Spencer (Lincoln Northeast) 26-8 won by forfeit over Jack Hasz (Creighton Prep) 41-5 (For.)

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