by Colin Pfieffer

2019 was a year of change for the State Duals. For starters, the date of the State Duals was moved up in the season and will now take place prior to the District Tournaments and State Tournament. Secondly, the qualifying criteria was changes to a wildcard point system similar to what is used in other NSAA sports.

These changes had a dramatic impact on the teams that will compete in the 2019 Class D State Duals. Class D #1 Archbishop Bergan and D#4 Mullen will not be competing at the State Duals. However only two teams to ever win a Class D state title will be there in defending State Dual Champion Burwell and 5x State Dual Champion Amherst. Plainview will come in looking to knock off Amherst and Burwell to secure the schools first ever
State Dual Title.

In past years, there are typically top wrestlers from various teams who are not in the lineup for State Duals. However, due to the change in the date of the tournament, teams should be at full strength. Keep in mind that lineup shifts may occur to strengthen lineups and add points that could shift the dual in another team’s favor. But that is not accounted for unless mentioned.

Teams Competing (Dual Record) Power Points
1. Plainview (8-0), 47.375
2. Thayer Central (10-0), 47.100
3. Burwell (7-1), 46.25
4. Amherst (12-2), 46.214
5. Neligh-Oakdale (12-0), 45.583
6. Winside (8-0), 45.125
7. Elwood (5-1), 44.333
8. Maxwell (8-0), 44.250,

Projected Line-ups:
#1 Plainview (8-0)
106- Eli Lanham,So. (33-2)
113- Scout Ashburn, Fr. (34-4)
120- Jaden Sobotka, Sr. (31-11)
126- Nate Christensen, Jr. (34-2) or Keagan Mosel So. (18-17)
132- Devon Tunender, Fr. (19-16)
138- Matt Christensen, Fr. (33-12)
145- Will Gunning, Fr. (31-5)
152- Open
160- Alizae Mejia, So. (27-9)
170- Open
182- Lucas Hammer, So. (16-15)
195- Collin Gale, Jr. (39-1)
220- Julio Tellez, So. (2-11)
285- Cameron Nelson, Sr. (24-9)

#2 Thayer Central (10-0)
106- Ashton Sinn, Fr. (19-11)
113- Brenner McLaughlin, Fr. (26-4) or Cooper Casey, So. (16-9)
120- Treyton Waldmeier, Fr. (20-15)
126- Keegan Casey, Sr. (26-5)
132- Damian Stewart, Sr. (22-11)
138- Dominic Stewart, So. (28-7)
145- Buchannan Tietjen, So. (13-11)
152- Jerod Hergott, Sr. (23-12) or Leyton Mumm, So. (7-19)
160- Jackson Feulner, Jr. (26-7)
170- Andrew Engle, So. (17-11)
182- Open
195- Dahrran Cast, So. (6-24)
220- Logan Luehring, Sr. (16-12)
285- Charlie Mitchell, Sr. (1-25)

#3 Burwell (7-1)
106- Triston Moses, Fr. (3-0)
113- Colten Dawe, So. (20-5)
120- Tate Phillipps, Jr. (18-3)
126- Coy Gideon, Sr. (18-3)
132- Cooper Stout, So. (4-3)
138- Joel Ostrom, Sr. (22-0)
145- Jace Ostrom, So. (14-6) or Cash Gurney, Fr. (9-12)
152- Open
160- Tyler Dawe, Fr. (4-12)
170- Alex Gideon, Fr. (17-8) or Bode Jensen, Sr. (0-0)
182- Corey Dawe, Jr. (19-1)
195- Hunter Mayfield, So. (12-4)
220- Logan Smith, Sr. (8-6) or Sophus Moller Christensen, Sr. (9-8)

