Day 1 Class A Recap


Class A Team Scores/Number of Semifinalists

1. Millard South (9)      89.5
2. Kearney (5)                76.5
3. Millard West (6)       57.0
4. Omaha Burke (5)      50.0
5. Columbus (3)             45.0

Millard South won 10 of their first round matches.
Kearney won all 13 of their first round matches.
Millard West 8 of their first round matches
Omaha Burke won 6 of their first round matches.
Columbus won 7 of their first round matches.

Quarterfinal Winners/Friday Night Semifinal Bouts:

Jakason Burks of Omaha Burke vs Ladamien Sturdivant of Omaha Bryan
Blake Jackson Millard South vs Eliceo Ramirez of Grand Island

Joey Harrison of Omaha Burke vs Cody Fielder of Fremont
Maxx Mayfield of Lincoln East vs Cole Zebley of Millard West

Phillip Moomey Kearney vs Aeneas Renfrow of Omaha Burke
Jack Huffman of Millard West vs Aweys Salat of Omaha Bryan

Dae`Kwon Seavers of Omaha North vs Creighton Baughman of Millard South
Eron Haynes of Omaha Central vs Adam Kinnaman of Lincoln Southeast

Nathan Rodriguez of Millard South vs Chance Fry of Lincoln Southeast
Jakody Rezac of Bellevue East vs Nick James of Kearney

Maison Clark of Papillion-LaVista South Ronniel Wells of Omaha North
Zac Charity of Millard South vs Zack Kuta of Grand Island

Austin McDonald of Millard South vs James Burks of Omaha Burke
Hunter Johnson of Elkhorn South vs Eamon Morrison of Creighton Prep

Josh Jansa of Omaha Westside vs Connor Olin of Millard South
Dax Galloway of Omaha Central vs Kylan Byars of Omaha Northwest

Darrell Coleman of Millard North vs Isaac Trumble of Millard
Conner Willey of Papillion-LaVista South vs Trey Grube of Kearney

Matt Sorich of Millard West vs Braden Trimble of Millard South
Braiden Ruffin of North Platte Zach Baldwin of Columbus

Doug Weidner of Millard South vs Dillyn Miller of Omaha Burke
Justin Shaw of Lincoln Southwest vs Darlondo Hill of Omaha Westside

Sean Jackson of Kearney vs Javone Malone of Omaha Benson
Doug Vawter of Millard West vs Colton Wolfe of Columbus

Wyatt Olcott of Columbus vs Matthew Montgomery of Norfolk
Alexander Dukart of Millard West vs Connor Clanton of Lincoln Southwest

Derek Bithell of Millard West vs Lee Herrington of Kearney
Joel Anstine of Bellevue East vs Mar`San Casteneda of Lincoln Northeast

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