Day 1 Class D Recap


by Colin Pfeiffer (@CP308)

After Day 1 of the State Tournament, Amherst sits in the lead with 5 semifinalists. Burwell finished the day in 2nd place only 8 points behind Amherst. Burwell also brings 5 semifinalists to day 2 and will be heavy favorites in 4 of those 5 matches. Burwell and Amherst will meet at 285 Friday nights in the semifinals and have a chance to meet at 160 in the 2nd round consolation matches Friday Morning. 11 urnranked wrestlers reached Friday night’s semifinal round.

Top 5 Team Scores/Number of Semifinalists

1. Amherst (5)             76
2. Burwell (5)              68
3. Plainview (3)           40
4. Elkhorn Valley (4) 36
5. High Plains (3)        33

Quarterfinal Winners/Friday Night Semifinal Bouts:

#1 Ryan Patrick Sutherland vs #3 Cameron Wilkinson Neligh Oakdale
#2 Logan Russell High Plains vs UR Nathaniel Murillo Morrill

#2 Trevor Nelson Crawford vs #1 Connor Hazen Creighton
#3 Dillon Stewart Elkhorn Valley vs #4 Salvador Aguirre Amherst

#2 Dom Rickard Plainview vs #1 Alejandro Martinez Elkhorn Valley
#3 Alex Araujo Bayard vs #5 Breiyden Cumpston Amherst

#2 Zac Hazen Creighton vs #1 Tyler Pawloski Pleasanton
#6 Joel Olstrom Burwell vs UR Dylan Swenson Oakland Craig

UR Darren Stewart Elkhorn Valley vs #1 Cameron Riggs North Platte St. Pats
UR Jefferson McNeil Oakland Craig vs #4 Andrew Herley Neligh Oakdale

#3 Brett Riggs North Platte St. Pats vs #1 Christian Miller Plainview
#5 Chase Morris Superior vs #2 Brody Lewis Franklin

#1 Jaydon Elge Nebraska Christian vs UR Josh Mcfarland Elkhorn Valley
#4 Jake Judge West Holt vs #2 Cole Aschoff Plainview

#2 Miles Kulhanek Howells Dodge vs UR Konner Banzhaf Cambridge
#1 Devon Walker Elm Creek vs UR Aaron Allison North Platte St. Pats

#4 Preston Walker Elm Creek Vs #5 Justus Monette Mullen
#1 Drew Loberg Randolph vs #2 Chandler Donscheski Palmer

#5 Ryan Dawe Burwell vs #3 Hunter Reimers Palmer
#2 Klye Stevens High Plains vs #1 Kalen Klingelhoefer Amherst

#1 Tori Huffman Burwell vs #5 Beau Wood Perkins County
#2 Payton Stevens High Plains Vs UR Scott Taylor Med Valley

#1 Dane Bogard Amherst vs #4 Will Atkeson St. Marys
#2 Trent Christancey Franklin vs #3 Brandon Rezac East Butler

#5 Darik Holt Superior vs #1 Tyler Gideon Burwell
UR Anthony Starr South West vs UR Jose Ambriz Ansley Litchfield

UR Tyler Schutlz Cambridge vs #2 AJ Skaggs Axtell
#1 Thomas Hughes vs #3 Jacob Peterson Amherst

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