While dozens of tournaments have been cancelled in Nebraska this weekend, those facilitating and competing at the Flatwater Fracas have braved the weather.

Pools 9 and 10 feature the undefeated teams in the tournament. The Kearney versus Bennington dual should include 5 matches between ranked wrestlers, while Gretna versus Columbus should feature 3 matches between wrestlers who are all ranked 3rd or higher.

At 195, Top ranked Colton Wolfe of Columbus (class A) could face top ranked Grant Bruner of Gretna (class B). This is quite the clash of styles as Bruner has a bruising style, while Wolfe is elusive. 106A #2 Cody Niemiec should face #5 Brayden Smith today in a battle of furious freshmen. Both are dynamic and competitive, so don’t be surprised if this match gets heated. 145A #5 Teontae Wilson should face 145B #3 Josh Pokorny, and athleticism should be on full display, as both wrestlers have attacks from many different angles and have the ability to scramble

Pool 1:
Grand Island Senior High

Potential Matchups of the Pool:
106A #5 Eliceo Ramirez (GI) vs 106 #6 Bryce Brown (Hastings)
132A #6 Kolton Sliva (GI) vs 132 #3 Connor Laux (Hastings)

Pool 2:
Central City
Adams Central
Smith Center, KS
No Matchups Between Ranked Opponents

Pool 3:
Lincoln East
Mead, CO
No Matchups Between Ranked Opponents

Pool 4:
West Point-Beemer
North Platte
No Matchups Between Ranked Opponents

Pool 5:
Lincoln Southeast
No Matchups Between Ranked Opponents

Pool 6:
Omaha North
Omaha Burke
No Matchups Between Ranked Opponents

Pool 7:
Papillion La Vista South
Battle Creek
Cheyenne East, WY

Potential Matchups of the Pool:
106C #1 Caydon McCracken (Battle Creek) vs 106A #4 Gabe Durden (Papio South)
138C #4 Preston Bussey (Battle Creek) vs 138A #2 Maison Clark (Papio South

Pool 8:
Lincoln Southwest
No Matchups Between Ranked Opponents

Pool 9:
Papillion La Vista

Potential Matchups of the Pool:
106A #2 Cody Niemiec (Papio) vs 106A #5 Brayden Smith (Kearney)
120A #2 Phillip Moomey (Kearney) vs 120B #5 Broc Hall (Bennington)
132A #1 Nick James (Kearney) vs 132B #4 Devin DeLancey (Bennington)
138A #6 Tyson Cepel (Kearney) vs 132B #1 Jake Cluxton (Bennington)
145A #5 Teontae Wilson (Kearney) vs 145B #3 Josh Pokorny (Bennington)
152A #6 Jud Kuchera (Kearney) vs 152B #2 Logan MacDonald (Bennington)

Pool 10:
Manhattan, KS

Potential Matchups of the Pool:
113B #1 Van Schmidt (Gretna) vs 113A #2 Carter Kucera (Columbus)
285B #3 Pat Arnold (Gretna) vs 285A #3 Cyrus Marshall (Columbus)
195B #1 Grant Bruner (Gretna vs 195A #1 Colton Wolfe (Columbus)

Undefeated wrestlers with 3 wins or more on day 1:

106/113-Dylan Miller of Hastings went 4-0
106-Brayden Smith of Kearney went 4-0
106-Cody Niemiec of Papillion-La Vista went 4-0
106-Jackson Nielsen of Blair went 4-0
106-Andy Rojas of Lexington went 4-0
113-Rylie Steele of Kearney went 4-0
113/120-Van Schmidt of Gretna went 4-0
113-Maxx Mayfield of Lincoln East went 4-0
113-Nolan Niemiec of Papillion-La Vista went 4-0
113-Jayson Scott of North Platte went 4-0
113-Carter Kucera of Columbus went 4-0
120-Phillip Moomey of Kearney went 4-0
120/126-Trevor Fauver of Gretna went 4-0
120-Walker Moore of Blair went 4-0
120-Broc Hall of Bennington went 4-0
126/132-Tyler Cunningham of Gretna went 4-0
126-Ben Hallett of Papillion-La Vista went 4-0
126-Damien Kersten of Battle Creek went 4-0
126-Zach Orton of Blair went 4-0
126-Adam Kinnaman of Lincoln Southeast went 4-0
132/138-Connor Laux of Hastings went 4-0
132/138-Lou Carnazzo of Gretna went 3-0
132-Nick James of Kearney went 4-0
132-Dillon Bailey of Omaha North went 4-0
132-Max Hughes of Syracuse went 4-0
138-Jake Cluxton of Bennington went 4-0
138-Maison Clark of Papillion-La Vista South went 4-0
138/145-Riley Berg of West Point-Beemer went 4-0
138/145-Zack Kuta of Grand Island went 4-0
145-Teontae Wilson of Kearney went 4-0
145-Josh Pokorny of Bennington went 4-0
145-Caden Yrkoski of Schuyler went 4-0
152-Marc Zeckser of Doniphan-Trumbull went 4-0
152-Carson Zwingman of Columbus went 4-0
152-Logan MacDonald of Bennington went 4-0
152-Tomas Margritz of Lexington went 4-0
160-Jacob Pinkerton of Beatrice went 4-0
160-Trey Grube of Kearney went 4-0
160-Lance Jarrett of Gretna went 4-0
160-Mitch McWilliams of Syracuse went 4-0
170/182-Damen Pape of Hastings went 4-0
170-Reece Nicol of Kearney went 4-0
170-Braiden Ruffin of North Platte went 4-0
170/182-Zach Baldwin of Columbus went 4-0
170-Riley Kopf of Lexington went 4-0
170-Grady Griess of Northwest went 4-0
182/195-Alexander Thompson of Norfolk went 4-0
182-Jason Stevens of Beatrice went 4-0
182-Justin Shaw of Lincoln Southwest went 4-0
182-Brad Baasch of Doniphan-Trumbull went 4-0
182-Cannon Ahrens of Gretna went 4-0
195-Jarrett Myers of Lincoln Southwest went 4-0
195-Sean Jackson of Kearney went 4-0
195-Grant Bruner of Gretna went 4-0
195-Colton Wolfe of Columbus went 4-0
220-Connor Clanton of Lincoln Southwest went 4-0
220-Izzy Bautista of Kearney went 4-0
220-Connor Fee of Gretna went 4-0
220-Jesus Maganda of Schuyler went 4-0
285-Lee Herrington of Kearney went 4-0
285-Pat Arnold of Gretna went 4-0
285-Caleb Lefferdink of Syracuse went 4-0
285-Cole Patterson of Papillion-La Vista went 4-0
285-Jason Brunk of Bennington went 4-0

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