A NEwrestle Team Rankings
1 Omaha Burke (7)
2 Columbus (9)
3 Millard South (7)
4 Kearney (6)
5 Lincoln East (5)
6 Papillion- La Vista (5)
7 Omaha Central (4)
8 Grand Island (6)
9 Norfolk (3)
10 Bellevue East (3)
A NEwrestle Individual Rankings
1 Gabe Grice Bellevue East So
2 Caleb Coyle Millard South So
3 Juan Pedro Grand Island So
4 Nate Rubino Omaha Burke So
5 Michael Colling Omaha Westside Sr
6 Nate Hartman Millard West Jr
1 Emilio Haynes Omaha Central Jr
2 Blake Jackson Millard South Sr
3 Quentin Donald Omaha Benson So
4 Clay Cerny Columbus So
5 Blake Cushing Grand Island So
6 Garrett Grice Bellevue East Fr
1 Jakason Burks Omaha Burke Jr
2 Nathan Rizek Lincoln East Sr
3 Rylie Steele Kearney Jr
4 Ian Rudner Papillion- La Vista So
5 Arman Erickson Lincoln Southeast Sr
6 Tanner Kobza Columbus So
1 Ladamien Sturdivant Omaha Bryan Sr
2 Cody Niemiec Papillion- La Vista Jr
3 Conor Knopick Millard South So
4 Camden Russell Millard West Sr
5 Daniel Derosier Bellevue East So
6 Gage Ferguson Kearney So
1 Phillip Moomey Kearney Sr
2 Cody Carlson Fremont Sr
3 Nolan Niemiec Papillion- La Vista Sr
4 Jerryd Hernandez Lincoln North Star Sr
5 Carter Kucera Columbus Sr
6 Peyton Meink Millard North Jr
1 Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East Jr
2 Kevin Castle Omaha Burke Sr
3 Gauge McBride Kearney Jr
4 Preston Mort Lincoln Northeast Sr
5 Tyler Antoniak Millard South Fr
6 Ryan Mazour Lincoln Pius X So
1 Nick James Kearney Sr
2 Deon Davis Omaha Central So
3 Creighton Baughman Papillion LV Sr
4 Levi May Millard West Sr
5 Caleb Connor Papio South Jr
6 Braxton Betancur Lincoln Southeast Sr
1 Chance Fry Lincoln East Sr
2 Deson Stapleton Omaha Burke So
3 Alex Irizarry Papio South Jr
4 Josh Licking Norfolk So
5 Cole Price Papillion- La Vista So
6 Justin Davis Omaha Central Fr
1 James Burks Omaha Butke Sr
2 Brayden Splater Norfolk Jr
3 Liam Kirk Elkhorn South Sr
4 Aidan Williams Grand Island Sr
5 Avery McMeekin Columbus Sr
6 Jack McDonnell Bellevue West So
1 Isaiah Alford Lincoln High Sr
2 Cole Huss Gretna Sr
3 Grant Lyman Lincoln East Jr
4 Nolan Miller-Johnston Omaha Westside Sr
5 Alexzaiah Deras Grand Island Sr
6 Blayze Standley Columbus So
1 Carson Zwingman Columbus Sr
2 Isaac Trumble Millard South Jr
3 AJ Muthersbaugh Lincoln East Sr
4 Trajan Linear Papio South Jr
5 CJ Relford Elkhorn Sr
6 Xavier Vaughn Creighton Prep Sr
1 Dillyn Miller Omaha Burke Sr
2 Anthony DeAnda Columbus Jr
3 Preston Walker Kearney Sr
4 Josh Trumble Millard South Sr
5 TJ Huber Gretna Jr
6 Oscar Richter Grand Island Sr
1 Gavin Peitzmeier Millard South Sr
2 Kasten Grape Columbus Jr
3 Anthony Pray Creighton Prep So
4 Dylan Sales Omaha Burke Sr
5 Luis Quezada South Sioux City Sr
6 Mike Cisneros Lincoln Pius X Sr
1 Conner Cowling Norfolk Sr
2 Eddie Loredo Columbus Sr
3 Jack Hasz Creighton Prep Sr
4 Cade Haberman Omaha Westside So
5 Jacob Frezell-McClinton Omaha Central Jr
6 Ethan McPhillips Grand Island Sr
2 thoughts on “NEwrestle Class A Preseason Rankings”
  1. Preseason Rankings are not predictions, as many of the wrestlers are changing weight classes from the previous season. We start with returning state placers, then returning state qualifiers, then past state qualifiers, then elite freshmen who are proven on the national level. We take those wrestlers and attempt to place them in the weight classes that their coaches send us. We add points to each team’s total based on where they have wrestlers ranked in the top 6. Only a few points separate the initial top 5 teams in Class A, and our team rankings are tournament rankings, instead of dual rankings. We will do our best to reflect what happens throughout the season in our rankings. Thank you for the comment.

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