1st Place – Nathan Tomasello of Ohio State
2nd Place – Ethan Lizak of Minnesota
3rd Place – Spencer Lee of Iowa
4th Place – Luke Welch of Purdue
5th Place – Sebastian Rivera of Northwestern
6th Place – Nick Suriano of Rutgers
7th Place – RayVon Foley of Michigan State
8th Place – Elijah Oliver of Indiana
1st Place Match
Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) 11-1, RS Sr. over Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) 26-5, RS Jr. (Dec 10-7)
3rd Place Match
Spencer Lee (Iowa) 17-2, Fr. over Luke Welch (Purdue) 29-9, RS Sr. (TF-1.5 3:23 (16-0))
5th Place Match
Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) 26-5, So. over Nick Suriano (Rutgers) 21-3, So. (M. For.)
7th Place Match
RayVon Foley (Michigan State) 28-9, Fr. over Elijah Oliver (Indiana) 17-12, Jr. (Dec 8-6)
1st Place – Stevan Micic of Michigan
2nd Place – Luke Pletcher of Ohio State
3rd Place – Dylan Duncan of Illinois
4th Place – Mitch McKee of Minnesota
5th Place – Jason Renteria of Nebraska
6th Place – Scott Delvecchio of Rutgers
7th Place – Corey Keener of Penn State
8th Place – Ben Thornton of Purdue
1st Place Match
Stevan Micic (Michigan) 22-2, RS So. over Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) 26-2, So. (Dec 7-4)
3rd Place Match
Dylan Duncan (Illinois) 20-7, So. over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) 18-6, So. (Dec 8-3)
5th Place Match
Jason Renteria (Nebraska) 8-4, Fr. over Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers) 21-7, RS Sr. (Dec 3-2)
7th Place Match
Corey Keener (Penn State) 16-8, RS Sr. over Ben Thornton (Purdue) 26-11, RS Jr. (MD 11-3)
1st Place – Joey McKenna of Ohio State
2nd Place – Michael Carr of Illinois
3rd Place – Nick Lee of Penn State
4th Place – Nate Limmex of Purdue
5th Place – Vince Turk of Iowa
6th Place – Eli Stickley of Wisconsin
7th Place – Chad Red of Nebraska
8th Place – Ryan Diehl of Maryland
1st Place Match
Joey McKenna (Ohio State) 16-1, Jr. over Michael Carr (Illinois) 17-5, So. (MD 13-0)
3rd Place Match
Nick Lee (Penn State) 26-5, Fr. over Nate Limmex (Purdue) 25-14, RS So. (MD 15-5)
5th Place Match
Vince Turk (Iowa) 13-8, RS So. over Eli Stickley (Wisconsin) 19-12, . (Dec 4-1)
7th Place Match
Chad Red (Nebraska) 21-9, So. over Ryan Diehl (Maryland) 12-12, RS Jr. (Dec 6-3)
1st Place – Zain Retherford of Penn State
2nd Place – Brandon Sorensen of Iowa
3rd Place – Ke-Shawn Hayes of Ohio State
4th Place – Colton McCrystal of Nebraska
5th Place – Alfred Bannister of Maryland
6th Place – Ryan Deakin of Northwestern
7th Place – Steve Bleise of Minnesota
8th Place – Eleazar Deluca of Rutgers
1st Place Match
Zain Retherford (Penn State) 26-0, RS Sr. over Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) 21-2, Sr. (Dec 2-0)
3rd Place Match
Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State) 27-5, . over Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) 21-5, RS Fr. (Dec 7-5)
5th Place Match
Alfred Bannister (Maryland) 23-8, RS Jr. over Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) 30-7, So. (Inj. 0:00)
7th Place Match
Steve Bleise (Minnesota) 18-7, RS Jr. over Eleazar Deluca (Rutgers) 12-12, RS Sr. (Fall 4:21)
1st Place – Alec Pantaleo of Michigan
2nd Place – Micah Jordan of Ohio State
3rd Place – Andrew Crone of Wisconsin
4th Place – Tyler Berger of Nebraska
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place – Jason Nolf of Penn State
6th Place – Michael Kemerer of Iowa
7th Place – Jake Short of Minnesota
8th Place – John Van Brill of Rutgers
1st Place Match
Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) 17-5, RS Jr. over Micah Jordan (Ohio State) 22-6, RS Jr. (Dec 3-1)
3rd Place Match
Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) 27-10, . over Tyler Berger (Nebraska) 22-8, Sr. (Dec 6-2)
5th Place Match
Jason Nolf (Penn State) 21-3, RS Jr. over Michael Kemerer (Iowa) 22-2, RS So. (DFF)
7th Place Match
Jake Short (Minnesota) 16-11, RS Sr. over John Van Brill (Rutgers) 20-12, RS Jr. (Fall 2:30)
1st Place – Isaiah Martinez of Illinois
2nd Place – Vincenzo Joseph of Penn State
3rd Place – Richie Lewis of Rutgers
4th Place – Evan Wick of Wisconsin
5th Place – Logan Massa of Michigan
6th Place – Alex Marinelli of Iowa
7th Place – Isaiah White of Nebraska
8th Place – Nick Wanzek of Minnesota
1st Place Match
Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) 14-0, . over Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) 20-2, Jr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place Match
Richie Lewis (Rutgers) 18-4, RS Sr. over Evan Wick (Wisconsin) 23-7, . (M. For.)
