NEwrestle: You were a bit of a later starter in wrestling, beginning in the 7th grade. What is it about wrestling that caught your attention?

Scott Fulsos: My friend convinced me to wrestle and I met Mike Monfore, a former Husker wrestler. He took me under his wing and we started training. I just fell in love with the sport because it’s really all on you. The work you put in is for the most part what you get out of it.

NEwrestle: You finished 5th place at state last year. What did you take from last year’s state tournament, and what is your plan for this season?

SF: The biggest thing I learned from last year was you can’t take time off. I was up 4-0 in the semifinals with 90 seconds left in the match, but ended up losing 6-5. It was pretty rough. This season, I just want to continue to get better throughout the season and hopefully win a state title.

NEwrestle: What do you guys have going on at York that makes your lineup solid from top to bottom?

SF: In our room, we have coaches constantly pushing us. I think we condition harder than a lot of teams in the state. We work up to 6 minutes of monkey rolls and we just push each other in the room. It’s a really good atmosphere.

NEwrestle: Talk about the unique training you did at the Legends of Gold Training Center in Beresford, South Dakota this summer.

SF: We were in this heat chamber, and they told us there are only 3 in the country. They controlledl the humidity and the temperature from 40 degrees up to 120 degrees. They put heart rate monitors on us and we rode a bike for an hour straight. They also put these pads on us that tested our sweat rate and then they ran tests on our sweat to see how much sodium was in our sweat. Then they gave us ideas of what to drink and eat to replenish our bodies after matches or training.

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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