Top 5 Individual Performances from Week One:

5. #1 at 160 Derek Gibson went 9-0 this weekend with 8 falls while winning the Maxwell and Hi-Line Invites.

4. Coming into the the weekend unranked, Matt VanPelt of Southwest had a tech fall win over #5 at 138 Xavier Perez of Elm Creek in the semifinals of the Ravenna Invite. VanPelt then lost a close 3-2 match to #4 Cooper Coons of Twin Loup in the finals.

3. #2 at 182 Daylan Russell of Alma had 8 first period falls this weekend winning both the Maxwell and the Harvard Invites. He picked up a fall over #2 at 195 McGill to win at Maxwell.

2. #3 at 170 Issiah Borgmann of Stanton won the Howells Dodge Invite at 182 notching wins over Class C #4 Eric Hoesing of Hartington Cedar Catholic, Class C 195 #2 Ethan Villwok of Bergan and 182 D #8 Cash Meier of GACC.

1. #4 at 145 Cooper Coons defeated returning state runner-up and #2 at 138 Enrique Martinez of Central Valley in the semifinals at the Ravenna Invite 4-3 before defeating VanPelt of Southwest 3-2 in the finals.

Class D Team Recap – How Did They Fare?

1. Plainview had 8 individual Champions 6 other medalist to win the Creighton invite by Nearly 93 points over Class C Battle Creek

2. Mullen used 3 champions and 8 other medalists to win their own invite by 3 points over Class C #8 Bridgeport.

3. Thayer Central Finished in 7th Place at the Bob Arehart invite in Friend with 5 medalists without 5th ranked 126 Brenner McLaughlin.

4. Maxwell finished in 4th place at the Hi-Line Invite with 2 Champions and 3 other medalists.

5. Nebraska Christian finished in 3rd place at the Harvard invite with 2 Champions and 5 other medalists.

6. Howells-Dodge finished in 3rd at their home invite behind Millard South JV and Class C #4 Archbishop Bergan.

7. Burwell only had 3 wrestlers compete at the Ravenna invite as they were on a short turn-around from football.

8. Neligh Oakdale had 2 champions and 6 medalists at a very tough O’Neill invite. The team finished in 4th place behind South Dakota power Chamberlin, Class C #1 Valentine and Class B Pierce.

9. Central Valley finished in 16th Place at Ravenna invite finishing with 32 points. Martinez took 3rd at 145 and Wood finished as the runner-up at 126.

10. Winside had 2 Champions and 5 other medalists while finishing in 4th place as a team at the Creighton Invite.

Other Notable Team finishes

Axtell won the Harvard Invite with 6 Champions and 3 other wrestlers bringing home medals. This is the first tournament Axtell has won since the 2003 season.

Cambridge finished as the runner up behind Lexington JV at the Hi-Line Invite. Cambridge had 3 Champions and 4 other medalists.

Individual Weights – Weekend Recap

The Creighton Invite saw the top 3 wrestlers in the weight class square off. #2 Bennett beat #3 Dane 6-1 in the quarters. #1 Lanham and #2 Bennett went to battle in the finals, a match Lanham won 4-1. #4 Ashton Sinn of Thayer Central and #5 Tristian Grooms of Mullen both wrestled at 113 opening weekend, but are still expected to drop to 106 later in the season. It looks like Lane Bohac is going to be the varsity 106 for East butler as he finished in 2nd at the Lakeview invite. #7 Neeman of Superior won the Harvard invite using 2 pins and a tech fall to capture the title. #8 Yates was upset in the opening match of the season at the Hi-Line invite by Lexington JV’s Ethan Mins who went on to when the tournament. Yates did come back to get third place. Other notable finishes at this weight were Eli Paxton of Mullen who won the Bronco Invite, Carson Whitesel of Neligh Oakdale who finished as the runner-up at O’Neill, and Triston Wells of Thayer Central who finished as the runner up at the Bob Arehart invite in Friend.

Teven Marshall of Mullen will not be competing at 113 this season and instead will be at 120 were he won the Mullen Invite. Scout Ashburn of Plainview also Competed at 120 this weekend. #3 Jesse Sauceda of Shelton did not compete this weekend at the Harvard invite. #4 Cayden Ellis of Winside beat teammate and 6th ranked Jacoby Mann of Winsde in the finals of the Creighton Invite. #5 Jacob Fox of Axtell won the Harvard invite while going 4-0 with 4 first period falls. #7 Ethan Kipp of Twin Loup finished as the runner up at the Ravenna Invite. #8 Hayes Jensen of Burwell did not compete.

#1 Cyrus Wells of Anselmo Merna did not compete this weekend and will be at 126 until after the Christmas Break. #2 Brock Kester finished as the runner up losing to Class C #1 Chris Williams of Valentine in the Finals. #3 Koby Smith lost to Class C #8 Matt Burns of Hershey in the finals of the Ravenna invite 6-4 in sudden victory. #4 Tate Phillips also competed at 126 this weekend losing to Class C #3 Isaiah Shields of Amherst. #5 Chet Fisher placed fourth at the Broken Bow invite. #6 Kirby Smith of Fullerton placed 4th at the Lakeview invite losing to Class C #7 Jose Escandon of Gibbon and Dominguez of Lakeview. #7 Polivika of East Butler finished in 6th at the Lakeview invite competing at 126. #8 Tristian White did not compete this weekend.

