Metro Conference Duals Recap

Millard South won the Metro Conference Duals title winning 81-0 over Omaha Northwest, 69-3 over Omaha Bryan, 43-27 over Burke, and 50-27 over Millard West in the finals. Millard West’s road to the finals included a 45-24 win over Creighton Prep, a 50-27 win over Bellevue West, and a 39-35 win over Bellevue East in the semifinals. Bellevue East won 39-34 over Omaha Burke for 3rd place, and Omaha Central beat Papio South 42-41 for 5th place. The individual Metro tournament takes place today.

1st Round Notable Results (UR= unranked):
106- #4 Emilio Haynes (OC) won by fall in 3:19 over UR Michael Colling (OW)
152- #2 Dax Galloway (OC) vs #3 Josh Jansa (OW)
126- UR Dae’Kwon Seavers (ON) won 17-3 vs UR Gavin Howard (OBR)
132- #5 Rhett Dasher (PLV) won 10-3 over UR Oscar Baird (BW)
152- #1 Connor Olin (MS) won 8-3 over #4 Kylan Byars (ONW)
160- #1 DJ Coleman (MN) won 21-9 over #5 Conner Willey (PLVS)
285- UR Derek Bithell (MW) won by fall in 1:10 over UR Garett Rollag (CP)

Quarterfinal Round Notable Results:
106- #1 Blake Jackson (MS) won 17-4 over UR Ladamien Sturdivant (OB)
120- #5 Austin Coufal (MS) won 7-4 over #6 Aweys Salat (OB)
126- #1 Creighton Baughman (MS) won by fall in 1:20 over UR Gavin Howard (OB)
132- UR Oscar Baird (BW) won 10-0 over UR Levi May (MS)
145- #1 James Burks (OB) won 13-1 over #3 Josh Benak (PLVS)
152- #2 Dax Galloway (OC) won 15-4 over UR Tyler Nawrocki (BE)
170- #3 Matt Sorich (MW) won 5-4 over #6 Levi Miller (BW)
195- UR John Hamilton (PLVS) won 10-3 over UR Dylan Sales (OB)

Semifinal Round Notable Results:
106- UR Jakason Burks (OB won 1-0 over #1 Blake Jackson (MS)
113- #5 Cole Zebley (MW) won by fall in 1:22 over UR Doug Cheek (BE)
120- UR Aeneas Renfrow (OB) won 4-0 over #5 Austin Coufal (MS)
132- #4 Jakody Rezac (BE) won 12-0 over UR Levi May (MW)
138- #3 Derek Wagstaff (BE) over 12-4 over Ben Holman (MW)
182- #6 Doug Weidner (MS) won 13-2 over UR Dillyn Miller (OB)

Final Round Notable Results:
126- #1 Creighton Baughman (MS) won 12-2 over #6 Camden Russell (MW)
132- #2 Nathan Rodriguez (MS) won 12-0 over UR Levi May (MW)
170- #3 Matt Sorich (MW) won 3-2 over #2 Braden Trimble (MS)

Other Notable Result:
145- UR Tre`Vion Williams (OC) won by fall in 0:56 over #3 Josh Benak (PLVS)

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