#4 Amherst (12-2)
106- Drew Freeze, So. (19-18)
113- Trevor Klingelhoefer, Fr. (14-13)
120- Isaiah Shields, Jr. (31-4)
126- Quentyn Frank, Fr. (32-1)
132- Josh Klingelhoefer, Fr. (24-14) Or Paxtyn Houser, So. (11-17)
138- Cooper Johnson, So. (4-14) or Jakob Graham, Fr. (7-16)
145- Sam Florell, Sr. (15-2)
152- Cole Stokebrand, Jr (31-6)
160- Riley Gallaway, So. (21-13)
170- Jarin Potts, Jr. ( 20-5) or Isaac John, Fr. (2-13)
182- Ethan Brock, Sr. (12-18)
195- Drew Bogard, So. (25-7)
220-Jaxon Taubenheim, So. (22-16)
285- Open

#5 Neligh-Oakdale (12-0)
106- Cody Booth, So. (16-13) or Griffen Clausen, So. (13-15)
113- Cameron Wilkinson, Sr. (37-1) or Brock Kester, So. (33-10)
120- Open
126- Isaias Jaurez, So. (4-17)
132- Andrew Herley, Sr. (33-6)
138- Caleb Payne, So. (16-18) or Dallas Snyder, Sr. (10-12)
145- Cade Wilkinson, Sr. (21-16)
152- Jose Luna, Sr. (15-16)
160- Connor Dempsey, So. (24-19)
170- Kaleb Pofahl, Jr. (34-10)
182- Jayden Arehart, Sr. (27-8)
195- Dawson Kaup, So. (29-15)
220- Colton Klabenes, So. (23-18)
285- Tucker Knust, Sr. (2-0)

#6 Winside (8-0)
106- Jacoby Mann, Fr. (25-9)
113- Cayden Ellis, Fr. (31-9)
120- Koby Ellis, Sr. (36-4)
126- Gabe Escalante, Fr. (30-8) or Matthew Frederick, Jr. (17-15)
132- Tyler Carlson, Fr. (22-16) or Maddow Magwire, Fr. (9-13)
138- Art Escalante, Fr. (31-7)
145- Alex Carlson, Jr. (21-18) or Lucy Larson, Sr. (2-7)
152- Dominic Reed, So. (12-20)
160- Open
170- Open
182- Casey North, So. (6-8)
195- Michael Jensen, Sr. (22-5)
220- Open
285- Open

#7 Elwood (5-1)
106- Zachary Dickau, So (28-10) or Jake Klotz, Fr. (2-3)
113- Open
120- Open
126- Timmy Smith, Jr (32-10) or Ayden Moore, Fr (2-22)
132- Trevor Jorges, So. (9-21)
138- Jadeyn Kohl, Fr. (6-19)
145- Raul Clouse, Sr. (19-3)
152- Conner Schutz, So. (13-3)
160- Open
170- Gavin Fullmer, Sr. (12-19) or Ben Tiede, So. (9-18)
182- Kyle Hort, So. (9-16)
195- Evan Niemeier, So. (5-11)
220- Cauy Bennett, Jr. (21-15)
285- Carsen Reiners, Fr. (10-19)

#8 Maxwell (8-0)
106- Wyatt Heessel, Fr. (15-20)
113- Hunter Keeder, Fr. (7-23) or Shane Schneider (11-23)
120- Open
126- Jacob Gholson, Jr. (21-15)
132- Klayton Pagel, So. (13-18) or Brenden McNulty, Fr. (7-12)
138- Ayden Steffens, Fr. (2-13)
145- Brett Riggs, Sr. (30-0)
152- Dalton Whisenhunt, So. (22-9)
160- Derek Gibson, Jr. (30-6) or Jacob Tobey, Fr. (11-22)
170- Open
182- Tyler Wolfe, Jr. (28-8)
195- Luke Howitt, So. (22-7) or Kayden Stubbs, Fr. (23-10)
220- Drey Smith, So. (15-7) or Ashton Smith, So (7-18)
285- Aj Pineda, Jr. (1-10)


#1 Plainview vs #8 Maxwell
Plainview will be favored in 8 of the 14 matches. Maxwell will more than likely need to move one of their 170 pounders up to take a forfeit at 170. The match to watch in this dual will be D#1 Brett Riggs vs D#5 Will Gunning at 145, pending Plainview doesn’t bump up at 126 or 132 to try and cover the open weight at 152.

