C#1 Valentine
B#2 Wahoo
D#2 Archbishop Bergan
C#3 Battle Creek
C#4 David City
A#5 Columbus
B#9 Schuyler
D#9 High Plains
A#10 Creighton Prep
C#10 North Bend Central
Adams Central
Boone Central
Columbus Scotus
Kearney Catholic
Oakland Craig

TEN ranked teams and many other quality squads are slated to compete at the 50th Annual High Plains Invite on Friday and Saturday. Columbus will be tough to keep pace with as they appear to have the most complete top to bottom team on paper. Valentine is very strong in the lower weights up to 170, while Wahoo is strong in the heavier weight classes. Both Bergan and David City are missing key wrestlers from their lineups. The tournament boasts 55 total ranked competitors. There are 14 top-ranked wrestlers in the field and every single weight has a wrestler ranked in the top two in their respective class.*

*Records as of 1/2. Lineups are subject to change.

Russell was dominant last week in his first mat action of the season. He’ll look to add another High Plains Invite title on Saturday. As is the case in nearly every weight, there competition will be fierce here. Wahoo’s Bordovsky has a head to head win over formerly ranked Schoepf. Columbus freshman Cerny has a win over Tworak. Both Arlt and Battershaw have also been ranked this year. Russell is the clear favorite, but expect several highly competitive matches from the rest of the field vying for a spot in the finals.

D#1 Logan Russell (High Plains) 11-0
D#5 Dalton Hansen (Harvard) 8-3
SQ Wyatt Schoepf (Centennial) 15-4
SQ Trenton Arlt (Oakland-Craig) 13-4
Blake Cerny (Columbus) 22-7
Malachi Bordovsky (Wahoo) 13-6
Jarrett Battershaw (Valentine) 7-2
Daniel Tworak (Scotus) 18-3

Returning state champion Williams will be the top seed. Obermiller has a head to head win over Bridgmon. Bergan freshman Caden Arps has only one out of state loss this year. He has been rumored to be on his way down to 106 where he’d be one of the top contenders to Russell, but he might be the favorite at 113, so perhaps he will remain at this weight. Despite having 7 losses, Columbus’ returning medalist Cerny could challenge for a tournament title at this weight.

C#1 Chris Williams (Valentine) 10-0
B#2 Tristen Obermiller (Adams Central) 14-1
D#3 @ 106 Caden Arps (Bergan) 17-1
C#5 Spencer Bridgmon (Syracuse) 18-6
A#6 Clay Cerny (Columbus) 22-7
Landyn Maschmeier (Scotus) 18-4
Alexander Smith (Oakland-Craig) 8-3
Sebastian Lausterer (Wahoo) 15-6
Andon Stenger (Columbus JV) 16-8

McCracken will likely be the top seed. D#1 Hamilton is not listed on entries at this time, so look for Kobza to be the number 2 seed here based on record over the four other returning qualifiers. Grape has a head to head over Payne. Martinez may not have the sparkling record, but all of his losses were to top tier wrestlers and recently notched a win over D#2 Ellis.

C#1 Caydon McCracken (Battle Creek) 19-2
A#4 Tanner Kobza (Columbus) 16-4
SQ Garett Jensen (Palmer) 8-2
SQ Will Grape (Boone Central) 13-6
SQ Ryan Payne (Centennial) 14-7
SQ Denilson Martinez (Schuyler) 7-5
Tobin Olson (Valentine) 7-3

Schram makes the drop to 126 after competing at 132 early in the year. Last year at this tournament, he notched an 8-7 win over Reimers in the semifinals. If they are the top two seeds, they likely will not see each other until the finals, barring any upsets. Freshman Janke and King are enjoying success already this year. Janke’s only in state loss at 126 was a 4-0 setback to Reimers. Castro has a head to head win over returning qualifier Harris. Harris has a common opponent over Schernikau and a 1-point win over Church.

D#2 Ruger Reimers (Palmer) 19-0
C#4 @ 132 Brandon Schram (Tekamah-Herman) 13-2
C#4 Clayton Harris (David City) 14-7
D#4 Cal Janke (Bergan) 15-4
C#5 Carter King (Battle Creek) 15-6
SQ Gaven Schernikau (Centennial) 15-6
SQ Clay Church (High Plains) 16-8
Kenneth Castro (Schuyler) 14-2

Fun weight here with the top two in class C and Columbus’s Kucera headlining the field. Kucera has just the one loss to top ranked Moomey. Krolikowski will be the top seed which would mean Lade and Kucera would meet in the semifinals on Saturday. C#5 Valentine from David City is not listed on entries, so that opens things up a bit. Looks for Hood, Feldner and Taylor to round out the top six.

C#1 Gage Krolikowski (Valentine) 10-0
C#2 Owen Lade (Battle Creek) 11-2
A#5 Carter Kucera (Columbus) 29-1
SQ Malachi Hood (Adams Central) 9-6
Christopher Feldner (Kearney Catholic) 10-3
Nick Taylor (Scotus) 16-8

We should get a pretty good idea of how class C 138 will look after this weekend with four ranked wrestlers in the field. Kersten and McNeill are the returning state medalists, so look for them to grab the top two seeds. There will be some very competitive pool round matchups.

