The Teams:

No. 1 Burwell (Longhorns)

106 Colten Dawe SQ

113 Tate Phillipps 5th

120 Cooper Stout

126 Coy Gideon SQ

132 Joel Ostrom

138 Keithan Coufal

145 Jace Ostrom SQ

152 Bode Jensen 2nd

160 Corey Dawe 5th

170 Hunter Mayfield

182 Ryan Dawe 2nd

195 Jacob Busch

220 Drew Dearmont

285 Thomas Hughes 1st

No. 2 Mullen (Broncos)

106 Open

113 Teven Marshall 4th

120 Open

126 Brady Gracey 6th

132 Jade Lovitt 5th

138 Zachary Sweet SQ

145 Brandon Cooley SQ

152 Justin Weins

160 Josh Cox SQ

170 Riley Kessler

182 Kendal Neal

195 Ty Kvanvig 6th

220 Clayton Hassett 5th

285 Ryan Jensen


No. 3 Elkhorn Valley (Falcons)

106 Hunter Bennett SQ

113 Adam Miller SQ

120 Dillon Stewart 1st

126 OPEN

132 Prestin Vondra

138 Darren Stewart 2nd

145 Joshua Mcfarland 1st

152 Mitchell Petersen

160 Gavyn Clause

170 Brock Schaecher SQ

182 Shawn Klientobe SQ

195 OPEN

220 Caden Reikofski

285 Christian Yaw

No. 4 Maxwell (Wildcats)

106 William McGhee

113 Connor McKeeman

120 Jacob Gholson SQ

126 Klayton Pagel

132 Ian Smith SQ

138 Cameron Riggs 1st

145 Brett Riggs 4th

152 Dalton Whisenhunt SQ

160 Caden Messersmith

170 Luke Howitt

182 Ashton Smith

195 Drey Smith SQ

220 Matt Walker SQ

285 AJ Pineda

No. 5 Tri County (Trojans)

106 Cole Reedy

113 Drew Garrison SQ

120 Tylor Monnin

126 Ethan Paxton SQ

132 Peter Spilker SQ

138 Bailey Waltke

145 OPEN

152 Dominic Smith

160 Danny Hess

170 Brandon Beeson SQ

182 Brandon Siebolt

195 Cooper Smith 5th

220 Chase Barnts SQ

285 Benton Gustafson

No. 6 Amherst (Broncos)

106 Tyler Kratzer

113 Paxtyn Houser

120 Isaiah Shields 4th

126 Cooper Johnson

132 Morgan Shields

138 Riley Gallaway

145 Sam Florell SQ

152 Jarin Potts

160 Trace Baasch 1st

170 Cole Stokebrand

182 Ethan Brock

195 Drew Bogard SQ

220 Aaron Urwiller

285 OPEN

No. 7 Cambridge (TroJans)

106 Shane Horwart

113 OPEN

120 John Tenbensel

126 Zack Miller-Sickels SQ

132 Clay Sayer

138 Josh Paisley

145 OPEN

152 Kaden Benson

160 Bobby Evans

170 OPEN

182 Matthew Pearson 4th

195 Keegan Benson

220 Seth Andrews 4th

285 Tyler Schultz 6th

No. 8 Pender (Pendragons)

106 Kaiden Mrsny 6th

113 Layne Sturek

120 OPEN

126 OPEN

132 OPEN

138 OPEN

145 OPEN

152 OPEN

160 Brady Oliver SQ

170 Jaxon Mrsny

182 Layne Heese 5th

195 Jaun Moreno SQ

220 Jesse Thompson 3rd

285 Quintin Saunsoci

The Bracket:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 12.46.56 PM

The Predictions:



#1 Burwell vs. #8 Pender

Burwell was the runner up a year ago at this event. Fresh off their 2nd straight individual state team title look for them to be hunger to win this event for the first time. This dual is a tall task for Pender when you look on paper, as it appears that they will be down 36-0 to start due to open weights.

Key Matches

160 Corey Dawe (BURW) vs. Brady Olvier (PEND)

  • Dawe defeated Olvier 8-4 in consolation 3rd at State last week

182 Ryan Dawe (BURW) vs. Layne Hesse (PEND)

  • Dawe defeated Hesse 3-2 TB-1 in the quarterfinals last week.

Projected Winner: Burwell

#4 Maxwell vs. #5 Tri County

This dual will be really tight and could to come down to bonus points. On paper the matches appear to be 8-6 in favor of Tri County. Maxwell will bring the firepower with bonus potential at 132, 138, and 145. Tri County has bonus point potential at 106,113, 195, and 285. Also there appears that there is a coupe swing matches that will come in big when deciding this dual.

Key Matches

160 Caden Messersmith (MAX) vs. Danny Hess (TC)

182 Brandon Siebolt (TC) vs. Ashton Smith (MAX)

Projected Winner: Tri County

#3 Elkhorn Valley vs. #6 Amherst

Two teams that came out of the tough D2 district will battle right away. Elkhorn Valley will look to be the first team ever to defeat Amherst in a dual at this event. Amherst has won 5 straight state dual titles and wont go down with out a fight. Amherst can make this dual tight if they are able to bump to avoid forfeits and pick up some key wins and avoid giving up bonus points and a couple key spots.

Key Matches

132 Morgan Shields (AMH) vs. Prestin Vondra (EV)

  • Vondra defeated Shields at districts

152 Potts (AMH) vs. Petersen (EV)

Projected Winner: Elkhorn Valley

#2 Mullen vs #7 Cambridge

Mullen wrestled really well at the state tournament and will look to carry that over to this weekend. Mullen will need to us lower weight firepower to hold off the big upper weight power of Cambridge. Look for Mullen to build a big lead early on a Cambridge to bump at the upper weights to keep up some matches. Bonus points could come in key in this matchup.

Key Matches

220 Clayton Hassett (MULL) vs Seth Andrew (CAM)

Projected Winner: Mullen


#1 Burwell vs. #5 Tri County

Burwell will get a tough Test from Tri County in the semis. Tri Coutny will likely need to pick up swing match wins at 106, 120, and 170 to win this dual. Burwell will need to use firepower from 132, 160,182, and 285 to try and build a big enough lead to hold the Tri County off.

Key Matches

106 Colten Dawe (BURW) vs. Cole Reedy (TC)

120 Cooper Stout (BURW) vs. Tyler Monnin (TC)

170 Hunter Mayfield (BURW) vs. Brandon Beeson (TC)

220 Drew Dearmont (BURW) vs. Chase Barnts (TC)

Projected Winner: Burwell

#2 Mullen vs #3 Elkhorn Valley

Elkhorn Valley should be the favorite on paper to win this dual. It could make a difference though if Elkhorn Valley bumps early on at 120 to try and pick some points up at 126 or if they let those matches wash. Mullen will need to turn in some major bonus points in the upper weights and maybe an upset or two along the way to pull this one out.

Key Matches

126 Dillon Stewart (EV) vs Brady Gracey (MULL)- Possibly

Projected Winner: Elkhorn Valley


#1 Burwell vs. #3 Elkhorn Valley

Burwell and Elkhorn Valley project to meet in the finals at the State duals. On paper Burwell looks to be the favorite to win the state title but don’t expect Elkhorn Valley to go away easily. The big match in deciding this dual could be at 106 in a rematch from the first round at the state tournament last week. Elkhorn Valley will likely need to flip that match and win it in order to have a chance at winning this dual.

Key Matches

106 Colten Dawe (BURW) vs. Hunter Bennett (EV)

Projected Champion: Burwell

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