We omitted the Week 8 Noteworthy Performances so this week we’ll double them up with Week 9!

Week 8 Noteworthy Performances

Class C Team of the Week
The Cougars had a busy week. They won the Syracuse Pin tournament on Tuesday and followed that up with runner-up finishes on Friday and Saturday against some of the top C schools. Friday they finished in front of C#6 Logan View.

Class D Team of the Week
The Pirates won perhaps the toughest Class D tournament of the season at South Loup on Friday the 24th. Winning by 100 points over D#3 Mullen and Palmer.

Class C Wrestler of the Week
Joe Hinrichs (152/160) – Sutton
Hinrichs made 152 for the first time in week 8 and beat the #1 ranked wrestler. He then moved up to 160 the next day and beat the #5 and #8 ranked wrestlers at 160.

Class D Wrestler of the Week
Jeremy Larson (132) – Brady
Larson beat the #1 ranked Class D wrestler 2-1 at the South Loup Invite.

Week 9 Noteworthy Performances

Class C Team of the Week
David City
The Scouts won the Southern Nebraska Conference title by a large margin in front of C#10 Milford and several other tough C and D schools. This was their 9th straight SNC title!

Class D Team of the Week
The Warriors won the 20 team Central Valley Invite on Friday and competed well shorthanded at the Boone Central Invite on Saturday. They head to the state duals with the #2 seed.

Class C Wrestlers of the Week
Colton Rowse (132) – Ord
Rowse beat three state medalists this past week. One in a dual on Tuesday and then two more ranked 138lb wrestlers who dropped to 132 to win tournament titles on Friday and Saturday while also capturing his 100th win.

Lathan Duda (182) – Broken Bow
Duda won in a battle of unbeatens against D#1 Dawe to capture the Ord Invite title in impressive fashion.

Class D Wrestler of the Week
Carl Mundt (195) – Nebraska Christian
Mundt won by fall in a battle of unbeaten #1’s against Class C#1 Gabriel. The next day he beat D#2 in overtime.


Mid State Conference
Battle Creek, Boone Central/Newman Grove, Crofton/Bloomfield, Hartington Cedar, Norfolk Catholic, GACC, O’Neill, Pierce, Wayne

106: Barger (C/B), Hemmingsen (BCNG), McManigal (WAY)
113: B#4 Bolling (PIE), C#6 Dozler
120: B#4 Rainforth (ON), Coulter (PIE), King (BC)
126: B#5 Jaqua (WAY), B#7(138) Lopez (ON), Reeves (BC), Grape (BCNG)
132: C#5 (138) Lade (BC), Jensen (PIE), Poppe (C/B)
138: B#3 Thompson (ON), Battershaw (BC), Sauser (C/B), Kruntorad (PIE), Hochstein (HC), Olander (NC), Grape (BCNG)
145: C#3 Smydra (NC), Kruntorad (PIE), Thompson (BC)
152: B#8 Schweitzer (PIE), Schafer (BCNG), Crawford (GACC)
160: B#6 Schweitzer (PIE), Mendez (NC), Croghan (BC)
170: B#4 Tinker (PIE), C#6 Hoesing (HC), B#7 Korth (WAY)
182: Davis (ON), Meier (GACC)
195: Janke (WAY)
220: B#5 Kuehler (PIE), Janssen (C/B), Zlomke (BC)
285: B#3 Leatherdale (WAY)

WTC/SPVA Tournament
C#10 Bridgeport, Chase County, Gordon-Rushville, Hershey, Mitchell, Perkins County, Bayard, Hemingford, Kimball, Morrill, North Platte St. Pats, Sutherland

What to Watch:
Six teams from C4 and six teams from D4 could impact district seedings in a big way.

