by Colin Pfeifer (@pfeifferca)

District D 3 at Elm Creek

Top 5 Teams (Number of Qualifiers)

  1. Elm Creek (5)
  2. Pender (5)
  3. Central Valley (5)
  4. North Central (5)
  5. East Butler (4)

Other Teams Competing:

South Loup
St. Mary’s


  1. Kaiden Mrsny, Pender
  2. Jeese Sauceda, Shelton
  3. Dalton Hansen, Harvard
  4. Thomas Klemesrud, North Central

Mrsny is the favorite here. Sauceda has head to head over Hansen, and Klemesrud has the next best record.


  1. Koby Smith, Elm Creek
  2. Ben Wood, Central Valley
  3. Dalton Donegan, South Loup
  4. Sam Tourney, Shelton

Smith is going to miss some time with an injury before districts. If he does compete at districts, he is the clear favorite. Wood is definitely the next best kid here, but has missed the whole season up until last week. Donegan has head to head over Tourney. Another person to not count out here even if Smith and Wood both end up wrestling, is Rae of Elwood.


  1. Zak Palmer North, Central
  2. Shaye Wood, Central Valley
  3. Dustin Klingsporn Axtell
  4. Carson Mason, South Loup

Palmer and Wood have went rounds this year with Palmer winning the last two match ups. Wood has head to head over Klingsporn. Klingsporn has head to head over Mason.


  1. Tyler Palowski, Pleasanton
  2. Josh Ibach, Central Valley
  3. Tayten Eggelston, South Loup
  4. Connor Sonderup, Fullerton

Palowski is the favorite as he has beat everyone else at this weight. Ibach has a common on Eggelston and head to head over Sonderup. Eggelston has a common opponent win over Sonderup.


  1. Enrique Martinez, Central Valley
  2. Jared Shaw, North Central
  3. Kyle Johnson, Alma
  4. Michael Kautz, Shelton

Not much depth at this weight but Martinez is the favorite as he has head to head over Shaw. Shaw, Johnson and Kautz are a toss up for 2-4.


  1. Ryley Spatz, East Butler
  2. Seth Simants, Stapleton
  3. Raul Clouse, Elwood
  4. Trigger Pokorny, Central Valley

Spatz is a heavy favorite at this weight. Simants and Clouse should be an electric semi-final match up. Clouse has ahead to head win over Pokorny.


  1. Dalton Bohac, East Butler
  2. James Polen, North Central
  3. Daylan Russell, Alma
  4. Caleb Werger, Elwood

Bohac is another heavy favorite. He is clearly the best wrestler at this weight. Polen and Russell have yet to meet so that could be a toss up match. Werger comes in fourth based off his record.


  1. Conner Schutz, Elwood
  2. Trace Ebert North, Central
  3. Luke McKeon, Elm Creek
  4. Tate Shoemaker, St. Marys

If Schutz and Ebert both get to the finals, it should be a great matchup. Ebert has beat Mckeon head to head. McKeon has beat Shoemaker head to head.


  1. Brady Oliver, Pender
  2. Braiden Gomez, Axtell
  3. Colten Ratkovec, East Butler
  4. Joesph Felix, Alma

This weight is hard to predict other than Oliver being the champion. Gomez missed the first half of the year, but has been back for the past two weeks. Ratkovec and Felix is another toss up.


  1. Devon Walker, Elm Creek
  2. Jared Atkeson, St. Mary’s
  3. Stephen Duffy, Kenesaw
  4. Tyson McCurdy, Alma

The top 3 rated wrestlers in that state are set to battle here. Walker and Atkeson haven’t met yet this year but could be worth the price of admission on Saturday. Atkeson has beat Duffy head to head twice. McCurdy comes in third with the next best record.


  1. Daniel Duffy, Kenesaw
  2. Layne Heese, Pender
  3. Kyle Wooldridge, Shelton
  4. Ben Tiede, Elwood

The biggest question as this weight is who qualifies at 3-4. The only wrestlers with winning records here are Duffy and Heese. Preston Walker of Elm Creek spent the majority of time before Christmas at 182 but has wrestled 195 since then. Is there a team that can bump a 170? Duffy has beat Heese head to head. Wooldridge comes in third and Tiede fourth.


  1. Preston Walker, Elm Creek
  2. Brandon Rezac, East Butler
  3. Hector Lugo, Alma
  4. CJ Pickrel, Fullerton

After spending most of the year at 182 it looks like walker of Elm Creek is at 195 to Stay. Rezac went on a heck of a run at the state tournament last year and finished Runner-up at this weight. He will look to challenge Walker for the district title. Lugo and Pickrel project 3-4 based off record.


  1. Cole Rosenkrans, St. Mary’s
  2. Jeese Thompsen, Pender
  3. Alex Slagle, Shelton
  4. Marshall Still, South Loup

Rosenkrans is the favorite as he has head to head over Thompsen. Thompsen has the better record so he comes in second. Slagle has head to head over Still.


  1. AJ Skaggs, Axtell
  2. Quin Saunsoci, Pender
  3. Alex Sammons, Harvard
  4. Chase Swartwood, Elm Creek

There are a lot of question marks surrounding this weight as well. State Runner-up Skaggs of Axtell has been in and out of the line up all year. If he enters, he wins this weight easy. Saunsoci, Sammons, and Swartwood could finish in any order. There could be a 220 on the outside looking in that bumps and changes the landscape of this weight.

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