B2 District at Boys Town High School

This district has more firepower than depth, as ten weight classes have at least 1 wrestler who could be in the state finals. Plattsmouth and Hastings are tied for 5th in the team rankings, and they should battle for the district team title. Boys Town, West Point-Beemer, and Nebraska City all have individuals who are serious threats to win state titles.

Marquee Weight Classes

Larsen is the only returning medalist here, but will face a stiff challenge from freshman phenom Bryce Brown in the finals. Brown owns an early season technical fall win over York, and has only lost to class A opponents this season.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #2 Chase Larsen (Plattsmouth) 35-4
2. #3 Bryce Brown (Hastings) 29-2
3. Tanner York (Beatrice) 35-7
4. Collin Quandt (Northwest) 24-19

Other Contender:
Nicholas Asche (Omaha Concordia) 13-10

Kile owns a 5-0 win over Fries, and Fries recorded a pin over Long at the Plattsmouth Invite. Long scored a technical fall over Berling at the Skutt Invitational. Fries and Long have each had triple the amount of matches as Kile, so don’t be surprised if the top 3 ends up completely different.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #2 Blayne Kile (Hastings) 12-2
2. Grayson Fries (Northwest) 32-9
3. #6 Anthony Long (Plattsmouth) 29-12
4. Chris Berling (Boys Town) 19-9

Laux is the favorite here as he owns a first period fall over Ramage, and his only losses are to the top ranked wrestler in class A. Ramage pinned Bashus in early January, but they’ll battle in the semis for a shot at Laux in the finals.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #1 Connor Laux (Hastings) 35-2
2. Dylan Ramage (Nebraska City) 25-14
3. #6 Brody Bashus (Plattsmouth) 32-12
4. Jose Salazar (West Point-Beemer) 7-13

Pape has only lost to returning state champion Ruffin from North Platte this season. Pape owns one win over Griess and two wins over Bassinger. Bassinger is a senior so we’ll give him the nod for the 3rd spot, but Griess is battle tested and eager to prove himself.

Projected Qualifiers:
1. #4 Damen Pape (Hastings) 40-1
2. #6 Kole Gray (Plattsmouth) 29-13
3. Tucker Bassinger (Beatrice) 27-11
4. Grady Griess (Northwest) 34-11

Other Contenders:
Gavin Lawson (Douglas County West) 26-7
Alex Byington (Elkhorn) 17-13

Dalton Williams has gone on a rampage in this weight class pinning the #2 and #3 ranked wrestlers and has also beaten tough class A and C opponents. Jason Nanke, the highest place winner from this weight in 2016, is back after missing a good portion of the season. Barrett has been just outside the rankings most of the year, and owns a win over Pitzl.

Projected Qualifiers
1. #1 Dalton Williams (Nebraska City) 33-4
2. Jason Nanke (Plattsmouth) 10-2
3. Dominick Barrett (Boys Town) 27-4
4. Tyler Pitzl (Douglas County West) 22-12

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