Last night Valentine/Broken Bow and David City/Aquinas were great duals to kick off the weekend action. Most of the top teams this weekend are scattered around the state so we’ll break down as many tournaments as we can for this weekend rather than doing just a few previews!

#1 Valentine – idle
#2 Broken Bow – Gothenburg Duals
#3 David City – Cross County Invite
#4 Battle Creek – Battle Creek Invite
#5 Aquinas – Schuyler Invite
#6 Arlington – Arlington Invite
#7 Malcolm – Schuyler Invite
#8 Logan View – Arlington Invite
#9 Wood River – Gibbon Invite
#10 Ord – Gibbon Invite

Some noteworthy things to mention:

We could see the potential return of state medalist Blake Moore at 170C. He’ll be tested right away at the Schuyler Invite with three ranked wrestlers including C#2 Zoucha. The Schuyler Invite has two ranked C teams and FOUR from Class B. How will Aquinas fare against the larger schools?

Another wrestler who made his first appears of the season is Luke Fairbanks from Bishop Neumann. He should immediately enter the state medal conversation at 182 lbs.

Some big tournaments for C4 district seeding occur this weekend at Gibbon (4 teams) and Chase County (6 teams).

Amherst isn’t competing at Cross County due to sickness and there are a number of wrestlers battling illnesses and injury. Cross County freshman Cameron Graham should see some of his toughest battles of the season including a potential match against returning state champ Brandenburg.

If sickness and injury isn’t enough, mother nature is looking to play a factor for the third time this year. The Syracuse Pin Tournament scheduled for this evening has been postponed.

Battle Creek’s #2 Kersten and #2 Heimes will look to hold off 3rd ranked foes this weekend in McNeill and Verzani.

Another possible highlight matchup this weekend between #2 Hull and #4 Ray could be in store at the Arlington Invite.

Lots of tournaments this week were closed on track so there could still be some big weight drops that have been under the radar this weekend.

Friday Tournaments:

Minden Dual Invite:
Cambridge, Centennial, Minden, St. Paul, Cozad, Franklin
Matchups to watch:
120: Heath (Min) vs Payne (Cent)
126: Schernikau (Cent) vs TenBensel (Camb)
152: B#4 Hoffmaster (Coz) vs Smith (StP)
170: Smith (Min) vs Wescoat (Coz)
220: C#4 Bauers (Cent) vs Scheer (StP)
285: Stallbaumer (Coz) vs Padrnos (StP)

Syracuse Pin Tournament:

Other Friday Tournaments/Duals with Class C Teams:
Weeping Water Invite: Freeman, Johnson County, Lincoln Christian, Palmyra, Yutan
SEM Invite: Loomis/Bertrand
Superior Invite: Superior, Sutton
North Bend vs Oakland-Craig
Gordon Rushville vs Chase County

Saturday Tournaments:

Schuyler Invite
C#5 Aquinas, BRLD, Madison, C#7 Malcolm, Shelby-Rising City, Tekamah-Herman, B#4 Scottsbluff, B#7 Lakeview, B#8 Schuyler, B#9 Lexington, Gretna, Norris, Wayne

