Class A Duals/Triangulars:

Bellevue West at Bellevue East

Potential Matchup:
132 #4 Jakody Rezac (BE) vs #5 Oscar Baird (BW)

Millard North (MN) vs Millard West (MW) vs Millard South (MS) at Millard South

The format for this event is different than a typical triangulars. Two mats will be going simultaneously while each school is split into a lighter weights team, and an upper weights team. The lighter weights team consists of 106 through 145, and the upper weights team consists of 152 through 285. Scores of both teams will be combined to determine final dual score for each school. Below is an example of what the rounds should look like today:

Round 1
Mat 1- Millard South Lighter Weights vs Millard North Lighter Weights
Mat 2- Millard North Heavier Weights vs Millard West Heavier Weights

Round 2
Mat 1- Millard West Lighter Weights vs Millard South Lighter Weights
Mat 2- Millard South Heavier Weights vs Millard North Heavier Weights

Round 3
Mat 1- Millard North Lighter Weights vs Millard West Lighter Weights
Mat 2- Millard South Heavier Weights vs Millard West Heavier Weights

Potential Notable Matchups:
126 #1 Creighton Baughman (MS) vs 120 #1 Jack Huffman (MW)
138 #1 Zac Charity (MS) vs #5 Ben Holman (MW)
160 #1 DJ Coleman (MN) vs unranked Isaac Trumble (MS)
170 #2 Braden Trimble (MS) vs #5 M, A, Yah II (MN)
195 #3 Doug Vawter (MW) vs #5 Rajan Ellebb (MS)
220 #4 Alex Dukart (MW) vs #6 Brooke Krinklaw (MS)

126- Since May, Both Huffman and Baughman competed at State Freestyle and Greco, UWW Cadet Nationals, Junior Duals, Fargo, and Preseason Nationals. Both wrestlers are fluent in all 3 wrestling positions and are never afraid to toe the line and scrap. Huffman has the uncanny ability to lure opponents out of position and expose them for bunches of points in flurries. Baughman moves forward in great position and never lets his foot off the gas. Most matches that feature elite opponents usually favor whoever scores the first takedown. This match is no different, as both wrestlers are hard to catch once they get in the driver seat.

Omaha Benson at Omaha Central
Omaha South at Omaha Concordia
Omaha North at Creighton Prep

Class B/C/D Duals/Triangulars/Tournaments:

Gothenburg (GB) vs Lexington (LEX) vs Scottsbluff (SB) at Scottsbluff

Potential Matchups:
120 #6 Wyatt Hotz (GB) vs unranked Jerryd Hernandez (SB)
126 #4 Devon’Tae Gutierrez (SB) vs #6 Bryce Larson (GB)
138 #2 Rob Price (SB) vs 145#5 Austin Probasco (LEX)

126- Similar to the Huffman and Baughman, Gutierrez and Larson train and compete year-round. Gutierrez is explosive and wrestles at a high pace, while Larson can scramble and uses slick technique to his advantage. A good preview of what could be the 126B4 district finals in February.

Bennington at Beatrice
Columbus Lakeview at Aurora

Wahoo Invitational

Potential Matchups:

138- B#5 Kaleb Canoyer (Waverly) vs D#4 Ryley Spatz (East Butler)
145- D#4 Dalton Bohac of East Butler vs B unranked Rhett Trail (Nebraska City)
152- B#4 Zane Bennett (Wahoo)152- D#4 Edwen Baptista (Friend)

195- B#3 Jack Sutton (Wahoo)
195- D#4 Brandon Rezac (East Butler)
195- B unranked Andrew Harrah (Nebraska City)

220- B#2 Cole Krecklow of Wahoo/Cedar Bluffs
220- C#2 Evan Welsh of Bishop Neumann
220- B#6 Jake Kreifel Nebraska City

285- A#2 Robbie Farber of Pius
285- B unranked Dalton Williams (Nebraska City)

by Dru Kastler and Colin Pfeifer

Wayne Blue Machine Tournament:
Potential Matchups:
132: C#3 Cody Yawn (Pierce) vs D#4 Jacob Johnson (Archbishop Bergan)
145: D#3 Bryce Zimmerer (Creighton) vs unbeaten Zach Morris (Winside)

Pope John Invite:

The Elgin Pope John tournament has top teams Elkhorn Valley, Palmer and Pender.
Potential Matchups:
145: Returning D medalist Jake Judge (West Holt) and undefeated freshman Colby Coons (Twin Loup) is a potential semifinal matchup. On the other side in the semis will likely be D#5 Joshua McFarland (Elkhorn Valley) against #6D Spencer Wichmann (Palmer).

With the weather that effected many tournaments across the state last weekend, Elgin Public-Pope John rescheduled their tournament for today. The field is heavy with Class D talent, which features 3 top ten teams in Palmer, Elkhorn Valley and Pender. Two weights at this tournament that will be really fun to watch are 145 and 160. At 145 today you will see 2 currently ranked wrestlers but 3 other wrestlers that are right on the edge of the rankings at the moment. One very good wrestler is going to come away without a medal today at 145 but will also leave knowing that he just faced some of the toughest guys at 145 in class D. The second weight today that has sparked some interest is 160. At 160 today is #1 Loberg, #2 Donscheski, #3 Bowder, and 170 #4 Mlady of West Holt. The move down for Mlady is one I have been waiting to see if it was going to happen all year. With Mlady Moving down to 160, it gets Colton Cavaness in the line-up at 170, which makes West Holt better team-wise.

Potential Matchups:
106 #3 Cam Wilkinson (Neligh- Oakdale) vs. Kaiden Mrsny (Pender)
120- Connors Sonderup )Fullerton) vs. Garrett Nuemeister
120- #1 Alejandro Martinez (Elkhorn Valley) vs. Neumeister/Sonderup
120- #5 Bryson Bovee (Pender) vs. Cristian Carranza (Cross County)
132- #3 Darren Stewart (Elkhorn Valley) vs. #5 Andrew Herley (Neligh Oakdale)
145- Brady Oliver (Pender) vs. Colby Coons (Twin Loup0
145- Jake Judge West (Holt) vs. Coons/Oliver
145- #6 Spencer Wichmann (Palmer vs. #5 Joshua McFarland (Elkhorn Valley)
145- Judge/Coons Oliver winner vs. McFarland/ Wichmann winner
152- #5 Connor Donscheski (Palmer vs. #6 Jared Atkeson (St. Marys)
160- #1 Drew Loberg (Randolph vs. #3 Leland Bowder (Pender)
160- #4 170 Breydon Mlady (West Holt vs. Chandler Donscheski (Palmer)
160- Loberg/Bowder vs. Mlady Donscheski
170- Layne Hesse (Pender vs. #2 Hunter Reimers (Palmer)
170- Heese (Pender) vs. Colton Cavaness (West Holt)
170- #2 Reimers (Palmer) vs Cavaness (West Holt)
220- C#3 Garret Davidson (Cross County) vs. #3 Seth Wentworth (West Holt)
285- Quintin Saunsoci (Pender) vs. #6 Dalton Rath (Randolph)
285- Jade Buss West (Holt) vs. Cole Rosenkraus (St. Marys)

285 C#3 Hunter Miller (Cross County) and D#6 Dalton Rath (Pender) will meet in the semis.

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