113: C#1 Benavides (BRI), C#4 Musser (HER)
120: C#7 Bruns (HER), Cooper (BRI)
126: D#3 Foster (SUT), Markowski (MIT)
132: D#8 Peterka (SUT), Bucheit (HEM)
138: Perez (MIT), Pouk (PCO), Honstein (HEM)
145: C#5 Widener (BRI), Chasek (MIT)
152: C#8 Menke (BRI), Chasek (MIT)
160: C#4 Halverson (G-R), D#6 Leonard (BAY), Wid (PCO), Bryner (HEM)
170: C#5 Warren (BRI), D#7 McGill (NPSP), White (SUT)
182: C#2 Peterson (CC), D#6 Morgan (MOR), Schroll (NPSP)
195: C#8 Coley (MIT), Sellman (HEM)
220: Knoles (PCO), Coley (MIT)
285: Rodgers (BRI), Bateman (KIM)

Crossroads Conference
Cross County/Osceola, Shelby-Rising City, Centennial, Dorchester, East Butler, High Plains, Meridian, Scribner-Snyder

106: D#7 Bohac (EB)
120: D#7 Polivka (EB)
126: D#2 Schernikau (CEN), D#4 Spatz (EB)
132: D#3 Payne (CEN), Fjell (SRC)
138: C#3 Graham (CCO)
145: C#8 Reed (CCO), Belt (SRC)
152: C#6 Lindsley (SRC), Nuttleman (CCO)
170: D#1 Soule (HP)
182: C#4 Sterup (CCO)
285: D#7 Felhafer (CEN)

Conestoga vs Fort Calhoun
Ponca/Creighton/Quad County NE/Dakota Valley(SD)


FKC/TVC Tournament
C#5 Amherst, Hi-Line, Loomis-Bertrand, Ansley-Litchfield, Axtell, Elm Creek, Franklin, Harvard, Kenesaw, Overton, Pleasanton, Red Cloud/Blue Hill, Shelton, SEM, Wilcox-Hildreth

106: C#4 Edwards (L-B)
113: D#2 Sauceda (SHE), C#3 Dickau (HL), D#6 Fox (AXT), C#7 Hilmer (L-B)
120: D#2 Smith (EC), Medina (HAR), Kuehn (KEN), Brown (L-B), Hadwiger (PLE)
126: C#6 Shields (AMH), Smith (HL), Tourney (SHE)
132: C#1 Frank (AMH), Kenney (L-B), Gruntorad (EC), Kiger (OVE)
138: D#3 Klingsporn (AXT), D#6 Perez (EC), Klingelhoefer (AMH)
145: D#5 Pawloski (PLE), D#7 Fox (AXT), Lieb (W-H)
152: Hollander (AMH), Ruyle (SHE)
160: D#2 Racicky (A-L), C#3 Schutz (HL), Slingsby (A-L)
170: D#6 Arehart (A-L), Gallaway (AMH), Duffy (KEN)
182: C#3 Stokebrand (AMH), D#4 Larson (A-L), Abramson (L-B), Kahrs (FRA), Senff (AXT)
195: Bogard (AMH), Swartwood (EC), Bennett (H-L)
220: C#3 Potts (AMH), Thomas (AXT)
285: D#1 Martin (OVE), Snow (H-L), Taubenheim (AMH)

ECNC Invite
Conestoga, Johnson County Central, Louisville, Malcolm, Tekamah-Herman, Tri County, Yutan, East Butler, Freeman, Friend, Palmer, Palmyra, Southern, D#8 Weeping Water, Auburn

What to Watch:
29 ranked wrestlers, which makes this one of the best of the weekend. Tons of depth in nearly every weight class. 132 takes the cake though, with four ranked wrestlers. Blevins and Williams have split matches this season. Eggleston recently dropped from 138 and is going to be one of the top guys at 132C. Can any of these guys knock off D#1 Reimers? Conestoga will be the favorite to win this tournament.