#1 Shaye Wood lost to Class C #3 Shields of Amherst 3-1 in the Finals of the Ravenna invite. #2 Ruger Reimers and Jeremy Larson will not be at 126 this season. Reimers will be at 132 where he is the de facto #1 ranked wrestler now since he won the Friend Invite. Larson competed at 145 this weekend but will more than likely end up at 132. #4 Gaven Schernikau won the Bob Arehart invite in Friend. #5 Brenner McLaughlin did not compete this weekend. #6 Adam Miller went 3-0 and won the Creighton Invite. #7 John tenBensel won the Hi-Line Invite. #8 Josh Spatz finished in 3rd at the Lakeview invite.

#1 Ryan Payne of Centennial finished 3rd in a tough 132 bracket at the Bob Arehart invite. Payne lost to Class C #5 Ethan Zegers of Milford. #2 at 132 Reimers beat Zegers in the finals so look for the rankings to change at this weight. #2 Samuel Foster won both the Maxwell invite and the Hi-Line Invite. #3 Garrett Latimer did not compete at the Ravenna Invite but did go 2-1 Thursday in duals. #4 Carter Buchheit didn’t compete this weekend. #5 Nolan Blevins went 3-0 to win the Conestoga Invite. #6 Art Escalante went 3-0 to win the Creighton Invite, beating tough freshman Tanner Frahm of Plainview. #8 Cody Lambert placed 3rd at Broken Bow only losing to Class C #2 Powers of Broken Bow

#1 Nate Christensen had 3 first period pins to win the Creighton Invite. #2 Enrique Martinez wrestled at 145, where he finished 3rd at the Ravenna Invite. He dropped his semifinal match to 145 #4 Cooper Coons. #3 Dustin Klingsporn of won the Harvard invite with 4 first period falls. #4 Gabe Escalante lost to Class C #7 Owen Lade of Battle Creek in the Creighton Invite Semis but Came back to finish 3rd. #5 Xavier Perez competed at 145 in the Ravenna Invite. Perez went 3-2 losing to Matt VanPelt of Southwest and Martinez. #6 Chase Pawloski did not compete this weekend as Pleasanton was fresh off a state football finals appearance. #7 Seth Hare finished in second at the Maxwell Invite, losing to Jon Peterka of Sutherland and was the Champion at the Mullen Bronco Invite. #8 Trevor Jedlicka finished in 4th at the Howells Invite but Medical forfeited in the 3rd place match.

#1 Elijah Green competed at 152 this weekend and picked up 3 first period falls to win the Harvard invite. #2 Connor Sonderup did not compete this weekend for Fullerton this weekend at the Lakeview invite. #3 Levi Lewis place 3rd at the Mullen Bronco Invite losing to Class C #2 Trevor Widner of Bridgeport in the Semifinals. A healthy 4th ranked Cooper Coons had one of the biggest wins of the weekend when he beat #2 at 138 Martinez 4-3 in the Ravenna Invite semifinals, before beating Van Pelt 3-2 in the finals. Van Pelt will obviously be a force to contend with at this weight. #5 Bode Wortman competed at 152 at the Creighton Invite and dropped a couple matches to 152 #7 Cody Hanvey and Tie Hollandsworth of Quad County to finish in 5th Place. #6 Brett Tryon of Southwest had a rough weekend losing Thursday night to Wyatt Jenkins of Arapahoe in a dual then lost Tryon Calleroz of Arcadia Loup City and Alex Banuelos of Minden at the Ravenna Invite up at 152. #7 Tyson Coufal did not compete for Howells-Dodge this weekend. #8 Jaden Henderson had 5 falls on Thursday to win the Maxwell Invite and then used 3 more falls to reach the Hi-Line invite finals before losing to Jackson Oaks of Lexington JV in the Finals.

#1 Colby Coons was dominant at the Ravenna Invite using 4 falls to secure 1st place. #2 Will Gunning won the Creighton invite beating #7 Hanvey in the finals. #3 Dalton Whisenhunt did not compete due to a football injury that will keep him out until January. #4 Dominic Stewart finished in 2nd at the Bob Arehart Invite. #5 Jason Burch picked up 2 falls to win the Conesotga Invite. #6 Colton Holthus won the Hi-Line Invite with 3 falls and a 9-5 decision finals over Wyatt Jenkins of Arapahoe. Jenkins will be one to watch at this weight going forward. Cody Hanvey finished as the runner up at the Creighton Invite behind Gunning. #8 Aiden Kuester picked up 3 falls in duals on Thursday and then reached the finals at O’Neill without wrestling a match. In the finals Kuester pinned state qualifier Ashton Schweitzer of Pierce.