Projected Winner: Plainview

#4 Amherst vs #5 Neligh Oakdale
Amherst will be favored in 9 of the 14 matches. There possibly could only be 13 matches contested in this dual, as Neligh has only used a 285 in 2 duals to take forfeits. Also, Amherst could cover 285 by bumping up starting at 170. There could be a few really good matches in this dual if teams were to bump up and make them happen. Neligh may bump Wilkinson up from 113 to wrestle Shields at 120. Amherst may weigh Klingelhoefer in at 126 and have him wrestle there and bump Frank up to 132 to wrestle Herley to make for another good match. Also a weight to keep an eye on for a good match in this dual, will be 170 between Potts of Amherst and Pofahl of Neligh.

Projected Winner: Amherst

#3 Burwell vs #6 Winside
Burwell will be favored in 9 of 14 matches. Burwell’s overall depth will be too
much for Winside, who will have to give up forfeits at what looks to be 4 weight classes. Windside will be favored early on at the lower weights, but after that it should be all Burwell. Good Matches in this dual could come at 120, 152, and 195.

Projected Winner: Burwell

#2 Thayer Central vs #7 Elwood
On paper, this dual looks to be the most interesting one of the first round. Based off results of common opponents and head to head results, it looks like a 7-7 match split. Thayer Central has more firepower though, and could use bonus points to win the dual. If Elwood could pull off an upset at a weight class or two and avoid giving up bonus points in a couple weights, they could possibly put the heat on Thayer Central to win the dual.

Projected Winner: Thayer Central


#1 Plainview vs #4 Amherst
This should be a really exciting dual with 2 really solid teams. On paper, Plainview holds an 8-6 advantage in the 14 matches. This dual will ultimately come down to a few key matches, and who can avoid giving up bonus points where it matters. This dual could give us some big time matches, pending nobody bumps up weight classes to fill an open whole in the roster.  At 126, we should see the first battle between #1 Frank and #2 Christensen. At 145, we could see a rematch of the Amherst invite finals between #4 Florell and #5 Gunning, which Florell won 10-6. At 195 we should see Gale vs Bogard for the first time this season, after Bogard was upset in the Amherst Invite semifinals earlier this year. Amherst may need to win the swing match at 160 between Gallaway and Mejia. Mejia won that match earlier this season. Amherst could also use the coin flip to help them fill another weight class to swing the dual in their favor.

Prediction: Plainview 39 Amherst 30

#2 Thayer Central vs #3 Burwell
Much like Thayer Central’s quarterfinal match up, on paper, this dual splits 7-7. Thayer Central will need to again pick up bonus points in some key spots and avoid giving up bonus points in matches they are not favored in. Thayer Central looks to be favored in some early matches, where after 160, this dual could be all Burwell. A good matchup we could see, is at 138 between Ostrom and Stewart.

Prediction: Burwell 36 Thayer Central 30

#1 Plainview vs #3 Burwell
On paper, Plainview looks like they are favored in 8 of the 14 matches. Plainview will look to use the overall depth of their lineup to be a key to the victory in this dual. Like most duals, bonus points could go a long way to deciding the winner. If Burwell could avoid the big bonus points, they can be right there in the thick of things at the end. A big key at the state duals for Burwell could be Bode Jensen. He hasn’t competed yet, but if he is going to compete one would think he would be on the roster for state duals. If he actually wrestles a match at the state duals, that is another thing. He could go out take a couple forfeits, but if they are concerned with his health, I don’t see Burwell risk losing him for districts by having him compete at these duals. If he is fully healthy and competes, that could be a huge boost for Burwell’s chance to win a State Dual title.

Prediction: Plainview 44 Burwell 34 

Projected Team Finishes
1. Plainview
2. Burwell
3. Amherst
4. Thayer Central
5. Neligh Oakdale
6. Elwood
7. Maxwell/Winside

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