When NEwrestle decided to partner with Rokfin this year, they had a vision for the future. Live streams, podcasts, and wrestling coverage. It was a tough decision to go behind a paywall, but NEWrestle had a plan that includes giving back to the sport that so many of us have grown to love. IAwrestle has provided a great blueprint on how to build the foundation.

We hope to bring wrestling events similar to Night of Conflict, a store for NEwrestle gear, and more. With that being said, we have our first opportunity to provide for the great student athletes of Nebraska.

After the wrestling season, NEwrestle will be providing two $500 scholarships to Nebraska wrestlers. There will be one female and one male selected to receive a scholarship. The scholarship will be based on academics, community involvement, teacher and coach recommendation, and wrestling participation.

We will have more as we get closer to the season on how to get qualified, as far as how many words, where to send your application to, and when finalists will be announced.

Our team at NEwrestle will always put wrestlers first. They are the backbone of our website and without them, there would be no NEwrestle. We want to continue to provide opportunities to help grow the sport. We also want to thank the athletes, parents, communities, and all other supporters in helping us grow, to provide these opportunities.

Thank you,
Team NEwrestle

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