Matchups to watch:
106: C#6 Vandenberg (Aquinas) 20-6, Lazo (Lexington) 17-4
113: B#1 Garcia (Scottsbluff) 12-3, C#2 Zitek (Aquinas) 17-0, Dominguez (Lakeview) 21-2
120: C#3 Zoucha (Malcolm) 18-7, C#6 Zitek (Aquinas) 22-8, Jaqua (Wayne) 25-4, Bailey (Lexington) 18-5
126: C#3 Schram (Tekamah) 20-2, B#6 Perry (Lakeview) 27-0, Muhs (Wayne) 24-3, Shonka (Aquinas) 21-8
132: B#1 Hernandez (Scottsbluff) 7-0, Fago (Lexington) 20-2, Schrad (Aquinas) 22-7, Jaixen (Lakeview) 18-9, Tuma (Gretna)
138: B#3 Vergara (Wayne) 20-0, B#4 Lemburg (Lakeview) 20-6, Redler (Aquinas) 21-8, Zoucha (Malcolm) 17-11
145: B#1 Gutierrez (Scottsbluff) 15-0, C#6 Schleis (Shelby-RC) 16-3, Berry (Lexington) 15-3, Barcel (Lakeview) 19-7
160: B#1 Kopf (Lexington) 21-2, B#2 Gerkensmeyer (Lakeview) 24-3, B#3 Yrkoski (Schuyler), Stewart (Malcolm) 24-5
170: A#2 Huss (Gretna), C#2 Zoucha (Malcolm) 26-1, B#4 Hernandez (Schuyler), Moore (Tekamah-Herman) 0-0, Behlen (Lakeview) 17-7
182: C#1 Reimers (Aquinas) 27-0, B#2 Frenzen (Lakeview) 21-4, Stuart (Lexington) 16-6
195: B#3 Meyer (Norris) 21-4, A#4 Huber (Gretna), Schultz (Aquinas) 17-8, Conety (Tekamah-Herman) 16-9
220: B#1 Maganda (Schuyler), Naiberk (Aquinas) 17-7, Johnson (Madison) 17-8
285: B#3 Wurth (Lexington) 20-1, B#5 Leatherdale (Wayne) 23-1, C#5 Schramm (Aquinas) 20-7

Gibbon Invite
Boone Central, Fillmore Central, Gibbon, Kearney Catholic, Mitchell, C#10 Ord, Ravenna, Southern Valley, C#9 Wood River, Elwood, Franklin, GIJV, Harvard, Thayer Central

Weights to watch:
106: Hansen (Harvard), Fushia (Fillmore), Dozler (Boone Central), Escandon (Gibbon)
120: Boyce (Ord), Grape (Boone Central), Ruis (GIJV)
126: D#3 Casey (Thayer), C#4 Rowse (Ord), Haddix (Boone Central)
132: C#5 Feldner (Kearney Catholic), Petska (Ord), Treffer (Ravenna), Stewart (Thayer)
138: C#1 Waddington (Wood River), Stewart (Thayer), Shiers (Kearney Catholic)
145: C#4 Rogers (Kearney Catholic), Kluthe (Ord), Anderson (Southern Valley), Drahota (Ravenna), Perez (Mitchell)
152: C#6 Thompson (Wood River), Daake (Kearney Catholic), Shoemaker (Ord), Hergott (Thayer)
160: C#6 Dozler (Boone Central), Fuelner (Thayer), Hinrichs (Fillmore), Meyer (Ord), Hampton (Gibbon)
170: Chapa (Ravenna), Hargett (Southern Valley), Tonniges (Ord)
182: C#3 Ulrich (Ord), Haussermann (Franklin)
220: C#1 Merten (Boone Central), Coley (Mitchell)
285: C#1 Moses (Fillmore Central), C#4 Hoevet (Ord), Rasmussen (Boone Central)

Cross County Invite
Cross County, #3 David City, Doniphan-Trumbull, HTRS, Minden, Norfolk Catholic, SCNU#5, St. Paul, Twin River, Central City, Clarkson/Leigh, Dorchester, Friend, Fullerton, High Plains, McCool Junction, Nebraska Christian, Parkview Christian, Wisner-Pilger

Weights to watch:
120: B#3 Kunz (Central City), Belville (Doniphan), Wyatt Schmit (HTRS), Heath (Minden), Held (Twin River)
132: C#2 Graham (Cross County), C#4 Valentine (David City), B#5 Brandenburg (Central City), Lampmann (Wisner)
138: D#6 Sonderup (Fullerton), Schneiderheinz (Central City), Jones (Twin River), DeVries (SCNU#5), Reed (Cross County), Barlean (David City)
145: C#1 White (David City), Tejeda (Central City)
152: C#1 Styskal (David City), Sterup (Cross County), Gallion (Central City)
160: C#3 Vodicka (David City), Moore (Central City)
170: D#2 Mundt (Nebraska Christian), B#6 Lee (Central City), Rasmussen (St. Paul)
182: D#1 Baptista (Friend), C#4 Allen (David City)
220: Scheer (St. Paul), Moore (David City)

