High Plains Invite Preview

The High Plains Invite is a battlefield every year, but with the weather putting a stop to a handful of 2016 tournaments, this is going to be a 2-day war. Twelve weight classes feature two or more ranked wrestlers.  126 and 152 have 5 wrestlers ranked in the top 5 in class B, C and D.The potential semifinals at 138 could very well be a preview of what the 138 state semifinals could look like. 220 has the first and second ranked wrestlers in class B, along with Jesus Maganda of Schuyler who beat top ranked Gutzmer of Columbus Scotus earlier this week in dual action. There are 6 top-ranked wrestlers and 9 second-ranked wrestlers in the tournament.

Expected Contenders:

106- C#1 Caydon McCracken (Battle Creek)
106- C#4 Layne Shiers (Kearney Catholic)
106- C#6 Jarrett Battershaw (Valentine)
106- D#2 Logan Russell (High Plains)

113- B#4 Jacob Kubicka (Adams Central)
113- C#1 Gage Krolikowski (Valentine)
113- C#2 at 106 Seth Styskal (David City)
113- C#5 Brandon Schram (Tekamah-Herman)

120- D#5 at 113 Clay Church (High Plains)
120- C#3 Noah Styskal (David City)
120- C#4 Brody Benson (Valentine)

126- B#5 Nolan Barry (Adams Central)
126- C#1 Jordan Kelber (Valentine)
126- C#3 Justin White (David City)
126- C#5 Damien Kersten (Battle Creek)
126- D#5 Dylan Swenson (Oakland-Craig

132- C#4 Carter Fleshman (Kearney Catholic)
132- C#5 Julian Ramon (Valentine)

138- C#1 Melvin Hernandez (David City)
138- C#2 Eric Pacheco (Kearney Catholic)
138- C#3 Noah Eklund (Valentine)
138- C#4 Preston Bussey (Battle Creek)
138- Mario Venzor (Schuyler)
138- Lane Eggen (DC West)

145- B#2 Layton Mullinix (Columbus Scotus)
145- C#4 Hudson Pearman (Valentine)
145- D#6 Spencer Wichmann (Palmer)

152- B#4 Zane Bennett (Wahoo)
152- C#2 Jack Keating (Kearney Catholic)
152- C#4 Caleb Long (Valentine)
152- D#3 Miles Kulhanek (Howells-Dodge)
152- D#5 Connor Donscheski (Palmer)

160- D#2 Chandler Donscheski (Palmer)

170- C#1 Donald Stephen (Valentine)
170- C#4 Jake Prochaska (Centennial)
170- D#3 Kyle Stevens (High Plains)

182- D#2 Payton Stevens (High Plains)
182- Sam Kolterman (Wahoo)

195- B#3 Jack Sutton (Wahoo)
195- C#2 Dean Haase (Valentine)
195- C#3 Ryan Worm (David City)

220- A#4 Jack Hasz (Creighton Prep)
220- B#1 Wyatt Gutzmer (Columbus Scotus)
220- B#2 Cole Krecklow (Wahoo)
220- C#6 Jan-louw de Jager (Battle Creek)
220- Jesus Maganda (Schuyler)

285- C#4 Jared Fulton (Valentine)

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