D2 Oakland Craig

Top 5 Teams

  1. Elkhorn Valley (9)
  2. Amherst (6)
  3. Oakland Craig (5)
  4. Palmer (6)
  5. Tri County (4)

Other Teams

Archbishop Bergan
Elgin Public/Pope John
High Plains Community
Lutheran High Northeast
Thayer Central
Twin Loup


  1. Logan Russell High Plains
  2. Hunter Bennett Elkhorn Valley
  3. Cole Reedy Tri County
  4. Tenton Arlt Oakland Craig

Defending State Champion Russell of High Plains is the heavy favorite as he is undefeated on the year. He has head to head over Bennett. Reedy has head to head over Arlt. Horwart of Cambridge and Jensen of Palmer both look to challenge for a spot at this weight.


  1. Adam Miller Elkhorn Valley
  2. Preston Acton Southern
  3. Drew Garrison Tri County
  4. JD Meeks Twin Loup

Miller is the predicted champion here. He has head to head over Acton. Acton has head to head over Garrison. In 4th there are a number of guys that could end up in that spot. Meeks has the best remaining record but look for Houser, Church and Wetzel all challenge for that spot.


  1. Dillon Stewart Elkhorn Valley
  2. Ruger Reimers Palmer
  3. Isaiah Shields Amherst
  4. Zach Hamilton Archbisop Bergan

3 of the top 4 rated wrestlers in the state Should enter this weight. Stewart projects as the champion as he has head to head on Shields and Reimers. Reimers has beat Shields head to head. Hamilton has the best remaining record.


  1. Keegan Casey Thayer Central
  2. Hunter Cobb Amherst
  3. Logan Henn Elgin Public Pope John
  4. Zach Miller Sickels Cambridge

Casey has the best record here with only 1 loss and projects as the district champion. Cobb has head to head on Henn and Miller Sickels to sit in second. Henn has a common opponent over Miller Sickels.


  1. Dylan Swenson Oakland Craig
  2. Derek Gurnsey Clarkson Leigh
  3. Preston Vondra Elkhorn Valley
  4. Roy Guzman Palmer

Swenson has been nothing but solid this season. As of right now Swenson is undefeated and should win this district. Gurnsey has a common opponent win over Vondra. Guzman has the best remaining record. Stewart of Thayer central, Spilker of Tri County and Shields of Amherst all look to challenge for the final 3 slots.


  1. Jefferson McNeill Oakland Craig
  2. Darren Stewart Elkhorn Valley
  3. Jacob Johnson Archbishop Bergan
  4. Derek Wortman Creighton

This weight has 4 state rated wrestlers in it. Any of the top 3 wrestlers can win it. Stewart does have a head to head win over Wortman.


  1. Josh McFarland Elkhorn Valley
  2. Sam Florell Amherst
  3. Colby Coons Twin Loup
  4. Teran Sharman Palmer

McFarland has head to head on Florell. Florell has head to head over Coons. Florell has beat Sharman head to head.


  1. Conner Donscheski Palmer
  2. Cole Stokebrand Amherst
  3. Mitchell Peterson Elkhorn Valley
  4. Dylan Soule High Plains

Donscheski is the heavy favorite. The next 3 could fall in any order. Stokebrand does have a common on Peterson.


  1. Trace Baasch Amherst
  2. Spencer Wichmann Palmer
  3. Tom Maline Oakland Craig
  4. Bobby Evans Cambridge

Baasch has head to head on Wichmann. The next two fall in order by record. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a 152 or 2 bump up here and try to qualify.


  1. Brock Schaecher Elkhorn Valley
  2. Timothy Markvicka High Plains
  3. Ethan Villwok Archbisop Bergan
  4. Chad Samuelson Palmer

Top four here could be a toss up.  Anyone could win it. Benson of Cambridge and Potts of Amherst will look to challenge for a spot here as well.


  1. Matthew Pearson Cambridge
  2. Shawn Klinetobe Elkhorn Valley
  3. Clay Thiele Clearwater Orchard
  4. Justin Kuta Palmer

Pearson should be the heavy favorite. Klinetobe has a common opponent win over Thiele. Kuta comes in fourth with the next best record.


  1. Cooper Smith Tri County
  2. Levi Stacken Creighton
  3. Drew Bogard Amherst
  4. Peyton Cone Archbishop Bergan

Smith is the favorite to win this weight. Stacken should be able to secure a 2nd spot. Bogard and Cone should finish 3-4


  1. Seth Andrews Cambridge
  2. Chase Barnts Tri County
  3. Eli Simonson Archbisop Bergan
  4. Donaven Nolze Clearwater Orchard

Andrews has been great this season and will look to continue that through the district tournament. Barnts looks to be the next best contestant at this weight.


  1. Justyn Hale Oackland Craig
  2. Tommy Peed Clearwater Orchard
  3. Tyler Schultz Cambridge
  4. Broody Vroom Creighton

Hale has beat Peed head to head this season. Schutlz falls in at 3 based off record. Voorman has a head to head over Yaw. Yaw of Elkhorn Valley, Devine of Twin Loup, and Gustafson of Tri County all will look to push for a spot to State here.

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