106: D#7 Bohac (EB), Hardesty (CON), Kocian (EB)
113: Williams (CON), Brecka (EB)
120: C#5 Ruffner (CON), D#7 Polivka (EB), C#8 Burt (T-H), Arlt (YUT), Hudson (LOU)
126: D#4 Polivka (EB), D#7 Rainey (SOU), C#8 Chini (CON), Ommert (AUB)
132: D#1 Reimers (PAL), D#4 Blevins (WW), C#7 (138) Eggleston (JCC), C#8 Williams (CON), Reedy (TCO)
138: C#6 Garrison (TCO), B#7 Ford (AUB), D#8 Jensen (PAL), Henkel (YUT)
145: C#7 Dragon (CON), D#8 Guzman (PAL), Poston (AUB), Reedy (TCO), Rodriguez (JCC), Kult (YUT), Alberts (FREE)
152: C#1 Zoucha (MAL), D#7 Burch (WW), Dorsey (JCC), Waltke (TCO), Dickinson (FREE), Dowding (PYA), Keller (AUB), Brecka (EB)
160: C#5 Jones (LOU), D#7 Wichmann (PAL), Parsons (CON)
170: C#3 Zoucha (MAL), D#8 Reimers (PAL), Egr (YUT)
182: C#5 Snipes (CON), C#6 Knott (LOU), Courter (MAL), Jessen (YUT), Kuta (PAL)
195: C#5 Thonen (CON), C#7 Cook (YUT), Beeson (TCO)
220: D#4 Baier (WW), Klover (SOU), Siebolt (TCO)
285: D#2 Cave (WW), C#7 Nordmeyer (MAL), Reyes (JCC)

Arcadia/Loup City Duals
Arcadia/Loup City, Centura, Doniphan-Trumbull, Gibbon, Kearney Catholic, Ravenna, St, Paul, Wood River, Alma, D#6 Central Valley

What to watch:
The 126 weight class has returning state champs Escandon and Wood. Also at 126, Escandon and Belville from Doniphan-Trumbull have a little rivalry going, with Escandon winning in December and Belville pulling off the upset last week in the last seconds in a bizarre finish. They could meet Friday and also at the district tournament next week. Look for St. Paul, Wood River and Ravenna to be the top teams.

106: C#3 Waddington (WR), Luther (KC)
120: C#4 Ancheta (WR), Baker (STP)
126: D#1 Wood (CV), C#2 Escandon (GIB), Belville (D-T)
132: C#4(138) Feldner (KC), Thompson (WR), Stieb (ALC), Douglas (RAV)
138: D#1 Martinez (CV)
145: Williams (D-T), Daake (KC), Reisbeck (RAV)
152: C#7 Calleroz (ALC), Molzahn (ALM)
160: C#7 Rasmussen (STP)
170: C#8 Drahota (RAV)
182: D#2 Russell (ALM)
220: C#4 Scheer (STP)
285: C#1 Jerabek (ALC)

Southwest Conference
Ainsworth, C#9 Broken Bow, C#1 Valentine, Cozad, Gothenburg, McCook, Minden, Ogallala

What to watch:
Valentine and Minden compete at the state duals on Saturday so we’ll see if they both bring full lineups. Valentine should win the team title with Broken Bow leading the pack for second.

120: C#6 Garey (BB), Smith (MIN)
126: C#1 Williams (VAL), C#3 Faulkenberry (BB), Heath (MIN), Campbell (MCC), White (COZ)
132: C#5 Olson (VAL), Mendez (GOT)
138: C#1 Krolikowski (VAL), C#8 Cole (BB), Loftin (COZ), Conroy (AIN)
145: C#1 McGinley (VAL), B#5 Stokey (OG), Pozehl (AIN)
152: B#2 Zink (OG), Banuelos (MIN) Towne (MCC)
160: C#1 Olson (VAL), Anthony (MCC), Gonzalez (MIN), Davis (GOT), Skalsky (OG)
170: C#4 Battershaw (VAL), B#6 Skinner (OG), Boryca (COZ), Brown (MIN)
182: C#1 Duda (BB)
195: B#4 Langan (MCC), Jackman (AIN)
220: C#7 Anderson (BB), Stott (COZ), Kreutzer (MCC)
285: Steinbeck (MCC), Thomas (BB), Fullerton (VAL)

