A power outage at Creighton Prep High School earlier today almost forced the tournament directors to reschedule the tournament, but the electricians from OPPD were able to restore the main power this evening. Weigh ins are still planned for 7am and competition should start at 9am. Lincoln East joins this tournament, instead of attending a tournament in Fargo, ND due to bad weather.

A#2 Nate Rubino, Omaha Burke- Sophomore (21-1)
A#5 Brandon Baustert, Lincoln East- Freshman (15-4)
Michael Colling, Omaha Westside- Senior (20-4)
Ben Kroeger, Papillion- La Vista- Junior(17-5)
Evan Fuchs, Lincoln Pius X- Freshman (11-3

Rubino pinned Baustert earlier this season, while Colling beat Fuchs. Kroeger has had a solid season so far, and should battle Colling and Fuchs for 3rd.

Nic Swift, Lincoln East- Sophomore (13-4)
Liam Hughes, Marquette Wisconsin- Sophomore (13-0)

The finals will likely pit Swift against undefeated Hughes from Wisconsin.

A#1 Jakason Burks, Omaha Burke- Junior (21-0)
A#2 Nathan Rizek, Lincoln East- Senior (17-4)
A#6 Arman Erickson, Lincoln Southeast- Senior (6-1)
Ryan Dineen, Marquette Wisconsin- Senior (13-0)
Plat Plot Soe, Lincoln High- Junior (10-2)
Ian Rudner, Papillion- La Vista- Sophomore (13-10)

Three ranked wrestlers from Nebraska and an undefeated wrestler from Wisconsin make this one of the deeper weights. Rudner and Soe are solid wrestlers and could put themselves into the rankings with a top 3 finish.

A#2 (at 132) Cody Carlson, Fremont- Senior (17-0)
A#2 Cody Niemiec, Papillion- La Vista- Junior (14-2)

Carlson competed at 132 last season, so how will he feel down at 126 for the first time? He and Niemiec are on a collision course for the finals, in the most anticipated matchup of the tournament.

A#4 Nolan Niemiec, Papillion- La Vista- Senior (22-3)
A#6 Breckin Sperling, Lincoln East- Junior (15-7)

Niemiec is more technical than the scrappy Sperling, but both know how to turn it on under the lights.

A#1 Maxx Mayfield, Lincoln East- Junior (23-0)
A#5 Preston Mort, Lincoln Northeast- Senior (14-2)
Noah Molzahn, Fremont- Senior (7-0)
Jackson Okereke, Lincoln High- Junior (11-2)
Angel Hernandez, Lincoln North Star- Junior (13-5)

Mayfield should cruise to the title, while Molzahn Okereke and Hernandez will get a shot to prove they are state medal contenders.

A#2 Creighton Baughman, Papillion- La Vista- Senior (23-2)
A#4 Trey Nielsen, Omaha Burke- Junior (20-2)
Parker Roloff, Marquette Wisconsin- Senior (11-2)
Hunter Robertson, Fremont- Senior (15-2)
Chayse Schaub, Lincoln Northeast- Senior (15-5)

Transfer Nielsen is off to a solid start, and could face a test from Roloff of Wisconsin for a shot at Baughman in the finals.

A#1 Chance Fry, Lincoln East- Senior (0-0)
A#2 Deson Stapleton, Omaha Burke- Sophomore (17-2)
A#5 Cole Price, Papillion- La Vista- Sophomore (19-5)
Quinn Thew, Lincoln High- Sophomore (10-4)

Chance Fry will compete for the first time this season and will likely get Stapleton of Omaha Burke or Cole Price of Papillion- La Vista in the finals.

A#1 James Burks, Omaha Burke- Senior (22-0)
A#6 Jack McDonnell, Bellevue West- Sophomore (15-0)
Nolan Miller-Johnston, Omaha Westside- Senior (19-2)
Sheldon Isom, Lincoln North Star- Junior (13-6)

Miller-Johnston is down 2 weight classes from last season and will likely have to get past 6th ranked McDonnell to get a shot at Burks in the finals.

A#1 Isaiah Alford, Lincoln High- Senior (15-0)
A#3 Grant Lyman, Lincoln East- Junior (16-5)
A#5 Ian Byington, Elkhorn- Junior (10-2)
Kale Dawson, Bellevue West- Senior (10-3)
Cole Haberman, Omaha Westside- Freshman (15-5)
Jaxon Kelley, Omaha Burke- Junior (11-5)

Lyman and Byington should have a good battle to get a shot at Alford in the finals.

A#6 Xavier Vaughn, Creighton Prep- Senior (13-4)
Chris Karmazin, Lincoln East- Senior (16-7)
Riley Chase, Lincoln Northeast- Senior (13-5)

Although Vaughn is the only ranked wrestler here, he should get tested by Karmazin and/or Chase.

A#1 Dillyn Miller, Omaha Burke- Senior (22-0)
A#4 CJ Relford, Elkhorn- Senior (10-2)
A#6 Noah Sprieck, Lincoln East- Sophomore (16-5)
Anthony Stege, Lincoln Northeast- Senior (13-5)

Returning state champion Miller has already beaten the #2 and #3 foes in his weight class. How will he handle #4 Relford’s dynamic and explosive style?

A#1 Tony Pray, Creighton Prep- Sophomore (15-1)
A#4 Dylan Sales, Omaha Burke- Senior (13-9)
Trevin Escamilla, Fremont- Senior (14-2)
Michael Cisneros, Lincoln Pius X- Senior (13-2)

Sophomore Pray is on a tear this season, and will likely face one of the other 3 wrestlers listed in the finals.

A#2 Jack Hasz, Creighton Prep- Senior (15-1)
A#3 Cade Haberman, Omaha Westside- Sophomore (15-1)
A#5 Deson Stapleton, Omaha Burke- Senior (14-8)
Sebastian Velasco, Bellevue West- Senior (12-5)

Hasz beat Haberman early in the season and they should battle again in the finals, but don’t be surprised if Stapleton makes it interesting.

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