by Dru Kastler

Several of the state’s top teams were spread out at various tournaments this weekend. Here is where they competed and how they fared:

1. Valentine – won dual against A#3 Columbus and won the Schuyler Invite

2. Syracuse – finished 2nd to class B#7 Wahoo at their home ‘pin’ tournament. Coming up one fall short of a tie for first.

3. David City – won the Cross County Invite over Cross County and D#1 Amherst.

4. O’Neill – finished 4th at West Holt Invite behind D#3 Plainview and ahead of D #2 Burwell.

5. Battle Creek – won their home Invite over D#8 Creighton.

6. Kearney Catholic – finished 7th at UNK duals and 3 rd at Gibbon Invite.

7. North Bend – won Arlington Invite over Wilber-Clatonia, Logan View and #10 Raymond Central.

8. Broken Bow – won Minden Duals

9. Ord – won Gibbon Invite over host Gibbon, #6 Kearney Catholic and #10 Wood River.

T10. Raymond Central – finished 4th at Arlington Invite.

T10. Wood River – finished 4th at Gibbon Invite.

Gibbon Invite:
In the only tournament featuring three ranked teams, Ord took home the Gibbon Invite title. They did so with three champions to distance themselves from host Gibbon and #6 Kearney Catholic. Kearney Catholic’s Ty Connely had to injury default out and they also appear to be without the services of SQ’s Braden Zinnel and Jacob Gappa.

Notable Results:
106: #5 Colton Rowse (Ord) over #4 Layne Shiers (Kearney Catholic) by fall
126: UR Zach Rogers (Kearney Catholic) over #6 Tylor Tobler (Ravenna) 12-8
126: #5 Darryn Walters (Mitchell) over UR Zach Rogers (Kearney Catholic) 4-0
152: #4 Zach Keating (Kearney Catholic) over #3 Jacob Tracy (Gibbon) SV 3-1
160: UR Chase Becker (Southern Valley) over #6 Kaden Dawe (Ord) 8-6
160: UR Matthew Feldner (Kearney Catholic) over #6 Kaden Dawe (Ord) 10-3
170: #1 Abe Hernandez (Mitchell) over #4 Gavin Trompke (Ord) 5-2
182: UR Brady Dawson (South. Val) over D#4 Dietric Kenning (Thayer Cent SV 6-4
182: UR Jacob Lech (Ord) over D #4 Dietric Kenning (Thayer Central) by fall
182: UR Alex Chapa (Ravenna) over Jacob Lech (Ord) by fall
182: UR Alex Chapa (Ravenna) over Brady Dawson (Southern Valley) by fall
195: #4 Ethan Gabriel (Ord) over D #2 Trent Christiancy (Franklin) 10-3

Cross County Invite:
David City won over Cross County and a shorthanded Amherst team in a tournament that featured plenty of big matchups.

113: #2 Seth Styskal (David City) over #4 Jacob Paczosa (St. Paul) by fall
113: #2 Seth Styskal (David City) over D#4 Salvador Aguirre (Amherst) 10-5
120: UR Wyatt Smydra (Norfolk Cath.) over #5 Cristian Carranza (Cross Co.) 3-0
120: #3 Noah Styskal (David City) over #5 Cristian Carranza (Cross County) 4-0
120: #3 Noah Styskal (David City) over UR Wyatt Smydra (Norfolk Catholic) 7-2
138: #1 Melvin Hernandez (David City) over D #5 Sam Florell (Amherst) by fall
138: UR Alex Dubas (Cross County) over D#5 Sam Florell (Amherst) 5-3
138: UR Jarred Hulinsky (St. Paul) over D#4 Sam Florell (Amherst) by fall
195: #2 Ryan Worm (David City) over D#1 Dane Bogard (Amherst) by major 9-1
285: #3 Hunter Miller (Cross County) over D#4 Jacob Peterson (Amherst) by fall
285: #3 Hunter Miller (Cross County) over Sam Cantu (Norfolk Catholic) TB1 6-1
285: Sam Cantu (Norfolk Catholic) over D#4 Jacob Peterson (Amherst) by fall

Other Notable Weekend Results:
106: #1 Caydon McCracken (Battle Creek) over D#5 Koby Ellis (Winside) 3-1
120: UR Owen Lade (Battle Creek) over D #1 Alejandro Martinez (Elkhorn Val.) 7-4
126: #4 Damien Kersten (Battle Creek) over D#5 Sean Mann (Winside) by fall
126: #4 Damien Kersten (Battle Creek) over D#2 Zac Hazen (Creighton) by fall
132: #3 Cody Yawn (Pierce) over #5 Ty Heimes (Battle Creek) by fall
138: #6 Trenton Elliott (Tekamah-Herman) over #4 Noah Eklund (Valentine) 6-4
138: #2 Jeff Heinz (Fort Calhoun) over D#4 Ryley Spatz (East Butler) 4-2
138: UR Chandler Stone (Sutton) over D#6 Chase Morris (Superior) 4-2
138: UR Colten Ballentine (Hershey) over RM Logan Belskey (Gordon-Rushville) 7-5
145: #1 Caden Moore (O’Neill) over D#2 Cole Aschoff (Plainview) 6-4
152: #4 at 160 Levi Kult (Yutan) over B#3 Zane Bennett (Wahoo) 6-2
152: UR Cauy Shaw (O’Neill) over D#4 Jared Atkeson (St. Mary’s) 6-3
152: UR Gavyn Buschkoetter (SCNU #5) over D#6 Riley Racicky (Pleasanton) by fall
152: #1 Marc Zeckser (DT) over UR Gavyn Buschkoetter (SCNU) by major 19-7
152: #5 Cooper Bates (Wilber) over UR Shadrick Westerman (North Bend) TB1 2-1
152: #5 Cooper Bates (Wilber) over UR Garrett Walla (Raymond Central) 3-2
160: #2 Mitch McWilliams (Syracuse) over B#6 Johnny Gill (Auburn) FFT
182: #4 Riley Smith (Arlington) over #5 Brock Ray (North Bend) 7-1
182: UR Cole Fousek (St. Paul) over D#4 Dietric Kenning (Thayer Cent) by fall
195: #1 Bailey Thompson (O’Neill) over D#3 Will Atkeson (St. Mary’s) by TF 16-0
195: #5 Tysen McDowell (Minden) over #6 Tristan Kociemba (Broken Bow)
195: UR Marce Vasquez (Bridgeport) over UR Zac Space (Chase County) by fall
220: #1 Jason Hahlbeck (O’Neill) over A#3 Matthew Montgomery (Norfolk) SV 3-1
220: #5 Aaron Hinojosa (Chase County) over #6 Bryan McGahan (Hershey) 6-3

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