Arlington Invite
#6 Arlington, Bishop Neumann, #8 Logan View, Milford, North Bend, Wilber-Clatonia, D#1 Archbishop Bergan, Boys Town, GACC, Lincoln Lutheran, Milford, Mount Michael, Raymond Central

Weights to watch:
106: C#2 Schluckebier (Milford), D#4 Arps (Bergan) – might be 113
113: C#3 Mueller (Logan View), Cooley (Arlington), Schmitt (Wilber), Albrecht (Raymond Central)
120: D#1 Hamilton (Bergan), C#2 Gilmore (Arlington), C#5 Hernandez (Logan View), Patak (Wilber)
126: D#4 Janke (Bergan), B#5 Lomax (Boys Town), C#6 Zegers (Milford), Valencia (Logan View), Lokken (Wilber)
145: C#3 Miller (Arlington), D#3 Johnson (Bergan), C#5 Copley (Milford), Albrecht (Raymond Central)
152: Hohn (Neumann), Kriekemier (Raymond Central), Moldenhauer (Wilber), Miller (Logan View)
160: C#2 Hull (Logan View), C#4 Ray (North Bend)
170: C#1 Borer (North Bend), Wilkins (Arlington)
182: D#4 Villwok (Bergan), C#6 Booth (Logan View), Fairbanks (Neumann)

Battle Creek Invite
#4 Battle Creek, Crofton/Bloomfield, Hartington Cedar, Oakland-Craig, Pierce, Ponca, Stanton, Wakefield, D#5 Elkhorn Valley, Creighton, Howells/Dodge, Laurel-Concord, Lutheran High, Niborara/Verdigre, Osmond, Randolph, Scribner-Snyder

Weights to watch:
106: C#4 Bolling (Pierce), D#5 Bennett (Elkhorn Valley)
120: C#1 McCracken (Battle Creek), D#5 Miller (Elkhorn Valley)
138: C#2 Kersten (Battle Creek), C#3 McNeill (Oakland-Craig)
152: C#2 Heimes (Battle Creek), C#3 Verzani (Wakefield), D#4 Bloomquist (Randolph)
160: D#3 McFarland (Elkhorn Valley), Borgmann (Stanton)
170: D#1 Zimmerer (Creighton), D#3 Noah Scott (Randolph),
182: D#3 Horejsi (Howells/Dodge), C#5 Hawthorne (Battle Creek), D#5 Schaecher (Elkhorn Valley)

Chase County Invite
Bridgeport, Chase County, Gordon-Rushville, Hershey, Kimball, Perkins County, Bayard, Dundy County-Stratton, Garden County, Gordon-Rushville, Hitchcock County, Holyoke(CO), Kimball, Minatare, D#10 Morrill, Ogallala, Sedwick County(CO), Wauneta-Palisade

Weights to watch:
113: C#4 Cluff (Kimball), D#4 Murillo (Morrill), Bruns (Hershey)
120: Nagel (Morrill), Musser (Hershey), Warman (Dundy County), Cooper (Bridgeport)
145: Zink (Ogallala), Holthus (Garden County), Leonard (Bayard)
152: D#1 @ 160 Garcia (Morrill), Hoos (Gordon-Rushville), Warren (Bridgeport), Ballentine (Herhsey)
170: C#6 Peterson (Chase County), Skinner (Ogallala), Cooper (Bridgeport)
195: C#2 Wood (Perkins County), D#1 Hunter (Bayard), C#6 Fisher (Chase County)
285: Hodges (Hitchcock County), Sciortino (Garden County), Stillwagoner (Dundy County)

Other Saturday Tournaments/Duals with Class C Teams:
Gothenburg Duals: #2 Broken Bow
Nebraska City Duals: Fort Calhoun
Palmer Invite: Centura
Sandhills/Thedford: Cambridge, Hemingford
Shelton Invite: GICC

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