5th Place Match
Logan Massa (Michigan) 16-6, RS So. over Alex Marinelli (Iowa) 16-3, RS Fr. (Dec 6-3)
7th Place Match
Isaiah White (Nebraska) 23-6, Fr. over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) 22-10, . (Dec 5-1)
1st Place – Mark Hall of Penn State
2nd Place – Myles Amine of Michigan
3rd Place – Bo Jordan of Ohio State
4th Place – Johnny Sebastian of Northwestern
5th Place – Dylan Lydy of Purdue
6th Place – Joey Gunther of Iowa
7th Place – Ryan Christensen of Wisconsin
8th Place – Devin Skatzka of Indiana
1st Place Match
Mark Hall (Penn State) 28-0, So. over Myles Amine (Michigan) 21-6, RS So. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Bo Jordan (Ohio State) 23-5, RS Sr. over Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern) 26-10, Jr. (Dec 9-5)
5th Place Match
Dylan Lydy (Purdue) 32-12, RS So. over Joey Gunther (Iowa) 16-7, . (Dec 3-2)
7th Place Match
Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) 24-13, . over Devin Skatzka (Indiana) 22-11, Jr. (Dec 10-7)
1st Place – Bo Nickal of Penn State
2nd Place – Myles Martin of Ohio State
3rd Place – Dom Abounader of Michigan
4th Place – Taylor Venz of Nebraska
5th Place – Emery Parker of Illinois
6th Place – Brandon Krone of Minnesota
7th Place – Ricky Robertson of Wisconsin
8th Place – Mitch Bowman of Iowa
1st Place Match
Bo Nickal (Penn State) 26-0, RS Jr. over Myles Martin (Ohio State) 27-2, Jr. (Dec 7-4)
3rd Place Match
Dom Abounader (Michigan) 23-5, . over Taylor Venz (Nebraska) 23-7, . (Dec 7-3)
5th Place Match
Emery Parker (Illinois) 21-3, . over Brandon Krone (Minnesota) 11-8, RS Jr. (Dec 6-0)
7th Place Match
Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) 24-9, . over Mitch Bowman (Iowa) 12-11, . (Dec 9-4)
1st Place – Kollin Moore of Ohio State
2nd Place – Shakur Rasheed of Penn State
3rd Place – Hunter Ritter of Wisconsin
4th Place – Kevin Beazley of Michigan
5th Place – Christian Brunner of Purdue
6th Place – Cash Wilcke of Iowa
7th Place – Eric Schultz of Nebraska
8th Place – Zack Chakonis of Northwestern
1st Place Match
Kollin Moore (Ohio State) 22-2, RS So. over Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) 20-3, RS Jr. (Dec 8-4)
3rd Place Match
Hunter Ritter (Wisconsin) 26-9, . over Kevin Beazley (Michigan) 16-9, RS Sr. (Inj. 3:22)
5th Place Match
Christian Brunner (Purdue) 23-9, So. over Cash Wilcke (Iowa) 18-7, RS So. (Inj. 0:00)
7th Place Match
Eric Schultz (Nebraska) 18-9, So. over Zack Chakonis (Northwestern) 15-14, . (SV-1 3-1)
1st Place – Kyle Snyder of Ohio State
2nd Place – Adam Coon of Michigan
3rd Place – Nick Nevills of Penn State
4th Place – Sam Stoll of Iowa
5th Place – Conan Jennings of Northwestern
6th Place – Youssif Hemida of Maryland
7th Place – Shawn Streck of Purdue
8th Place – Rylee Streifel of Minnesota
1st Place Match
Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) 12-1, Sr. over Adam Coon (Michigan) 25-1, RS Sr. (SV-2 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Nick Nevills (Penn State) 26-5, RS Jr. over Sam Stoll (Iowa) 19-4, . (Dec 5-2)
5th Place Match
Conan Jennings (Northwestern) 25-10, RS Jr. over Youssif Hemida (Maryland) 27-5, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
7th Place Match
Shawn Streck (Purdue) 28-13, RS Fr. over Rylee Streifel (Minnesota) 12-15, RS So. (Dec 10-3)

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