C#2 Damien Kersten (Battle Creek) 18-1
C#5 Layne Shiers (Kearney Catholic) 11-2
C#5 @ 145 Jefferson McNeill (Oakland-Craig) 17-1
C#6 Morgan McGinley (Valentine) 8-0
SQ Cameron Kort (Adams Central) 12-2
Alex Korte (Columbus) 20-8
Jackson Neville (Scotus) 17-5
Trey Shanahan (Wahoo) 5-2

White and Olson didn’t disappoint in their first matchup this season, where White emerged in OT. Expect another highly competitive matchup if they meet up again. Johnson, Rogers, Roman and Walling are all returning qualifiers. Walling beat Roman in this tournament a year ago and handed McNeill his only loss of the season.

C#1 Justin White (David City) 20-1
C#2 Chase Olson (Valentine) 9-1
D#3 Jacob Johnson (Bergan) 14-3
C#4 Zach Rogers (Kearney Catholic) 9-0
SQ Miguel Roman (Schuyler) 2-0
SQ Peyten Walling (Wahoo) 16-2

This is the 3rd weight with the top two wrestlers in Class C entered. Heimes and Styskal haven’t met this season. Styskal owns a 9-5 win over returning qualifier Fullner from Columbus. Wahoo’s Bennett could be a possible semifinal opponent for Styskal on Saturday. Kearney Catholic’s Daake has had a breakout season so far and could play spoiler in the pool rounds.

C#1 Ty Heimes (Battle Creek) 19-1
C#2 Noah Styskal (David City) 21-1
B#3 Zane Bennett (Wahoo) 18-2
SQ Cade Fullner (Columbus) 13-4
Jaxson Daake (Kearney Catholic) 11-4

The top THREE in class C are all here but the line starts behind top-ranked Iowa State commit Caleb Long. Vodicka has wins over both Yrkoski (8-7) and McMeekin (7-5) earlier this season. Vodicka also has a common opponent over Ray so it looks like he has solidified the 2nd seed since D#4 Dylan Soule is not listed on entries. Dozler from Boone Central has quietly had a fantastic season so far.

C#1 Caleb Long (Valentine) 9-0
C#2 Dylan Vodicka (David City) 17-5
B#3 Caden Yrkoski (Schuyler) 10-1
C#3 Jacob Ray (North Bend) 15-1
A#5 Avery McMeekin (Columbus) 23-5
Ethan Dozler (Boone Central) 18-1
Cooper Hancock (Wahoo) 13-5

Top ranked Borer has only had two matches go the distance so far this season. Valentine’s McGinley is 7-0 on the season so far. He’ll have to get by either Hernandez or Standley to square off with Borer in the finals. Keep an eye on Syracuse’s Burton Brandt at this weight, as he’s been building momentum this season.

C#1 Zach Borer (North Bend) 16-0
C#3 Lane McGinley (Valentine) 7-0
B#4 Michael Hernandez (Schuyler) 10-3
SQ Blayze Standley (Columbus) 17-13
Burton Brandt (Syracuse) 18-6

Zwingman’s closest match this season has been a 6-point win over B#2 Frenzen. That win gives him common opponent over Hawthorne. Bordovsky’s only in-state losses are to ranked wrestlers and has also beaten D#1 Baptista. Xavier Vaughan has common opponent over Bordovsky, so look for him to make a run at the finals.

A#1 Carson Zwingman (Columbus) 30-0
B#4 Kole Bordovsky (Wahoo) 13-4
C#4 AJ Hawthorne (Battle Creek) 16-3
D#4 Ethan Villwork (Bergan) 14-2
A#6 Xavier Vaughan (Creighton Prep) 17-4
SQ Justin Kuta (Palmer) 9-7
Noah Machnicki (Adams Central) 10-1

Wahoo’s Kolterman will likely see the winner of returning class A runner-up DeAnda and Kearney Catholic’s Feldner who makes the jump up to 195 after competing at 182 to begin the year.

B#1 Sam Kolterman (Wahoo) 18-0
A#2 Anthony DeAnda (Columbus) 25-1
C#3 @ 182 Matthew Feldner (Kearney Catholic) 10-1
SQ Derek Conety (Tekamah-Herman) 15-6
James Escamilla (David City) 17-4
Conner Brown (Adams Central) 12-4

There are lots of great weights at High Plains this year, but this one takes the cake for the top weight to watch. There are three top ranked wrestlers set to compete here and four others ranked in the top 5. Pray has a common opponent over Centennial’s Bauers. Bauers beat C#1 Merten 3-2 in OT at this tournament a year ago. Maganda had a 3-1 win over Merten a year ago as well. It should be really exciting, even in the early rounds with this many quality wrestlers. Who will prevail on Saturday?

A#1 Tony Pray (Creighton Prep) 19-1
B#1 Jesus Maganda (Schuyler) 14-0
C#1 Jon Merten (Boone Central) 19-0
A#2 Kasten Grape (Columbus) 29-0
C#3 Kalten Bauers (Centennial) 11-1
D#4 Peyton Cone (Bergan) 14-2
C#5 @ 195 Austin Marx (Battle Creek) 15-2
Kayden Saurer (Adams Central) 12-4
Wayne Moore (David City) 14-6

Sutton may see his toughest test of the season against Hasz from Prep in the finals. Three other ranked wrestlers are entered, so look for some quality matchups in the early going. C#4 Bender is not on the list of entries here, as Centennial has had an injury riddled season this year.

B#1 Jack Sutton (Wahoo) 18-0
A#2 Jack Hasz (Creighton Prep) 19-1
C#2 Justyn Hale (Oakland-Craig) 15-5
D#4 Eli Simonson (Bergan) 11-5
A#6 Eddie Loredo (Columbus) 24-5

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