Anselmo-Merna, Brady, Hyannis, D#3 Mullen, Sandhills Valley, Sandhills/Thedford, South Loup, Twin Loup

120: D#1 Wells (A-M), D#3 Marshall (MUL)

Summerland Invite
North Central, Summerland, West Holt, Elgin PPJ, Fullerton, D#4 Howells-Dodge, Osmond, St. Mary’s, West Point-Beemer, Sioux City West

Norris Invite
Fillmore Central, C#7 Raymond Central, Wilber-Clatonia

Fairbury Invite
C#10 Milford, Thayer Central

Pender Invite
Oakland-Craig, Ponca, Winnebago, Creighton, Niobrara/Verdigre, Pender

Adams Central Invite
SCNU#5, Centennial, Superior

Gordon-Rushville vs Hill City(SD)



FULL Class C Preview and Predictions

FULL Class D Preview and Predictions

Southwest Invite
Chase County, Sutton, Arapahoe, Brady, Cambridge, Dundy County-Stratton, Hitchcock County, Medicine Valley, Paxton, Red Cloud/Blue Hill, Southern Valley, D#10 Southwest, Wauneta-Palisade, Wilcox-Hildreth, Republic County(KS), Rawlins County(KS), Oberlin(KS)

What to watch:
285 should be a fun weight with four top tier wrestlers.

132: D#2 Larson (BRA), D#7 Latimer (SW), TenBensel (CAM), Eskew (OBKS)
138: Hare (HC), Kerns (SW)
145: D#1 Van Pelt (SW), Kempty (OBKS), Henderson (MV), Lieb (W-H)
152: C#2(160) Hinrichs (SUT), D#8 Tryon (SW), Jenkins (ARA)
160: Shuler (HC), Smith (ARA), Stearns (BRA), Paisley (CAM), Hubert (REP)
182: C#2 Peterson (CC), D#8 Evans (CAM)
195: D#4 Hargett (SV), Holt (RCBH), Downey (SW), Warburton (ARA)
220: D#5 Hodges (HC), Avila (SUT)
285: D#3 Kerner (ARA), D#4 Shoemaker (SW), C#8 Smith (SUT), Zimmerman (REP)

GICC Invite
Centura, Columbus Scotus, Cross County/Osceola, GICC, North Bend, C#2 Ord, Twin River, Hastings SC, D#9 Nebraska Christian, GIJV

What to watch:
The 152lb weight class is fantastic. 195 we could see Gabriel and Mundt part two.

132: C#4 Rowse (ORD), C#6 Taylor (SCO)
138: C#8 Graham (CCO)
145: C#8 Reed (CCO), Tenski (TR)
152: D#2 Green (NC), C#3 Mullaly (NB), C#4 Kluthe (ORD), Nuttleman (CCO)
160: C#6 Jones (TR)
170: C#7 Meyer (ORD), Virka (NB)
182: C#4 Sterup (CCO), Hand (SCO)
195: C#1 Gabriel (ORD), D#1 Mundt (NC), C#6 Alexander (TR)

Norfolk Catholic Invite
Bishop Neumann, Hartington Cedar, Lutheran High NE, Norfolk Catholic, Wisner-Pilger, Clarkson-Leigh, GACC, Scribner-Snyder

145: C#2 Lampman (W-P), C#3 Smydra (NC)
220: C#1 Beaver (W-P), C#5 Matulka (BN)

Bergan Duals
C#8 Archbishop Bergan, Fort Calhoun

Wakefield Invite
BRLD, Madison, Ponca, Quad County NE, Wakefield-Allen, Winnebago, Cedar Bluffs, Stanton

Southeast, WY Duals
C#10 Bridgeport, Mitchell, Banner County, Minatare, Morrill, Sioux County

Bayard Invite
Bayard, Garden County, Leyton

Black Hills Classis (SD)
Gordon-Rushville, Hay Springs

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