Class D1 at Weeping Water

Top 5 Teams

  1. Burwell (10)
  2. Plainview (6)
  3. Howells/Dodge (4)
  4. Neligh-Oakdale (4)
  5. Ansley/Litchfield (3)


  1. Brock Kester Neligh-Oakdale
  2. Eli Lanham Plainview
  3. Brent McAbee Ansley/Litchfield
  4. Colten Dawe Burwell

This weight was pretty cut and dry. Kester has a win over Lanham and Dawe, Lanham has beat McAbee, McAbee has beat Dawe.


  1. Tate Phillips Burwell
  2. Koby Ellis Winside
  3. Cameron Wilkinson Neligh Oakdale
  4. Jaden Sobotka Plainview

At 113 3 of the top 4 rated wrestles in the state come from this district. Which means we should get #1 Phillips and #2 Eliis on opposite sides at the state tournament unless Wilkinson would upset one of them in the semis. Ellis has looked terrific this season with only 3 losses all coming to C#1 McCrackon of Battle Creek who Phillips could possibly see this week at the Ord invite. Phillips only loss this season came at 120 but he has missed the second half of the season due to injury but should be back with-in the next couple weeks.


  1. Nate Christensen Plainview
  2. Jaxson Jones Twin River
  3. Tyler Kapperman Arapahoe
  4. Cooper Stout Burwell

Christensen has a win over Jones this season although Jones does have a common opponent win on Christensen. So they Slot in at 1 and 2. Kapperman has a win over Stout.


  1. Kaden Gurerro Southwest
  2. Coy Gideon Burwell
  3. Garrett Neumeister Weeping Water
  4. Jared Czarnick Twin River

This weight could be fluid towards the bottom. You may see a 120 that could be on the outside looking in bump up and enter in a 126. Gurerro is the favorite here followed by Gideon and Neumeister. Czarnick get the nod at #4 with the best record left of possible entries.


  1. Joel Ostrom Burwell
  2. Andrew Herley Neligh-Oakdale
  3. Trent Steinkraus Plainview
  4. Kelen Meyer Franklin

Ostrom has head to head over Herley and both have common on Steinkraus. Meyer of Franklin falls in at 4.


  1. Blake Racicky Ansley/Litchfield
  2. Alex Schmit Randolph
  3. Michael Stackpole Weeping Water
  4. Cole Liable West Holt

Racicky is the favorite followed by Schmit who has head to head on Stackpole. Laible has the best remaining record of the weight.


  1. Brandon Bloomquist Randolph
  2. Jayden Smeal West Holt
  3. Wyatt Hegemann Howells/Dodge
  4. Jace Ostrom Burwell

Bloomquist should be a heavy favorite here. Don’t be surprised to see some 138’s bump up of maybe a 152 drop between now and districts


  1. Bode Jensen Burwell
  2. Austin Smith West Holt
  3. Andrew Nelson Plainview
  4. Toby Scheuneman Franklin

Jensen another heavy favorite. Smith has head to head on Nelson. Nelson has a common on Scheuneman.


  1. Miles Kulhkanek Howells Dodge
  2. Corey Dawe Burwell
  3. Dominic Bolling Plainview
  4. Jayden Schroeder Twin River

Kulhanek the is the favorite based on state finish last year and record to his point. Dawe and Bolling have dropped down from170 earlier in the year. Schroeder and Bolling should meet this week in a dual. Also another person that could slip into a spot here is Arehart of Neligh Oakdale.


  1. Dylan Horejsi Howells Dodge
  2. Edwin Baptise Friend
  3. Kaleb Pofhal Neligh-Oakdale
  4. Wyatt McConville Southwest

Horejsi and Baptise are a coin flip for one two. Pofhal has head to head over McConville. Another name to watch here is Colin Gale of Plainview.


  1. Ryan Dawe Burwell
  2. Chase Haussermann Franklin
  3. Carter Throener Howells Dodge
  4. Micah Noel Meridian

Seeding could make a huge difference here. Haussermann of Franklin should be the top seed as he has head to head over Dawe. If that stays true Haussermann should make the finals. Dawe is predicted to win this weight over Haussermann though because of common opponent wins which day has a 2-0 advantage. Throener and Noel fall in at 3-4 because of common opponents. Don’t sleep on Mendoza of Weeping water at this weight either.


  1. Seth Racicky Ansley/Litchfield
  2. Jaden Rahn Guardian Angles Central Catholic
  3. Cody Downey Southwest
  4. Riley Dillon Palmyra

This should be an interesting weight. Racicky and Downey have split matches. Rahn just suffered his first loss of the season this past weekend. Dillon also rolls in here with an outstanding record.


  1. Schuyler Brown Overton
  2. Anthony Starr Southwest
  3. Jaden Jung Palmyra
  4. Joathan Escalante Winside

A weight with 8 possible winning records enter has 3 rated wrestlers. #1 Brown of Overton enters as the favorite as he has a common opponent win over Starr. Jung and Escalante are a coin flip for 3-4.


  1. Thomas Hughes Burwell
  2. Jacob Yosten Guardian Angles Central Catholic
  3. Jade Buss West Holt
  4. Kyle Pickhinke Howells Dodge

This weight is definitely the hardest to predict of the district, as it is the deepest weight here. If all wrestlers enter at 285 there could be at least 8 wrestlers with winning records. Defending State Champion Hughes of Burwell gets the nod as the District Champion. Yosten has wins over Buss and Pickhinke.

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