How did you get started in the sport of wrestling?
I started wrestling at eight years old because of my friend Cameron Riggs. I didn’t enjoy it in the beginning but once I got into High School, I really started to enjoy the sport along with its atmosphere.
What is it about wrestling that caught your attention?
The thing that caught my attention about wrestling is how physically demanding and technically demanding it is. I always wondered how wrestlers were able to do all of the moves and techniques they can do.
You were a state qualifier as a freshman and sophomore, and made the medal stand with a 3rd place finish in the D145 bracket. What helped you make the jump from your sophomore to junior season?
The thing that helped me make the jump from my sophomore to junior year was the time that I put into wrestling. Winning takes effort and when you aren’t willing to put in that effort you don’t win. The other thing that helped me make that jump was that I cared more last year than I did my sophomore year.
Your only loss at the 2016 state tournament was in the semifinals by a point to the eventual state champion. How did you evaluate your season and performance at State?
I always evaluate my season’s success on how I do at the state championships and how much I improve throughout the season. Wins don’t matter until you are at the state championships. I judge my 2016 season as good but I could use improvements. I can always improve.
What aspects of your wrestling did you focus on during this past spring/summer?
I focused on minimizing my mistakes in the neutral position and I focused on my shooting to ensure that I can score when I need to.
You’re successful on the gridiron as well. How has wrestling helped you in football?
Wrestling has helped me in football by giving me the ability to constantly be going and never give up. Wrestling has also given me the knowledge to use leverage to in my lead blocking.
Starting your senior season, are there any colleges you are currently looking into?
I am still undecided but I am looking into Nebraska Wesleyan, along with UNL, UNO, UNK and Notre Dame.
What are your goals for this season?

My wrestling goals this season are to win state and to improve throughout the season.

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