#1 Derek Gibson went 9-0 this weekend with 8 falls while winning the Maxwell and Hi-Line Invites. #2 Jackson Fuelner and #3 Ayden Molzahn did not compete this weekend. #4 Cooper Slingsby went 6-1 over the weekend placing 3rd and the Ravenna Invite up at 170. #5 Jestin Bayer placed 2nd at the Howells-Dodge Invite losing to teammate Levi Belina in the finals. It will be interesting to watch Howells-Dodge’s lineup to see if they try to get one of those guys to 152. #6 Kendal Neal competed at 170 over the weekend and finished in 4th place at the Mullen Bronco Invite. #7 Gavin White finished in 3rd place at both the Maxwell Invite and the Hi-Line Invite. #8 Jarrett Parsons was the runner-up at the Conestoga Invite competing at 170.

#1 Dylan Soule competed at 182 this weekend where he won the Conestoga Invite. #2 Alizae Mejia did not compete this weekend due to an injury from football. #3 Issiah Borgmann Competed at 182 where he won the Howells Dodge Invite. #4 Blake Racicky won the Ravenna Invite on Friday after winning a tight 7-6 match over Axtell Sophomore Jon Olson in a Thursday Dual. #5 Chet Wichmann finished as the Runner-up at the Bob Arehart Invite losing to Gavin Hinrichs of Fillmore Central in the finals. #6 Ben Slaymaker beat C #5 Gunnar Battershaw of Valentine in the Semifinals at O’Neill before losing to Reminton Rossow of Chamberlain SD in the finals. #7 Wyatt Hegemann finished as the runner up at the Howells Dodge Invite losing to Koa McIntyre of Bergan in the finals. #8 Alex Gideon of Burwell did not compete this weekend.

#1 Corey Dawe cruised to the title at the Ravenna Invite with 4 falls. #2 Daylan Russell had 8 falls on the weekend winning the Maxwell and Harvard Invites. He had a fall over #2 at 195 McGill on Thursday. #3 James Hargett competed at 220 this weekend and it sounds like he could stay up at 195. Hargett won the Ravenna Invite and did not place at the Broken Bow Invite. #4 Bryan Zutavern and #5 Justin Kuta did not compete this weekend. #6 Dawson Kaup finished as the runner up at the O’Neill Invite. #7 Riley Kessler finished as the runner up as the Mullen Bronco Invite losing to #2 at 195 Talan McGill in the finals. #8 Cash Meier finished in 5th place at the Howells Dodge Invite.

#1 Carl Mundt cruised to the title at the Harvard Invite. #2 Talan McGill Looks like he will likely be down at 182 and maybe even 170 this season. McGill finished in 2nd at the Maxwell Invite at 195 and won the Mullen Bronco Invite at 182. #3 Ty Kvanvig of Mullen injury defaulted out of the Mullen Bronco Invite. #4 Kaleb Pofhal had 7 Falls over the weekend going 3-0 in duals and then winning the O’Neill Invite. #5 Sutton Pohlman did not compete this weekend. #6 Jacob Busch wrestled at 220 at the Ravenna Invite where he finished 3rd, losing to James Hargett in the semifinals. #7 Bryce Running hawk did not compete this weekend.

#1 Collin Gale competed at 195 this weekend. It sounds like he will be bumping around in Plainview’s Lineup while trying to get the best matches possible and figuring out where he feels the most comfortable. Gale won the Creighton Invite. #2 Carter Throener competed at 285 this weekend where he won the Howells Dodge Invite. #3 Clayton Hassett won the Mullen Invite with 3 falls. #4 Remington Hodges competed at 285 this weekend winning the Maxwell Invite and finishing runner up at the Mullen Bronco Invite. Hodges did defeat #5 Luke Howitt this weekend at the Maxwell Invite. #5 Howitt Finished in 3rd at the Maxwell invite at 285 and was the runner up to his teammate Kayden Stubbs at the Hi-Line Invite. #6 Delton Haines did not Compete this weekend. #7 CJ Pickrel finished in 3rd Place at the Lakeview Invite. #8 Colton Klabenes finished in 3rd at the O’Neill Invite, losing to Dylan Kuehler of Pierce in the semifinals.

#1 Kien Martin of Overton got a bit of a scare in the finals of the Hi-Line invite when he found himself trailing 5-0 quickly in the 1st period, but came back to get the fall in the second period. #2 Marcus Cave won the Conestoga Invite with 3 falls. #3 Levi Kerner was upset in the semifinals by Graeson Stillwagoner of Dundy County-Stratton. Kerner did come back and finish in 3rd place. #4 Bryson Shoemaker got beat by Levi Kerner on Thursday in a dual and then finished as the runner up at the Ravenna Invite on Friday, losing to Class C #1 Jakob Jerabek of Arcadia Loup City in the finals. #5 Zach Kerwood finished as the runner up at the Harvard Invite, losing to Payton Christiancy of Superior in the finals. #6 Kyle Pickhinkle lost to Mitchell Peatrowski of GACC in Pool matches at the Howells Dodge Invite and finished in 4th Place. #7 Drey Smith and #8 Hunter Mayfield both did not compete this weeknd for their teams.

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